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  2. Hi there Gunsmoke, unfortunately at this point in time it's going to be a no support from me. How ever, I hope this doesn't discourage you from still trying to help out in any way possible. Recently there's been a few altercations in-game where you have displayed levels of immaturity & as a staff member you have to remain completely neutral at all times as you are preceived as a role model towards the community. As it stands I am not too sure if your recent behaviour potrays a great image of how a staff member should act. In addition to back up my statement I have shared a few screenshots in my reply, feel free to view them down below. Regardless I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Based on what’s been brought to my attention I’m sorry, I cannot support your application at this time. We try to maintain the toxicity to as little as possible, while yes some banter is fine and acceptable there’s always a line that can be crossed. Either way, good luck.
  4. I took my sweet time to think upon this application today and have decided that I can't support it for more than one reason. My primary reason being that staff are expected to maintain maturity and responsibility in any situation. That's especially true with our current staffing, we are looking for individuals that can continue to build upon positive interaction with the community and uphold a standard that should've always been there with previous staff. Additionally, my other three reasons won't be listed here, I've brought them up in private with other staff elsewhere. Still, good luck on your application.
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  6. Kharyrll

    The Hunt!

    Seems pretty neat.
  7. Any updates on this? @charliek172
  8. I appreciate that @KharyrllYou're funny and awesome person in game. Thank you for the support
  9. Very friendly guy, you and I talk from time to time. You seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders, keep up the good work. Good luck on your application.
  10. I've seen you helping out in game, keep it up best of luck with your application.
  11. Game Name:gunsmoke Age:18 Discord Name & Tag: autismmode#7420 Country:ireland Timezone: GMT How active will you be per day? I am on everyday for atleast 4 hours Previous Staff Experience: Ive been Staff once before on a sever called "ragefire" it was a low pop sever maybe less than 100 players each day i was a sever support then ranked up to a mod the sever closed down and havnt been applying to any staff ranks. Why should we choose you? You should choose me because ive been playing osrs and osrs ps for the past 7 years my knowleage of the game is unbeatable. I love helping people and I love working as part of a team. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: love helping people at anytime. im great in a team i can take on board what people are saying and i can also give feedback. Im just a nice person in general but when rules are broken I can give out the punishment. Im always active. Picture of time played (found in quest tab):https://gyazo.com/a137b504d1379eb8f4e06c95943acca3
  12. @charliek172I would defiantly try to update your Java https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  13. Thank you Swxg, That is very kind of you and i appreciate you're support & time you are an amazing staff player in-game since I've met you.
  14. Hey there @metalclaw102 - Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to show a sign of interest in joining our staff-team. It brings me great pleasure to see an application from you as we are currently low in numbers and could use the extra set of hands. Primarily as a Server Support your main focus is to assist players with any questions/concerns or general inquires, which you do just fine with. Throughout the past few weeks you have stepped up to the plate and displayed certain traits that Management/Administration should look for in a potential candidate. Now with that being said, I am not too sure of your past history, interactions within the community/staff-team, or previous punishments (If there are any) - Which means my feedback will remain completely and totally unbiased. Apart from your application lacking detail and professionalism you display keen attributes of a potential Support, you're very active in-game, & you have a strong Vitality CC presence. Based of the above, you have my support with this application. Best of luck.
  15. Game Name Metalclaw102 Age: 25 Discord Name & Tag: Therussian#2556 Country: United states Timezone: EST How active will you be per day? I have been playing this game for Quite sometime now, a couple of months to be specific, on average i play around 10 hours a day its fun server to spend time on and enjoy your free time. Currently I'm a " Ultimate Donator " in game. Everyone seems fairly nice and i enjoy playing this server. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Previous Staff Experience: I played only one private server called RS3server and i was a Server supporter, Mod, Admin, Co-owner __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why should we choose you? I don't expect to be Chosen, Lately I've been trying to help all the new comers who joined this server but overall i just want to make the server grow and gain more players and help the staff & community. My priorities would be to ***help every player in game and guide them with any assistance needed***. I'm always online most of time and everyone knows me. I enjoy helping other players in need. I try to stay active on vitality CC and PM'S so if anyone needs any help feel free to always PM ME or on Discord ( Therussian#2556 ) _____________________________________________________________________ Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Personally, I think being a good staff member and role model to the Vitality community would be: Leadership Skills************************ ******************Organizational Skills******************* ***********Excellent Written and Verbal Communication************** *****************Intelligence******************* *************Active Listening Skills************************* ************Honesty, Ambition and a Strong Work Ethic.*************** Picture of time played (found in quest tab): https://www.linkpicture.com/view.php?img=LPic5fc1b3dcae8d5917917907
  16. Last week
  17. @charliek172 If you’re meaning you open the program and it just sits there, go into task manager “ctrl alt delete” and see if there’s a Vitality already running and if so close that one by clicking it and choosing “end process” sometimes this happens and it just gets stuck, it’s happened to me quiet a few times.
  18. Have you got Java installed?
  19. hello,, im just wandering ive downloaded the game and everything every time i try to load the game up nothing happens its like that game just dont want t start up how can i fix this?
  20. A happy belated thanks giving to everyone
  21. I can definitely support this as well. Like you said, adding content is always a plus!
  22. I like the idea, any new content is a good upgrade for the server, especially more recent OSRS content like Forthos. Lot of work behind that though but we can wish for it.
  23. Install Forthos Dungeon along with grubby key and chest. Really great spot for iron men to get pots and skilling items. pleeeeease
  24. Im grateful for my Job im currently working on getting my brokers license right now and also thankful for family and friends i have around me
  25. Happy thanksgiving! Im not from America but thanks
  26. Ayy, thanks, Metal. Even though I had mine last month because I'm a Canuck, hah. Happy Thanksgiving too, what are you most grateful for right now? Hope you and yours get over it quick, Kharyrll.
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