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  2. Eh I’ll support let’s not get toooooo customy now
  3. Could be fun honestly. I remember back when that was a thing, although I think that’s when Rs had those wierd graphics right? Like when Korosai and turmoil was a new thing. There is something about that time I despise. Lol
  4. Damn...:/ may he rest well in Valhalla
  5. Also let me state if i had any intention of breaking the ip ban i wouldent be comeing on here crying for unban cause that wouldent make any sense.
  6. I been playing the real game since my ban yet i have somehow avoided the ip ban im actually shocked how they can make lie after lie.
  7. Just read what 7 dust said on discord saying i avoided ip ban yet i havent even played the server cause my account is banned 200 iq and he only says that after he kicks me from the discord server so then i cant defend myself fair play.
  8. Today
  9. they won't reply to those
  10. just post an appeal man
  11. Also like to add they kicked me from the discord server without even being offensive.
  12. I choose to make this post as i have been unfairly treated by the mods and admins and owners how can you expect to run a server and ip ban people for useing icebarrage for 4 mins not even the 10mins needed for recording and cause i make another account before i was even ipbanned i have no idea who is truely running this server but has a runescape player for over 15 years i know now the staff have something personal against me it is truely vile anybody feel free to pm me on discord/feed family#8220 i can show you proof of what i was banned for and that i was a first time offender.
  13. Kicked from discord server without even being offensive to anybody imagine having your ego shatterd by a guy who is autistic.


  14. Yesterday
  15. Would love the idea, but not sure how feasible it is to add given the data is being pulled from the RuneLite client which I believe pulls directly from OSRS. If we are already introducing custom models then the work needed to introduce those has already been done, but otherwise it's likely an extensive amount of rework to introduce something new like that
  16. would def love to see em ingame.
  17. I like the idea of 200m skill capes, makes you want to work towards it.
  18. I think this could be a pretty neat idea.
  19. Support, added incentives to do slayer
  20. Same concept as Ikov has 200m xp skill capes with certain perks
  21. the only guy to be ipbanned for farcasting and saying i have 20 pcs.


  22. to much ptsd from live servers back in the day
  23. Hey, this suggestion is aimed at boosting activities in the wild 1. Add roaming revenants. These revenants like back in the days roam throughout wild, can teleblock you, freeze you and deal alot of damage Have their defense and mage buffed. Players may encounter them anywhere in wild. Attacking the revs will immediately skull you and soloing it should be a major challenge, therefore prompting people to hunt revs in groups. in turn pkers will also make use of this opportunity Have the revs drop PVP armours! make it RARE. the risk pays off since you roam the wild to hunt them and get skulled.
  24. +1 this i support this and hope to see a change.
  25. The value of Necklace of Anguish (or) is too low, it is deemed less valuable than two Torstol Potion (unf). Can we please get this fixed?
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