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  2. wallahi policemen is #1 staffer king of vitality make him staff or i quit legit, he deserves it!
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  5. If first guy did claws into jamal spec your career would've been done btw
  6. Those claws almost "slapped" you the first fight. Haha see what I did their . Anyways nice pk vid man! Enjoyed the content and music!
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-RE6Lcd17EA
  8. So detail oriented! Amazing job my man!!!
  9. Soo..... I thought I did this awhile back and I guess I ended up not doing it for some odd reason Anyways it's "Psycho Clown" here! Been playing this server almost a month after release. I am sure you have seen me at duel arena or hosting at edge or pking. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime for help/questions, i'm always willing to contribute to the community.
  10. I tried buying bandos tassy through the ge and they disappeared before they went to my inventory, i also tried selling d claws and they disappeared without even popping up in the ge. between 4:30 and 4:50, juicedfkmo is ign.
  11. I don't think anyone deserves the position more at the moment. Active helping in yell, the clan chat and anywhere else. If he can't answer the question, he will find the answer for you. Pretty easy +1 from me.
  12. Very helpful dude, does what he can for the community and is a straight shooter. Good luck on your appli, friend!
  13. Vouch! Genuinely kind, funny and helpful guy. A bit on the Troll-ich side, but that's what we like! good luck on your application!
  14. Face of vitality king bolis +1
  15. Game Name: CoinTossers/CoinTosser Age: 21 Discord Name & Tag: CoinTosser#3273 - Country: Belgium Timezone: UTC +2 How active will you be per day? 6-12Hours (on avarage) Previous Staff Experience: Dawntained Moderator. (After that i never really applied for any other server) Why should we choose you? Personally, i'm very experienced when it comes to moderating a server. I'm very dedicated to achieving total succes, If i want a server to thrive and make sure that it's the best out there i'll do anything to make sure that happens. I'm not the usual type of guy i must admit that i've had some what you call ''Toxic'' moments but it's nothing compared what you usually see out there. I'm not the type of guy that calls out people on yell for random shit. I hate going into a discussion however i'm free of mind i'll say whatever is on my mind. I'm also very dedicated to the testing of the server to make sure everything is in good order. as you can clearly see of me i love pking & making video's (My first video will go live friday btw) i love hosting community events and make sure new players can enjoy their time in this server. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Loyality: For a staff member it's to make sure they're loyal to the whole cause of being a staff member, they have to stay loyal and not abuse any of their given commands to use. I feel if there's someone that should be unloyal or you have assumptions they're not loyal in my eye's that person is not fit to have such rank next to his name. Dedication: A staff member should always be focused on player experience, if there's a player having issue's or struggles to continue playing the game he/she should always have the support of a staff member, if a staff member is not dedicated to the whole cause of being a staff member he/she should not have the rank in the first place. Integrity: A staff member should have the qualities of being honest in any way possible. He/she is usually trusted by the community, If a staff member ends up abusing that trust and has harmful doings using that trust he/she should not be a staff member. Picture of time played (found in quest tab): Sirencely, CoinTossers.
  16. Game Name: Policemen69 Age: 20 Discord Name & Tag: Finesse O_o#9600 Country:US Timezone: EST How active will you be per day? 10+ hours, no avoid Previous Staff Experience: I was previous staff on a small server, but unfortunately they cant compete with Vitality. Why should we choose you? I'm the face of Vitality. In all seriousness I am extremely helpful when it comes down to it, I may troll a lot but I do it in order to help grow the community into having more fun while experiencing Vitaly. I love this community and I'd like to play a bigger role. I have tons of experiences on Runescape alone so I believe that I'm able to help new players with many questions they may ask. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Patiences. I think it is key to have patiences as new players join the server and need help with certain aspects that I'm familiar with. I think its extremely crucial to be able to help others while in need. Communication, I believe that staff members is key to be able to communicate to the server. They need to be able to communicate with everyone on Vitality in order to help grow and better the Community. Pking, It is core for a Rsps such as Vitality because this is a pking server and I believe that staff members should be able to teach the citizens of Vitality how to become the best pker ever... Picture of time played (found in quest tab):
  17. i puted g/e offer for 20 odium wards 26mea and when i seen that gp went out of inv and it lagged i bit i just clicked escape thinking that re-opening g/e gonna be faster and offer dissapeared pvp bug works like that is person 1 attacks person 2 and person 3 rush person 1 person 2 can instantly hit back
  18. Huge vouch! However he's very new to the game. i'd love him to be on the staff team! Nice lad good guy!
  19. Hi, Pretty sure I had 3 ags's selling in the g/e and withrew them and sold one, then I changed presets and checked bank later and ags's were gone. Please can you replace? Thanks
  20. Ring of Wealth (i) should have it's "value" increased. It costs just south of 3m to imbue it but once it's imbued it's value is set to 17k doesn't make much sense when it's not possible to protect it over some items that are worth 60k.
  21. That's some insane progress dude holy shit! Was actually considering making a HC as a side account.
  22. You've done a lot of skills since I last saw good job If you're still needing herbs etc I'll be on tomorrow after work and can gather some for a bit then if you'd like?
  23. I'll be another one of your customers and place an order for a static signature. Could you do some type of inferno theme please and the static red? Something red themed would be dope I will jump on later on tomorrow to give you the payment as I've got work all day. I'll add you in game and on here and keep in contact; no rush either I'll PM once I get home to give payment.
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