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    Fantastic efforts from everyone involved, good job @iron jib & @hydra and me I'll be pinning and featuring this topic as our old price guide was heavily outdated. Thank you once again.
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    I know it's blurry, I don't really take selfies now frig off
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    Hi all, #1pker here, just reminding everyone it's the weekend and we all know what that means... #1pker has a lot of time on his hands to pwn noobs. #1pker will be lurking in the deepest of depths, the darkest of corners and under the the most inconspicuously shaped rocks. The #1pker has even been working on his DROP BEAR methods so stay away from them overhanging trees! Who knows who will get caught up in #1pkers MAYHEM this weekend, lets just hope it's not you. Anyway, #1pker would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous weekend and a friendly reminder to stay out of the wilderness when #1pker is online. Thanks #1pker.
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    Meet me at Mage bank on my HCIM. Let's get to clappin'
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    Atleast i had a good laugh from this lmao
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    I tell everyone if there is a group opining when the hc dies I'm it lol until then I'm too hooked
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    Theres always room for one more i want to keep the passwords public to make it into a community thing lmk what you think daddy Swxg
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    Credits: @hydra and me & @iron jib Last updated: 05/02/2021 In-game command: ::topic 3425 Disclaimer: This guide is updated on a weekly basis and as such, prices may slightly deviate between updates. Navigation tips - Press Ctrl + F then type your desired item. Important prices: - Vote Ticket - 1.2M - Wilderness point ticket - 8K - $10 Donors scroll - 1B - Dragon axe - 40M - Dragon harpoon - 32M - Dragon pickaxe - 25M - Anglerfish - 200K - Adamantite bar - 55K - Runite bar - 70K - Black Chinchompa - 110K - Magic logs - 2K - Teak plank - 8K - Mahogany plank - 12K - Magic seed - 150K - Divine super combat potion - 48K - Divine ranging potion - 48K - Dragon bones - 70K - Superior dragon bones - 100K - Seers ring (i) - 8M - Archers ring (i) - 10M - Berserker ring (i) - 38M - Amulet of torture - 100M - Necklace of anguish - 80M - Tormented bracelet - 100M - Ring of suffering - 200M - Zulrah scales - 4K - Toxic blowpipe - 80M - Magic fang - 80M - Serpentine helm - 70M - Tanzanite mutagen - 330M - Magma mutagen - 300M - Trident of the seas - 25M - Trident of the swamp - 100M - Armadyl godsword - 140M - Armadyl helmet - 20M - Armadyl chestplate - 140M - Armadyl chainskirt - 120M - Bandos chestplate - 75M - Bandos tassets - 80M - Zamorakian spear - 20M - Staff of the dead - 40M - Toxic staff of the dead - 120M - Armadyl crossbow - 420M - Primordial boots - 100M - Pegasian boots - 75M - Eternal boots - 70M - Smouldering stone - 140M - Hydra leather - 100M - Brimstone ring - 220M - Dragon hunter lance - 700M - Torn prayer scroll - 20M - Arcane prayer scroll - 120M - Dexterous prayer scroll - 150M - Twisted buckler - 105M - Dragon hunter crossbow - 190M - Dihn's bulwark - 120M - Ancestral hat - 100M - Ancestral robe top - 350M - Ancestral robe bottom - 350M - Dragon claws - 150M - Elder maul - 160M - Kodai wand - 220M - Twisted bow - 2.8B - Twisted ancestral colour kit - 5B - Vial of blood - 380K - Avernic defender hilt - 155M - Justiciar faceguard - 100M - Justiciar chestguard - 170M - Justiciar legguards - 155M - Ghrazi rapier - 120M - Sanguinesti staff - 4.5B - Scythe of Vitur - 8.5B - Inquisitor's great helm - 140M - Inquisitor's hauberk - 170M - Inquisitor's plateskirt - 170M - Inquisitor's mace - 275M - Eldritch nightmare staff - 300M - Volatile nightmare staff - 1B - Harmonised nightmare staff - 2.2B - Vesta's spear - 250M - Vesta's longsword - 275M - Vesta's chainbody - 350M - Vesta's plateskirt - 650M - Statius's warhammer - 300M - Statius's full helm - 100M - Statius's platebody - 300M - Statius's platelegs - 300M - Morrigan's throwingaxe - 200K - Morrigan's javelin - 70K - Morrigan's coif - 75M - Morrigan's leather body - 370M - Morrigan's leather chaps - 370M - Zuriel's staff - 80M - Zuriel's hood - 65M - Zuriel's robe top -250M - Zuriel's robe bottom - 280M - Spectral spirit shield - 130M - Arcane spirit shield - 1B - Elysian spirit shield - 3B - Craw's bow - 28M - Viggora's chainmace - 28M - Thammaron's sceptre - 28M - Revenant ether - 16K - Imbued heart - 55M - Crystal key - 26K - Crystal weapon seed - 20M - Abyssal bludgeon - 4M - Dragonfire shield - 7M - Ancient wyvern shield - 25M - Dragon full helm - 275M - Dragon platebody - 100M - Abyssal dagger - 13M - Ornate granite maul - 10M - Blade of Saeldor - 250M - Neitiznot faceguard - 100M - Dragon warhammer - 140M - Gilded items (any piece) - 5M - Mithril seed - 2M - Mystery box - 15M - Super mystery box - 250M - PvP mystery box - 325M - Pet mystery box - 1B - 3rd age mystery box -1.2B Disclaimer: The following items can vary wildly in price. We advise to only use the following prices as a rough estimation of the value and NOT a definitive price. - Halloween mask (any colour) - 200M - Santa hat - 900M - Black santa hat - 4B - Green partyhat - 400M - Yellow partyhat - 400M - Purple partyhat - 550M - Red partyhat - 700M - White partyhat - 1.6B - Blue partyhat - 2.1B - Black partyhat - 4B - Partyhat with specs - 2.5B - Rainbow partyhat - 7B - Christmas cracker - 1.3B If anyone feels we have priced any items wrong, feel free to send @iron jib or @hydra and me a message and let us know which items need updating. While we are both highly confident in the accuracy in our prices. We're not perfect and we do make mistakes. We would also like to give a special thanks to @Pradaxa for providing us a great starting platform from which this guide was made from.
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    I really dont think it would be that hard to catch these people. You guys have some pretty good bot handles too. If its a certain skill there would be a lot of people in the area paying attention too... Idk I love the idea. Support from me.
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    I support this application, You're very helpful and a great minded person. It would be great to work with you =D
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    Let’s see how Vitality is rollin! Drop some pics of your car(s). I’ll start with mine, 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
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    Wanting to join the best of the best? You've come to the right place! We’re primarily a PVM community, focused on building excellent teams for Chamber of Xerics and Theater of Blood. Our members are very experienced, so you’ll find yourself in the right place if you need help/advice on the many aspects of Vitality's bossing or PvMing. We also host frequent giveaways, PvM events and Raids events, as well as offering an active Discord to those who wish to relax and enjoy some banter with the majority of the Vitaity community. DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT A CLAN NOR ARE YOU REQUIRED TO JOIN A CLAN CHAT. We are a community who hope to provide a social platform for players to communicate in. We are ONLY Discord orientated. - Daily 500m+ giveaways - An active Discord with over 70+ members - Weekly learner raids hosted by our veteran members - Active marketplace to buy/sell your items All players are welcomed! If you're wanting to join our Discord, click HERE for the invite.
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    So lately theres been alot of heat with me involved, And theres been alot said and I would like to make peace with everyone that doesnt like me, You dont have to like me but atleast let me apologise for everything, I love this server and I enjoy playing with the players on it every day, Nobody deserves disrespect and lately ive been really hot headed, Im truely sorry for all the hate and disrespect towards some of you, Alot of you were really nice to me and I lashed out for no reason, Ive got alot going on irl and sometimes I let me emotions get to me and snap in-game. Ive learned that doing that is toxic and theres no reason for it. Sorry guys, Hope we can start on a fresh slate, if not. I completely understand, But I did need to get this off my chest.. #Vitalitycommunity
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    that's the dumbest way to pay respect towards someone, i've seen many different depression/anxiety support groups across all the private servers i have played whatsoever.
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    Hello & welcome to Vitality's official Donator Ranks & benefits thread! Any details that you are looking for regarding to donating or the perks & benefits each rank holds will be found below. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message one of the higher-ups in our discord. Vitality Management Team
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