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    SHOP IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THANK YOU. Here is where you can find my - Showcase Are you looking for a signature or graphics for the forums, etc? Feel free to use this template below and I'll see if I can work toward making your very own custom graphics! THE MORE DETAIL YOU PROVIDE IN THE FORMAT BELOW, THE BETTER THE GRAPHICS BECOME. My graphic work is currently FREE, tips are always appreciated though! I look forward to doing this on my downtime, Sunday - Tuesday. Enjoy!
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    Runecrafting Guide Introduction to Runecrafting on Vitality Runecrafting tends to be the most hated skill by many players, second only to Agility. In order to start Runecrafting, you'll need to navigate to the Skilling shop and buy some Pure Essence. If you're an Ironman, use the Skilling Teleports to navigate to the Pure Essence Mine and get yourself some there. Getting Started Early on, you'll be training in the Abyss. All you need is Pure Essence, but a Pickaxe/Axe wouldn't hurt. Once you've teleported, quickly 'Teleport' via the Mage of Zamorak by right clicking him. Depending on your tool choice, or lack thereof, you will have to navigate to the inner circle of the Abyss. Once here, you will start by crafting Air Runes, found on the south-east corner of the inner circle. I suggest just making the best rune possible in the Abyss until 40 Runecrafting. Check the skill tab for reference: Once you've hit 40 Runecrafting, you have a couple options for getting 99. Option 1: Only Astral Runes to 99 This method is honestly ridiculously simple to do until 99 Runecrafting. The first thing you want to do is setup your preset - which should look like this: Make sure to equip some gear or your preset won't load, as it will be too 'empty'. Navigate to the Vitality Wizard and Favorite (green heart) this teleport: Cities -> Lunar Isle This allows you to either right click the Wizard and "Previous-Teleport" or left click and type "1" Once you're there, you simply click on the Astral Altar, seen here: Return home, type ;;loadlastpreset, teleport back to Lunar Isle.. Rinse and repeat! Option 2: Astral Runes to 77, Blood Runes to 99 Follow the above method to 77 Runecrafting. From here, navigate to the Dense Essence area. Make sure you come equipped with your Pickaxe of choice and a Chisel in your inventory. Once you've arrived, get yourself a full inventory of Dense essence blocks by mining here: Once your inventory is full, take the Agility shortcut to the north, seen here: Follow the path to the west and Venerate the Dense essence blocks on the Dark Altar for Dark essence blocks. You will want to repeat these steps until you have around 1,300 Dark essence blocks in your bank. When you've got the Dark essence blocks banked, it's time to start actually Runecrafting with them. Your inventory should be setup something like this: You will need to chisel an entire inventory of Dark essence blocks before leaving the bank. You should receive Dark essence fragments Once you have these, fill your inventory with more Dark essence blocks. It should now look like this: Return to the Dense Essence area and this time, use the Agility shortcut to the west. Follow the path south, where you will find the Blood Altar. Craft your first inventory of them now. Once you've used the first fragments, chisel the Dark blocks in your inventory and craft another. You should receive a total of 212 Blood Runes and ~580k experience per inventory with a bonus exp scroll active. Do this for a few hours and you'll finally have 99 Runecrafting ;^)
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    Looks amazing, as usual! I will get to you in-game for a tip asap.
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    Here you are @Centrum! Enjoy .
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    Hello & welcome to Vitality's official Donator Ranks & benefits thread! Any details that you are looking for regarding to donating or the perks & benefits each rank holds will be found below. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message one of the higher-ups in our discord. Vitality Management Team
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