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    **Updated: 9/18/2020 (Duty)** Welcome to Vitality's official price guide, if you see any missing items or inaccurate prices send me a ping All items subject to price volatility will be omitted until market settles (customs, certain clue items, new items) Red: Unavailable in Grand Exchange (player based market assumptions) Green: Prices based on Grand Exchange Average Note: Use Alt + F to navigate (some items on this thread may not match with the in-game name) In that case scroll. PVP weapons/Armour: 1.1 Vesta Vesta's Spears | 1000M Vesta's Longsword | 2000-2500M Vesta's Skirt | 1500M-1800M Vesta's PlateBody | 1500M-1800M Morrigan Morrigan's Chap | 350M Morrigan Body | 350M Morrigan Coif | 200M Morrigan Throw Axe | 200k Ea Statius Statius' Hammer | 800M-1200M Statius' Helm | 250M Statius' Leg | 350M Statius' Chest | 350M Zuriel Zuriel staff | 150M-200M Zuriel Robes | 150M Zuriel Bottom | 150M GWD Items: 1.2 Armadyl Armadyl Godsword | 90-110M Armadyl Chestplate | 220M Armadyl Chainskirt | 200M Armadyl Helmet | 25M Armadyl Crossbow | 350-400M Bandos Bandos Chest | 90-110M Bandos Tassets | 95-115M Bandos Godsword| 25M Bandos boots | 20M Zamorak Zamorak Godsword | 20M Zamorakian Spear | 50-60M Zamorak Hasta | 50-60M Saradomin Saradomin Sword | 9M Saradomin Godsword | 30M Saradomin Tears | 4m Cox uniques: 1.3 Rare drops / Drop Rate Dexterous Prayer Scroll (1/3) | 150M-200M Arcane Prayer Scroll (1/3) | 115M-150M Twisted Buckler (1/17) | 150M Dragon Hunter CrossBow (1/17) | 400M-500M Dinh's bulwark (1/23) | 130-180M Ancestral Hat (1/23) | 150M Ancestral Robe top (1/23) | 300M Ancestral Robe Bottom (1/23) | 300M Dragon Claws (1/23) | 125M Elder Maul (1/34) | 185M Kodai Insignia (1/34) | 300-400M Twisted Bow (1/34) | 8-10B ToB Uniques: 1.4 Rares / Drop Rate Avernic Defender (1/3) | 200M Justiciar ChestGuard (1/8) | 210M Justiciar Faceguard (1/8) | 150M Justiciar Legguards (1/8) | 250M Ghrazi Rapier (1/8) | 300-400M Sanguinesti Staff (1/16) | 2-4B Scythe of Vitur (1/16) | 25-35B~ (Rough Estimate, Supply/Demand) Corporeal Beast: 1.5 Blessed Spirit shield (1/133) | 2M Spirit Shield (1/278) | 1M Cannonballs (1/278) | 30K each Arcane Sigil (1/427) | 1500M-2000M Spectral Sigil (1/427) | 50M-75M Elysian Sigil (1/855) | 8-10B~ Zulrah: 1.6 Tanzanite Fang / Blow Pipe | 150-200M Magic Fang | 50M Magic Fang + Staff of the dead (40M) = Toxic Staff | 90M Magic Fang + Trident of the seas ( 125m) = Uncharged toxic Trident | 175M Serpentine Visage | 50-60M Cerberus: 1.7 Primordial Crystal | 60M~ Eternal Crystal | 60M~ Pegasian Crystal | 60M~ Donor Item/Miscellaneous: 1.8 Donator Scroll ($10) | 500M+~ Donator Scroll ($60) | 3000M+~ Donator Scroll ($200) | 10B~ 3rd Age Mytery Box | 500M Pet Mytery Box | 800M PVP Mystery Box | 1000M Pharoah Sceptre | 1.2B Black Party Hat | 1.7B Black Santa Hat | 1.7B Black Halloween mask | 1.5B Reverse Santa | 1.5B Party Hats & Spec | 2B Monkey's Bagpack | 3B RainBow party hat | 6b Party Hat set | 5b Yellow Phat - 350-500M White Phat - 350-500M Purple Phat - 350-500M Green Phat - 350-500M Blue Phat - 500M~ Red Phat -350-500M Dragon Warhammer | 350M-450M Nightmare related Item: 1.9 Nightmare staff | 100M Eldritch staff | 150-200M Volatile Staff | 800-900M Harmonized Staff| 1500M-2000M Inquisitors are calculated using current pkp price (8k x .60%) x amount of points sold in wilderness store Inquistors Helm | 125M~ Inquistor Plate | 225M~ Inquisitor Legs | 225M~ Inquistitor Mace | 450M~ Tier 1 Accessories: 2.0 Torture | 60M Anguish | 100M Occult | 10M Suffering | 150-200M Faceguard | 120-150M Berserker Ring | 15Mea Seers Ring | 5-10M Archers Ring | 10-15M Brimstone Ring | 125M Common market items (Based on market or lower than store value) Tentacles (Market/Not in store) | 5M Granite Maul (ornate maul) | 8-10M Whip | 1M Dharok Set | 4M Fury | 2M Dragon Boots } 1M PKP | 8Keach Votes | 800k-1m+~ Master wand | 500k Malediction/Odium Wards | 30M~ Rev Items Craw bow | 25M Viggora Chainmace | 20M Cannon Set | 30M Mage's Book | 5M Fremmenik Kilt | 23M Black mask | 40-50M Heavy Balista | 10M Crystal seeds | 30-40M Crystal Key | 2M Infinity Boots | 500K Infinity Hat | 10M Inifinity Robe | 10M Infinity Robe bottom | 10M Blade of Saeldor | 400M-500M~ Skill Items 2.1 Dragon hatchet | 35M Dragon Pickaxe | 25M Smouldering Stone | 50M Dragon Harpoon | 5M Common goods from skilling Anglers | 25-50k each Adamant Bar | 30K each Runite Bar | 50k each Black Chins | 92k each (Gen Store) Red Chins | 42k each (Or 12k each Gen Store) Magic Logs | 20k each Mahogony Logs | 30K each Mahogony Planks | 60k each Maple Seed | 2M Yew Seed | 1M Magic Seed | 500k Visage: 2.2 Dragonfire Ward | 85M Dragonfire Shield | 20-30M Ancient Wyvern Shield | 65M Mystery/Super Mystery | Caskets: 2.3 Mystery Box | 20-40M Super Mystery Box | 300-350M Santa Hat | 200M Halloween Masks | 150M Small Casket | 5M (Hard Sale/Better Off Opening) Medium Casket | 15M (Hard Sale/Better Off Opening) Large Casket | 35M (Hard Sale/Better Off Opening) Giant Casket | 300-350M Prices of 3rd age items / Clue scroll items are to be updated once the market settles... stay tuned
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    wassup gamers today jonnos very amazing graphical shop opens prices: 100m flat rate for everything want to request something? please fill out this form type of gfx: signature, avatar or banner text: colours: my work:
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    probably like osrs mobile
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    link to my stream until i get youtuber rank
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    @Mean I have completed your signature
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @s8n has been promoted to Administrator. @Miika has been re-promoted to Administrator. @Kim has been promoted to Moderator. @hc merica has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @Halloween has been demoted from Global Moderator due to activity issues. @Bradyb has been demoted from Moderator due to activity issues. @52xp has been demoted from Moderator due to activity issues. @tkn has been demoted from Server Support due to activity issues. Vitality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @jonno has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Taylor Twift has been promoted to Moderator. @iTrustx1 has been promoted to Moderator. @psycho clown has been promoted to Moderator. @Kim has been promoted to Server Support. @Excuse You has been promoted to Server Support. @Duty has been promoted to Server Support. @tkn has been promoted to Server Support. @Demix has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @Olmlet/Praise Satan has resigned from Administrator. @WEST COAST has resigned from Moderator. @HelloBroski has resigned from Moderator. @yaro has been demoted from Moderator. @Prisoner has been demoted from Server Support. @Eso Maniac has been demoted from Server Support. @Dharoks has been demoted from Server Support. Vitality Management Team
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    1. Inappropriate language or behavior is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to): sexually explicit language, solicitation, racism or other prejudice, threatening behavior, blackmail excessive swearing and spamming. (Honestly just use Private Messages if you really must use vulgar language, other offences still apply however.) 2. Advertising other websites is not allowed. Any link has the potential to be misleading and cause a player to either compromise the security of their account, computer or their personal safety. For this reason, players may not post links of this nature including here & our official Discord. 3. Scamming is not allowed. Misleading other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of fair play. An 'item scam' is an attempt to obtain GP and/or items from another player by dishonest means. 4. Real-world trading (RWT) is not allowed. Real-world trading is the term used for activities which occur outside of the game environment which result in the real-world sale or purchase of items. This includes selling Vitality GP for OSRS gp. 5. Buying and selling accounts is not allowed. Players may not sell their account to anyone else. Players should not accept an account that anybody else offers, as they may be stolen, and this could lead to your own account being disabled! Account sharing is ALLOWED, however, at your own risk. Meaning if anything happens to the account (items taken off/password changed) we cannot help you with that. 6. Knowingly exploiting or sharing a bug is not allowed. If you find a bug, then report it to us immediately and do not divulge the nature of the issue to any other players. Players won't be penalized for experiencing a bug unless they use it to their advantage or advertise the nature of the issue to other players. This includes using animations to stall your character to visually appear outside of wilderness. If you are caught doing this you will be jailed. 7. Encouraging others to break rules is not allowed. Encouraging or helping others to break the rules is as bad as breaking them yourself, and therefore anyone doing so will be treated as if they were the one breaking the rule. 8. "Macroing" and third-party software is not allowed. Many third party software websites and applications contain key loggers, trojans and viruses which will put players' personal details at risk. Macroing also gives some players an unfair advantage and can detract from the experience of Vitality. We designed this game to be enjoyed by humans- not robots! Same rules apply for Multi-Boxing on alt accounts (NOT ALLOWED.) 9. Vitality staff impersonation is not allowed. We have this rule in place so our players can identify members of Vitality staff, thus ensuring that players can trust members of our staff for help and support with any game related problems they may have. 10. Asking for and providing contact information is not allowed. We have this rule in place to protect player privacy and ensure a safe in game environment. Giving out personal details may affect the security of a player's account as well as a player's own personal safety. When interacting with others online, it is common sense to never divulge personal information, both for players' personal safety as well as account safety. 11. Multilogging in PvP is not allowed. You are not allowed to PVP on multiple accounts at a time. The ONLY exception to this is having a single scout account OR a single teleblock account that you do not engage in PVP activities on. 12. Point farming/Vote ticket farming is not allowed. This means any methods to obtain points that becomes unfair to other players. This includes the dis allowance of farming Wilderness and Loyalty points. 13. Auto chat - what is/not allowed. The use of auto chat in the game is permitted as long as no color or styles are used. Third party programs to auto chat is not permitted. Furthermore, only one account at a time may AFK auto-type at home to advertise for a clan. 14. Ragging at Edgeville is not allowed. The blacklist feature is there to allow players to block out people they do not wish to fight fairly (i.e. max gear vs rune). This does not mean ragging is allowed in any means necessary. Ragging can be defined as using protection prayers on someone who is not, far-casting them, constantly spec and teleporting, PJing, and so on. Ragging is not allowed at Edgeville, Edgepvp, or ::FFA / ::Funpk. There is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of ragging, this means no warnings will be given prior to punishment. 15. Rules for the use of ::yell This command is not to be abused, spammed, or used to harass, disrespect/flame other players, or disrespect the server. Luring players over yell is also forbidden. 16. Refunds Disconnections - If the Vitality server goes down, where ZERO players are able to login, then a player can expect a refund. However, if there is no indication of this, and the disconnect was due to your own internet you will NOT be refunded. Bugs - Players must have proof or able to recreate any bugs linked to losing their items. If a player is eligible for a refund, they will be contacted by an Admin and the situation will be handled accordingly. Donations - Any donations made are nonrefundable as these are not purchases in game, but instead a donation to help the server. Charging back will result in your account being permanently banned. Hacking - You will not be refunded if you get hacked. We give plenty of options to secure your account and your accounts items, including reminders to change password, bank pins, and account pints. It is up to a player to ensure their account is secure. Scamming - Refunds from scams will almost always never be given, especially if it was a trust trade between two players. Exceptions to this can be established with valid proof, but is still not a guarantee for a refund. Recent Changes - April: Rule 15 modified. With the addition of "Luring players over yell is also forbidden" May: Rule 16 added - refunds & Multi-Boxing rule.
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    Would be nice to have this spawnable instead of all the regular glories that run out of charges Just a quality of life thing
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    Hi everyone! Doty here, I am 27 years old living in my home state of Arizona. I played OSRS for years; I started in middle school when the boys in my 6th grade class were talking about it. I admit, I had a fan girl crush on one of them and wanted to play along side with him. Turns out I really enjoyed the concept of the game and played it for years on and off. I quit OSRS shortly after Jagex introduced the Grand Exchange and started really changing the way the game was. I had ran out of things to do that I enjoyed and mainly only Pvmed. Here on Vitality I get to experience the other side of Runescape! I have found a new love for Pking! I am by no means the best; but I do enjoy it. Feel free to PM me if you have any in-game questions and ill always help you when I can. I have some guides in the making right now; just trying to find the time and motivation to complete them!
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    Few hindsight notes I didn't notice till I was done: Few hindsight notes: - Instead of a scythe of vitur you can use the dragonhunter lance, followed by the zamorak hasta. - Harmonised staff IS BIS over the trident, but a lot more expensive to buy. I didn't realise that when I was creating the video, but it does better DPS on the mage hand for sure. - Dark clips are filler footage. - You CAN use both the DWH and Statius warhammer for crabs, skipping the need of a regular hammer! - For the crab room I forgot to mention all the crystal combinations: Black crystal = white crab (to shoot a white orb) Cyan crystal = Melee (to shoot a red orb) Purple crystal = Ranged (to shoot a green orb) Yellow crystal = Magic (to shoot a blue orb)
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    Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing great! The first thing I wanted to say was a massive thank you to everyone for sticking around with us, the 2.0 release has gone great and you guys seem to be loving the fresh economy and updates. Trust me when I say there is plenty more to come! Upcoming Updates: - Realism game mode (competitive game mode with low XP rates and an increased NPC drop rate) - A competitive clan system with massive OSRS and in game rewards (more information coming soon, get your clans ready...) - Group Ironman (this will come a little after realism) - Mobile client - Continued bug fixes and QOL - Ongoing backend improvements Thanks for reading, - Vitality management
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    Welcome man! Always good to see youtubers! Help create fun content and helps the server grow! Best of luck man.
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Beastly has been promoted to Global Moderator @Centrum has been promoted to Moderator @Demix has been promoted to Moderator @Azurill has been promoted to Server Support @Dvious has been promoted to Server Support @Compton has been promoted to Server Support Resignations / Demotions: @iTrustx1 has resigned from Moderator @HelloBroski has been demoted from Moderator Vitality management team
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    LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGqhCdyZKnEhbjTEjEZHUWA?view_as=subscriber
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    Best of Luck On The App Neko!
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    Can’t play the vid I’ll try when I get home haha I was interested too
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    Stop destroying my dreams @hc merica one
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    Slick guide, looking good. Thanks for the effort!
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    @Dutywth lmfao @Black santalooks clean man reminds me of mine I need to post it lol
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    Very nice person! Goodluck doty
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    Currently In Process Of Testing All of The Things Mentioned Via Test World. Appreciate The Suggestion!
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    goodluck g - hope u get that rank nd make bank
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    Goodluck with youtuber rank man!
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    welcome! yeah im not to good at pking but ill be dam if i give up trying.
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay at vitality.
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    glad to have u and ur friends here! hope i you guys enjoy it an stay for as long as u the server is here!
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    Not only do you have to learn how to pvp you have to learn how to thicken the skin. Pvp is rage worthy stuff haha. Welcome though I’m new too!
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    Hello everyone, my name is Janelle. My IGNs are Janelle/Miss/Missy. I'm more of a skillet than a killer but i'm slowly getting into the swing of PvM. I'd also like to be able to learn how to PK someday, but as of right now with how most people are reacting on yell, it's hard for me to even go out and attempt to try :'). I look forward to seeing you all in game and I wish you all the best of luck on your goals! Don't be afraid to say hello if you see me
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    Welcome! i wouldn't base off people from yell. If u want i can teach you how to PVM once u get a good setup going. Id def start with slayer and doing hard tasks asap to rack in some good gp per hour. wildy if u feel like it since u get get a chance a wildy caskets and giants sell for a good chunk of cash. Hit me up ingame if u like - RNGeus
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    Hey Janelle, welcome to Vitality. Hope to see you around the server and in-game. If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to message a staff member or myself, always happy to help. See ya around!
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    Welcome to vitality nice to have you here.
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    Home is busy, and theres alot going on. given the space at the g.e with the wildy ditch only a walk away takes away the busy problem, spreads things out and people can see the true size of how busy the server is too. Auto chat ruins home and it's a struggle for some people selling things to be noticed of what they're selling. Opening up the backwall would be unique to this server and people would love it. it would work really well.
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    Welcome Back Brotha, Recognize Your Name For Sure!
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    Welcome back to the server & staff team
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    I dont really support this, there would no sense for agility then since it actually does make your run last longer when you level it.
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    Staff should supercede all other icons. If youre an iron and donator, it should just show ironman icon imo.
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    Welcome to vitality
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    Good luck bro, i guess ill be seeing you around help cc ye?
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    Thank you for reapplying with correct format I shall be watching you but good luck
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    Failure in following the correct format or not meeting the requirements will result in termination of the application. Vitality Management Team
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