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    It's been a fun ride, for the time I've been with this community and the countless hours I've spent BETA testing the server, along side helping rid of all the cheaters, and real world traders. I've done my best to be apart of the community in a respectful way, having some friends in the community helped out a lot and I believe I've done my impact for this community. Business classes are starting up, along with the rest of my college classes and I'm going to be getting prepared for that so I won't have enough time to be playing games as I also work full-time. In my last quarter, I experienced that business and account is tough, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pass the class, so I'd rather focus on that than games at this time. I will still be on the server playing time to time on my alt, but for now my position as a staff member has come to an end. Thank you all for the fun ride, and I hope you all do your best to build the community more from where we are. We've done great so far, and I can't want for new members of the community to help us go farther. Good luck!
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    Again I am giving away a signature. All u have to do is like this post. Winner will be selected 26 april. GOODLUCK
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    Hello & welcome to Vitality's official Donator Ranks & benefits thread! Any details that you are looking for regarding to donating or the perks & benefits each rank holds will be found below. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message one of the higher-ups in our discord. Vitality Management Team
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    1. Inappropriate language or behavior is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to): sexually explicit language, solicitation, racism or other prejudice, threatening behavior, blackmail excessive swearing and spamming. (Honestly just use Private Messages if you really must use vulgar language, other offences still apply however.) 2. Advertising other websites is not allowed. Any link has the potential to be misleading and cause a player to either compromise the security of their account, computer or their personal safety. For this reason, players may not post links of this nature including here & our official Discord. 3. Scamming and Luring is not allowed. Misleading other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of fair play. An 'item scam' is an attempt to obtain GP and/or items from another player by dishonest means. A attempt at a "Lure" is against our rules even if it is not successful. 4. Real-world trading (RWT) is not allowed. Real-world trading is the term used for activities which occur outside of the game environment which result in the real-world sale or purchase of items. This includes selling Vitality GP for OSRS gp. 5. Buying and selling accounts is not allowed. Players may not sell their account to anyone else. Players should not accept an account that anybody else offers, as they may be stolen, and this could lead to your own account being disabled! Account sharing is ALLOWED, however, at your own risk. Meaning if anything happens to the account (items taken off/password changed) we cannot help you with that. 6. Knowingly exploiting or sharing a bug is not allowed. If you find a bug, then report it to us immediately and do not divulge the nature of the issue to any other players. Players won't be penalized for experiencing a bug unless they use it to their advantage or advertise the nature of the issue to other players. This includes using animations to stall your character to visually appear outside of wilderness. If you are caught doing this you will be jailed. 7. Encouraging others to break rules is not allowed. Encouraging or helping others to break the rules is as bad as breaking them yourself, and therefore anyone doing so will be treated as if they were the one breaking the rule. 8. "Macroing" and third-party software is not allowed. Many third party software websites and applications contain key loggers, trojans and viruses which will put players' personal details at risk. Macroing also gives some players an unfair advantage and can detract from the experience of Vitality. We designed this game to be enjoyed by humans- not robots! Same rules apply for Multi-Boxing on alt accounts (NOT ALLOWED.) 9. Vitality staff impersonation is not allowed. We have this rule in place so our players can identify members of Vitality staff, thus ensuring that players can trust members of our staff for help and support with any game related problems they may have. 10. Asking for and providing contact information is not allowed. We have this rule in place to protect player privacy and ensure a safe in game environment. Giving out personal details may affect the security of a player's account as well as a player's own personal safety. When interacting with others online, it is common sense to never divulge personal information, both for players' personal safety as well as account safety. 11. Multilogging in PvP is not allowed. You are not allowed to PVP on multiple accounts at a time. The ONLY exception to this is having a single scout account OR a single teleblock account that you do not engage in PVP activities on. 12. Point farming/Vote ticket farming is not allowed. This means any methods to obtain points that becomes unfair to other players. This includes the dis allowance of farming Wilderness and Loyalty points. 13. Auto chat - what is/not allowed. The use of auto chat in the game is permitted as long as no color or styles are used. Third party programs to auto chat is not permitted. Furthermore, only one account at a time may AFK auto-type at home to advertise for a clan. 14. Ragging at Edgeville / Edgepvp / Gepvp is not allowed. The blacklist feature is there to allow players to block out people they do not wish to fight fairly (i.e. max gear vs rune). This does not mean ragging is allowed in any means necessary. Ragging can be defined as using protection prayers on someone who is not, far-casting them, constantly spec and teleporting, Rushing high risk fighters (Red Skull) and so on. Please note that normal rushing (without overhead protection or the use of Freeze-spells) is allowed, although within Edgepvp and Gepvp there is a zero tolerance. Pjing is not allowed at Edgeville, Edgepvp, or ::FFA / ::Funpk. There is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of ragging, this means no warnings will be given prior to punishment. 15. Rules for the use of ::yell This command is not to be abused, spammed, or used to harass, disrespect/flame other players, or disrespect the server. Luring players over yell and using the Auto chat Feature is also forbidden. 16. Refunds Disconnections - If the Vitality server goes down, where ZERO players are able to login, then a player can expect a refund. However, if there is no indication of this, and the disconnect was due to your own internet you will NOT be refunded. Bugs - Players must have proof or able to recreate any bugs linked to losing their items. If a player is eligible for a refund, they will be contacted by an Admin and the situation will be handled accordingly. Donations - Any donations made are nonrefundable as these are not purchases in game, but instead a donation to help the server. Charging back will result in your account being permanently banned. Hacking - You will not be refunded if you get hacked. We give plenty of options to secure your account and your accounts items, including reminders to change password, bank pins, and account pints. It is up to a player to ensure their account is secure. Scamming - Refunds from duel arena scams will almost always never be given, especially if it was a trust trade between two players. Exceptions to this can be established with valid proof, but is still not a guarantee for a refund. In the instance of a Dice Host scam, there will always be a refund in the form of the original bet (please note that the promised winnings will NOT be paid out) Recent Changes - October: Rule 3 - Luring added Rule 14 - Rushing high riskers and the difference between an allowed rush attempt to not allowed Rule 15 - Auto chatting over yell added Rule 16 - Duel arena scams and Dice host scams updated
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    Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing great! The first thing I wanted to say was a massive thank you to everyone for sticking around with us, the 2.0 release has gone great and you guys seem to be loving the fresh economy and updates. Trust me when I say there is plenty more to come! Upcoming Updates: - Realism game mode (competitive game mode with low XP rates and an increased NPC drop rate) - A competitive clan system with massive OSRS and in game rewards (more information coming soon, get your clans ready...) - Group Ironman (this will come a little after realism) - Mobile client - Continued bug fixes and QOL - Ongoing backend improvements Thanks for reading, - Vitality management
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    Hello, I will be giving away one signature to a lucky person. How to enter: - Like this post Goodluck everyone
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    Hello Vitality community! We apologise for the downtime that has occurred. The reason behind this is that we encountered a few issues with our primary partition on our storage system and due to some malfunctions, it has reverted a majority of the player files. Over the last 24 hours, we have regained a ton of data, however we were unable to fetch enough data to put us back to the latest date. We have now setup redundant storage that will create backups on a separate server, so we can ensure that this won't happen ever again... With all of this taken under close consideration amongst the entire staff team, it has been heavily debated, compared and contrasted, and a final decision was made this evening, however, don't be upset! We have some great things in store for you all, and we believe that this will make us come back stronger than ever because of the amazing community and server that we have built together! As a result of this event, we have decided to do a full reset to Vitality. This will be almost as if we are relaunching the entire server, however, ALL donations will be refunded in-game FULLY. In order to go about getting your donations refunded, you will be able to type ::claimdonation in-game and your items will automatically be delivered to you. All bans will also be revoked, so if you have any friends that were banned, they will now be able to play. As a way of showing our sincere apology for this, we will begin to host events in a way that we can reward you. There will be a prize pool of 2 Billion OSRS Gold throughout the next few weeks for the events that we have laid out for you all. The type of events we will be hosting will be found down below and we hope you choose to participate. Events: - Daily 100m OSRS GP PvP Tournaments - 30% Bonus Experience for 2+ weeks - 30% Bonus Wilderness Points for 2+ weeks - Streamer events and giveaways - First to Max as a Regular player - 200m OSRS GP - First to Max as an Ironman - 200m OSRS GP - First to Max as a Hardcore Ironman - 200m OSRS GP - First to Max as a Ultimate Ironman - 200m OSRS GP - First to 150 kills - 100m OSRS GP - First to 300 kills - 200m OSRS GP - First to 200m Experience in one skill - 200m OSRS GP - First to receive a boss pet - 100m OSRS GP Game Updates: We have also made significant changes to the way Vitality will function and be played as a whole, some of which you can find here: - Kill streaks now reward properly based on the amount of kills - 100% OSRS combat mechanics - Lottery system - A brand new Wilderness event has been added - Kills above 30 wilderness reward extra gold and points - Lava Dragon Bones are sold for 200k instead of 85k - Wilderness Agility now gives 50-75 Wilderness points per completion - Mage Arena is now a profitable mini-game - NPC combat has now been reworked - Loads more (we will post a update log before we go live) Release Time: Saturday - 8:00 PM GMT +1 Saturday - 3:00 PM EST While we understand some of you might want to leave us, we urge you to reconsider and give us a chance. I promise you that there will be tons of fun events and times ahead! Things are going to be vastly different this time and we made sure of that by incorporating new content, tons of quality-of-life updates, bug fixes and of course a fresh economy to weed out any illegitimate items or gold that was previously circulating throughout the economy. This economy will be different compared to Vitality 1.0, so we would like to present Vitality 2.0 with new content, a new economy and a new start. We hope you choose to give us the second chance we have asked for, as we have learned from our mistakes on Vitality 1.0 and have implemented the knowledge gained to make a better Vitality 2.0. Again, as much as we hate that this has happened and is a major inconvenience for some, it will hopefully be a great thing for the server in the long run. Our economy will flourish in ways it never did before and we hope you stick with us to see that promise fulfilled. More detail on updates and the events that we will host will be announced tomorrow. Thanks for reading, Vitality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Ruaxhas been promoted to Global Moderator. @Deadhas been promoted to Global Moderator. @Chelle has been promoted to Moderator. @Collusion has been promoted to Server Support. @Joggerss has been promoted to Server Support. @Nicholas has been promoted to Server Support. @s8n has been promoted to Server Support. @Halloween has been promoted to Server Support. @coolers has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @000 has been demoted from Server Support due to inactivity. @Beau has been demoted from Server Support due to inactivity. @papabear has been demoted and banned from Server Support due to abuse of power. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @7 Dust has been re-promoted to Moderator. @Ruax has been re-promoted to Server Support. @Joey has been promoted to Server Support. @Difference has been promoted to Server Support. @Esomaniac has been promoted to Server Support. @The Sexy has been promoted to Server Support. @Chelle has been promoted to Server Support. @Moneyhas been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @questionable has been demoted from Server Support due to abuse of power. @Fortune has been demoted from Server Support due to abuse of power. @David has been demoted from Server Support. @ryan has resigned from Server Support due to personal reasons. @Chores has resigned from Server Support. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    Hai everyone, Not too many posts in this section of the forums, I suppose that's a good thing though! Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the community for all the fun times that I've had throughout the past 6 months or so since our original launch in March. We've been through a lot of ups and downs throughout our time but unfortunately with mine I'll have to end it here. For those of you unaware, I'm currently in the midst of my PhD and unfortunately I just can't keep putting forth the time and effort that would be required as a Manager/Administrator role any longer, my poor mental health can't take it lol. But regardless, I'll still pop in and out every once in a while as I'm sure Vitality will continue to last for months and prosper. Thank you everyone who made my time enjoyable while I was here. James
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    This update features a lot of progress to push us closer to release. To see more of what we're working on be sure to join our Discord. - Loyalty system: Obtain loyalty points from play time, daily rewards for logging in, with a maximum streak of 10 - Edgeville blacklisting enabled: Blacklist up to 3 players to stop attacking you in Edgeville only - A variety of Wilderness achievements have been added (more to come in the future!) - Added more daily events to the schedule in the events tab - Dorgeshuun crossbow - Daily tasks can now be seen in the player journal - The Granite maul is now 60% special, unless you have attached the ornate maul attachment - Default item drag is now 10 - Wilderness hot spots - the current hotspot can be found in the player journal - Doric will now repair and upgrade your items - Global message for when a player obtains 99 in all skills - Praying at the god altars at the Mages bank will now give you the respective cape - 3rd Age pickaxe and axe can now be used for skilling and their special attacks have been added - ::master, zerk, pure commands added for regular (instant PvP) players - Global incense burner: Players can pay 1 million GP to light the burner, in return it offers everyone that uses it a 25% prayer XP boost - Game tutorial to show new players around - Bug fixes and config progress (shops etc) Thanks for reading and I hope you like the updates! Regards, Vitality Management Team
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    This updates a little smaller than usual because we're investing quite a bit of time in the Grand Exchange update. Next update log coming soon though! Multiple Raids fixes - not going to get into these but please let us know on anymore that you find! Rune pouch presets. This allows you to preset your rune pouch with various rune setups. Bounty hunter skulls are now used for kill streaks. This is going to be worked on more and we will add a way to view which skull resembles what # of killstreak a player is on. Berserker hybrid tournament added to the list of PvP tournaments. Drop boost scrolls can no longer be stacked to build up a big time of anything over 30 minutes. Thieving at the Rogues chests will now drop loot on the floor when your inventory is full. You can no longer receive an untradable that you already have from a vote mystery box. Withdrawing noted items is now fixed. Lumbridge castle stairs are now functional. You can no longer use morphing items in the Wilderness. Ironmen can now wear Dragon scimitars in the PvP tournaments even when they haven't completed the achievment. Pet mystery boxes added to the store. Vesta longsword special attack effect to lower opponents defence accuracy. Buffed the AGS special attack slightly. You now get more slayer points for every task. Imbued heart added to the slayer points shop. Godsword blade added to the Wilderness points shop. Ancient mace added to the Wilderness points shop. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    After a long wait, we have finally arrived! Theatre Of Blood is finally here! Down below, you will be able to find the latest updates & bug fixes that have been completed. Theatre Of Blood has arrived! Ability to participate in the Theatre Of Blood with a party of 1-5 people Create a party using the notice board outside of the entrance For the first week, HCIM will NOT lose their status in Theatre Of Blood so they are able to participate & practice as well For the first week, Scythe of Vitur will continue to not have a need to be charged. After a week, the charging mechanics with vials of blood will be implemented into Vitality. Items dropped on the ground will appear immediately to other party members Maiden Of Sugadinti The first boss you will encounter - The Maiden will target the nearest person to her with a magic-attack whilst simultaneously spawning bloods that will heal her if you stand in it. At various stages of her health, she will summon Nylocas Matomenos, whom will heal her if they get too close. Pestilent Bloat The bloat - When caught in The Bloat's line of sight, He will send flies to attack the player, causing rapid damage and a possibility of it spreading to the other players in the raid. After a while, The Bloat will drop hands from the ceiling - if hit by one, you will be stunned & take massive damage. Nylocas Vasilias This wave will begin with a wave-like defense against Nylocas Hagios (mage), Nylocas Ischyros (melee) & Nylocas Toxobolos (Ranged). These three Nylocas's will attack the pillars found on the corners of the rooms & the players. If all 4 pillars are managed to be taken down, then the raid will end there and you will have failed. However, if you survive & defeat the hoard of Nylocas, Nylocas Vasilias will spawn. She will change combat styles throughout the fight. Failure to attack with the correct attack style will result in her gaining health back. Nylocas Vasilias will change styles every 10 seconds instead of every 6 seconds like OSRS Sotetseg Sotetseg is an immobile dark beast who uses Melee Based attacks while occasionally small red projectiles (magic) or grey projectiles (ranged). These projectiles can be blocked with the overhead prayers. If you fail to block these attacks, your prayer will be slashed and unusable for 3 seconds. Sotetseg also has the ability to send out a large projectile that will result in total damage of 121 if hit, but can be shared amongst the party members if they are within 1 tile. At certain points, Sotetseg will teleport a player to the Shadow Realm where they must transverse a maze laid out by the red tiles; all other players will be traversing the same maze but only able to see the tiles that the player in the Shadow Realm has stepped on. Xarpus Xarpus will summon Exhumes on the ground that players must stand on, otherwise they will heal Xarpus. After this phase ends, Xarpus will begin to attack players by launching poison at players, which will damage them if they don't move at-least 2 tiles away. The poison persists throughout the remainder of the fight. At some point in the fight, Xarpus will begin to scream & stop launching poison. During this stage, if a player attacks Xarpus and he is looking at the player, they will take massive damage for each attack made. Verzik The Final Boss - The first phase of Verzik begins with the players hiding behind the pillars to protect themselves from a potential 1 hit kill, while also simultaneously dealing damage to Verzik on the throne with the Dawnbringer. For the second phase, Verzik will come down from her throne to the middle of the room and begin attacking players with a ranged attack whilst occasionally sending out for Nylocas, who will explode if not killed. She will also send out a blue ball that must be directed back to her, otherwise causing the player to take large damage. At a certain point, she will summon Two Nylocas Matomenos that must be killed or will heal Verzik for the remaining health they have left. For the Third Phase, Verzik will become a spooky spider that will target one player as the tank. She will occasionally send out webs that will ensnare and deal damage to them. She can also send out large, potential one hit kills to players unless they are standing on the yellow circles that are spawned throughout the room. At low health, Verzik will summon tornadoes that will constantly follow each player - if you are hit by the tornado, you will take heavy damage and Verzik will get healed. TOB Rewards Justicar Armour Wearing the full set applies a damage reduction in PvM Scenarios and is considered one of the best tank gear in the game. Scythe Of Vitur Has a multi-hit effect which allows you to hit large NPCs multiple times, or multiple small NPCs at the same time. Sanguinesti Staff Charge with blood runes Has a built-in magic spell that can be used regardless of the spellbook that the player is using Has a healing passive effect in which successful hits have a 1/6 chance of healing the player half the amount of hitpoints dealt to a target. Avernic Hilt Used to create the Avernic Defender, an upgraded version of the Dragon Defender. Ghrazi Rapier Provides the highest strength and stab bomus. Tournament Configurations Replaced Super Restore(4) with Sanfew Serum(4) Updated the Pure NH & Main NH gear Updated the Pure Melee gear Updated the NH Main inventory & added mithril seeds Updated the Dharok's special weapon from Armadyl Godsword to Dragon Claws Updated the No arm gear Removed the regular brid tournament & updated the max brid tournament Added Max Melee Zerk tournament Added Max Main Vesta tournament Added Max NH Main tournament Specials now save as long as a cannon is deployed or another person stays in the cave. Server Optimization Improved Server Logging to track any issues with the changes made. Small Content New Maxed Gear Mode for inferno Pay 5M to practice the Inferno! You will be provided with a full gear setup and be able to practice as much as you desire! Ability to load presets at COX, TOB & FFA Opal Dragon Bolts (e) added to Wilderness Points Shop Ability to sell void pieces back for commendation points Anti Venom+ now works properly Skill Cape Perks now work for the following capes: Ranged Cape Magic Cape Construction Cape Crafting Cape Cooking Cape Smithing Cape Vorkath Fixes No longer able to move during Vorkath's "Frozen Attack" Fixed being able to move back and forth during Vorkath's poison attack Vorkath now properly heals when you walk over the poison pool Super Antifire potions now protect you fully from Vorkath Zombified Spawn has been increased Bug Fixes: PvP Supply Chest preventing you from sending a Private Message has been fixed. PvP Tournament preventing you from sending a Private Message has been fixed. Zulrah Rotations have been reworked. Venom from mutagens/blowpipe now work on monsters. Poison causing you to lose untradeables has been fixed. Visual double loot bug will no longer appear. Zamorakian Hasta now reduces damage by 50% Auto-retaliate skull bug has been fixed. Nerfed Bandos Minions to OSRS Stats Checking box traps while catching chins will now make you take damage if attacked Olm can no longer be meleed with Scythe Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    Hello and welcome to Vitality! This guide is a compiled list of useful information for players who are new to Vitality! For starters, when you first join, you will be prompted with a decision to pick your game mode. There are five different game modes in Vitality. Clicking through each of these will provide a brief description of each game mode. An instant PVP account is able to set their combat stats immediately and begin PKing right off the jump. A regular account makes you train your combat stats, for an additional 10% bonus drop rate. Normal Ironman accounts do not allow the users to trade, pick up items, or use the duel arena. Hardcore Ironman accounts only have one life, if a player dies as a hardcore ironman, they will be converted to a regular ironman. Ultimate Ironman accounts are like other ironman accounts, except they are not allowed to use a bank. After choosing your game mode, you will be promoted if you wish to learn more about Vitality and take a tour. This is recommended for new players. After your tour, you will end up in edgeville, the home area of Vitality, this can be accessed by using the home teleport in your mage book. Off the bat, you should be placed in the "Vitality" Clan chat, this clan chat is meant to be used to help players out and provide general discussion for players server-wide. If you are not in the Vitality Clan Chat, you can make your way to the Clan Chat icon (The bottom left tab), Click join clan chat, and type in "Vitality" Creating a bank pin is one of the most important steps any new player can take to secure your account. Bank pins are required to be entered before you can access a bank. If your account were compromised, players would not be able to take items out of your bank , since they would not know your bank pin. In order to set a bank pin, simply speak to any banker in-game, and choose "I'd like to check my PIN settings." If you are ever unhappy with your bank pin, you can change it and make a new one. Be very concious of the passwords you use in-game. If you have ever used the same password on another server, it's highly recommended that you change it, using the command "::Changepass" ingame. Getting around Vitality is fairly straight-forward. The vitality wizard wanders around north-west edgeville, speaking to him will open a teleport prompt with all the teleports you will need for your adventure on Vitality. There is even a search feature! Teleports that lead to the wilderness will be colored red, and will warn you before you teleport there. The shops can be found north west of edgeville. These shops include: A supplies store (Food and potions), An amour store, A weapons store, Magic and Range shops, A skilling store, a Fancy Dress and Barrows store, The shop assistant (whom you can sell items to), and the wilderness trader (where you can spend your Wilderness points.) Wilderness points can be spent on Wilderness tickets, which can be sold to players in-game. These sell typically for 3-5k per ticket. Ironman shops can be found at the edgeville furnace, this is located just east of Edgeville bank. Speak to the NPC "Adam" After achieving the maximum level in a skill (99) you are able to purchase skill capes. These capes can be bought from the NPC "Mac" just south of the shops. When most players first start off, the most straight-forward and simple way to make cash is thieving. Thieving stalls are found on the south wall of the edgeville bank. Changing your spell book is an important part of the game, you can change your spellbook in the building just north of the edgeville bank at the shown altar below. Alongside the west wall of this building is the Vitality Nurse. The Vitality nurse will restore your health, prayer, Special Attack, and cure any poison or venom. Slayer is one of the most important skills in the game, the slayer master, Nieve, can be found North-East of Edgeville, she will assign all types of slayer tasks including boss tasks once you unlock them! On occasion there will be server-wide tournaments, in which all players, no matter combat level, armour, or skill, can join. These tournaments can be entered via the Red Portal, West of the Edgeville bank. Joining these tournaments will set your stats and give you armour, winning these tournaments will usually result in a prize. Be sure to bank your items before heading into the tournament! Utilizing your quest tab is also a very important part of the game. The quest tab contains many useful features, especially that of the Presets. Using presets is straightforward and simple. It's an easy way to pre-load any useful items that you may need, this can range from anything to PK items to Skilling items. Presets can only be equipped at home, in Edgeville. You are also able to blacklist players whom you do not want attacking you in edgeville. Players who may be ragging you. You can view the blacklist options by going into your quest tab, going into the purple tab, and using the Edgeville blacklist options. Server loyalty is also important. Every minute you spend in-game, you will receive loyalty points. These can be spend at the Loyalty manager, along the west wall of edgeville bank. This shop contains a few good and useful items, such as a bonus XP scroll (Provides 1.5x experience in all stats for 30 minutes.) You can view your loyalty points in your quest tab. Voting is a great way to make some starter cash and support the server as a whole. In-game, use ::Vote to open the voting interface. After voting on all three websites, use the command ::claimvote in-game. This will reward you with 9 vote tickets, and a voting mystery box. This mystery box typically contains just cash, but can also provide some decent items. Voting tickets can be sold, or used at the Voting Manager, on the south wall of edgeville bank. Congratulations! You now know a majority of the basics on getting started here on Vitality! Any questions can be asked to staff members, whom are viewable using the command ::Staff in-game. You can also ask questions in the "Vitality" clan chat, and plenty of people will be willing to help! I hope this guide helped, and I hope to see you all around on Vitality!
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    Table of contents 1. Requirements to raid and room specific items 2. Gearing, Bis to welfare grading 3. General raids info Keywords for CTRL+F: requirements, gear, potions, tekton, crabs, scouting 1. Requirements to start raiding Skills: 78(90) herblore. 80+ agility. 80+ thieving. 30+ construction. 55+ farming(highly suggest 90+) items: Pickaxe for guardians. Crush weapon for Tekton. Hammer for crabs+construction (Dwh works, Swh does not) Salve amulet (i) for Skeletal mystics (kill 225 undead creatures, buy it off of Twiggy south of ::shops for 100k, upgrade it at doric) PSA: a stab weapon is not required for the crystals on Vasa (as of now) 2. Gearing, bis to welfare Solos Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore Team raids Notable: if you go with toxic trident instead, you can bank the tome of fire for another angler or restore, Avernic defender is for dwh specs/guardians Learner teams setup Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. Bringing 2 extra brews into olm does more than the melee gear does, so this is by far the best setup for learners Teams Raids Void Notable: A lot more food, a lot less switches. a lot less tanky, but A LOT less costly aswell! Bis items, slot for slot Helm: Neitiznot Faceguard > Serpentine Helm > Helm of Neitiznot | Q: is Ancestral hat worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Neck: Torture > Fury > Glory | Occult necklace > Fury > Glory | Anguish > Fury > Glory Back: Infernal cape > Fire cape | Avas Assembler > Avas Accumulator | Q: is Mage arena2 cloak worth bringing? A: yes, if it gives a max hit. Otherwise, no. Weapon: Scythe > Dragon hunter lance > Rapier > Tent whip > Zamorakian hasta>Whip | Harmonised>Ttrident>trident>Volatile>Kodai>Nightmare staff>Master wand>ancient staff | Blowpipe(required) Tbow>DHCB>ACB>DCB>RCB Special attack weapon: Dragon warhammer > Statius warhammer > Bandos godsword > Volatile staff > Crystal halberd > Dragon claws > Vls Crush weapon for tekton: Scythe>Bludgeon>Elder maul>Zamorakian hasta>DHL>DWH/SWH Offhand: Avernic defender > dragon defender | Tome of fire | no mage or ranged offhand is worth a spot in the inventory, considering none of them give a max hit, and accuracy is never an issue in raids. Avernic defender is perusually not worth bringing if you've got a scythe either, unless you're really comfortable with your amount of food/supplies that you're giving up for it. Chest: Vesta>statius>bandos>Torso>obsidian | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Legs: Vesta>statius>bandos>obsidan | Ancestral > Zuriels > Ahrims | Morrigans > Armadyl > Blessed d'hide Gloves: Ferocious gloves > barrows gloves | Tormented bracelet > barrows gloves | barrows gloves > - Feet: Primordials > dragon boots | - | Pegasians > ranger boots > blessed d'hide boots > Snakeskin Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Brimstone ring | NO other ring is worth bringing, but if you have neither, just slap on whatever you can find to the slot 3. General raids info Potions Overload+ (requires 90 herblore to make, 2x can be looted from Tekton/Muttadile aswell) 1 elder, 1 kodai, 1 twisted, 1 noxifier leaf Xeric's aid (Sara brew, 78 herblore to make) 1 Endarkened juice, 1 buchu leaf Revitalisation (Super restore, 78 herblore to make) 1 Stinkhorn mushroom, 1 buchu leaf Prayer enhance (Gives you 1 prayer point periodically, 78 herblore to make) 1 Cicely, 1 buchu leaf Elder/Kodai/twisted Potions(regents to make overload, 70 herblore to make) 1 juice/mushroom/cicely, 1 golpar leaf Crabs In order to lock the crabs in place, you need to smash them with a regular hammer(can be obtained via scavangers) or with a worn DWH. Black crystal = white/nothing Blue crystal = melee Yellow crystal = mage Pink crystal = ranged Scouting I, personally, do any and all raids that does NOT involve Vanguards. thieving might not be too time efficient, but not so bad either way Does it give a max hit? check here! https://oldschool.tools/calculators/melee-max-hit Make sure to check out mod "dead"s guide for raids aswell! here: Thank you for reading the guide, I can't wait to hear your feedback! Good luck on the purples out there people!
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Joey has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Joggersshas been promoted to Moderator. @Halloween has been promoted to Moderator. @Revize has been promoted to Moderator. @Arcy has been promoted to Server Support. @immortal has been promoted to Server Support. @Dequavius has been promoted to Server Support. @Caliphate has been promoted to Server Support. @jonno has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @Esomaniac has resigned from Moderator. @spooks has been demoted from Moderator. @Collusion has been demoted from Server Support. @Azeem has resigned from Moderator. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    We really hope that you like this weeks updates log. We are now very close to announcing the official release date, so stay tuned for that! - Item presets interface and functionality. This allows players to quickly gear up for instant PvP action. Only Regular PvP mode players can use the default presets. - Collection log - Discord integration - The in game item drag setting now syncs with the Runelite plugin - Rogues den loot revamped - Duel arena tax implemented - Players can now solo pest control - Player starter kits configured - Mystery box rewards revamped - PvP mode starter banks - Battlemage potions added - Item retrieval now works for if you die at Zulrah or Vorkath - Untradeables now only break above 20 Wilderness or outside the Wilderness - Ignore list now works - Player death mechanics reworked - A set level option now displays in the skills menu for combat levels. This is only for regular instant PvP players to use to set levels - The Inferno boss now displays its unique hitpoints interface - Random login messages now sent with useful info for players - Over 100+ bug fixes pushed out... Thanks for reading! - Vitality Management Team
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    If joining the server is too much of a challenge for you, check what we offer! Daily 1B+ Giveaways Expertise in PvM/PvP & Economy Marketplace Raids Nsfw Events Great friendship
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Ruax has been re-promoted to Global Moderator. @jonno has been promoted to Moderator. @s8n has been promoted to Moderator. @Dequavius has been promoted to Moderator. @Praise Satan has been promoted to Server Support. @Pixel has been promoted to Server Support. @WEST COAST has been promoted to Server Support. @Alcohol has been promoted to Server Support. @J0kester has been promoted to Server Support. @Meyme has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @Joggerss has resigned from Moderator. @Revize has resigned from Moderator. @Immbenhas resigned from Server Support. @Chelle has been demoted from Moderator. for inactivity. @Caliphatehas been demoted from Server Support for inactivity. @say waah has been demoted from Server Support for inactivity. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    Ultimate Slayer Guide Introduction to Slayer on Vitality Slayer is best used to level all combat stats, including Melee, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints and Prayer. In order to start training Slayer on Vitality, visit the Slayer Master by using the command ::slayermaster. Before you begin, make sure you have these items in your inventory first: Enchanted Gem, Coins (placeholder) You can obtain an Enchanted Gem by trading with Nieve. You can find her just north-east of the bank, here: Getting Started So, you're standing in front of Nieve and getting a task. You're confronted with four options: If you're looking for experience, I'd recommend starting off with an Easy task and doing Hard/Boss the rest of your time Slaying. That being said, if it's money you're after.. I would recommend doing Easy/Medium tasks and checking out this menu: Selecting the first option will give you Wilderness tasks. These tasks provide more risk, but much more reward. If you're not willing to risk it though, definitely stick with the second option.. or the third one for a surprise! Unlocks & Extending Tasks The first menu Nieve has is the Unlock menu. Here, you can unlock various perks for training Slayer. Read through these and see what is most convenient for you -- I would recommend nearly all of them! Her second menu is for Extending Tasks. Here, you can prolong a task if it's something you might enjoy. Nieve's third menu is another Slayer shop, holding some items that are borderline necessities. Getting an Imbued Heart, Fighter Torso and Ring of Wealth (i) are must haves for efficient training. Last but not least, the Tasks tab. Here, you can cancel your task if you're not a fan of it. Please note: At the time of making this guide, "Block Task" DOES NOT WORK! Slayer Items Depending on the task you're given, you may require a specific item to limit the damage you receive. Below, you will find a list of (most of) those items as well as the reason you need to have them. In order to obtain these items, find Nieve at ::slayermaster and right click -> Trade her. Facemask - Protects against Dust Devils Earmuffs - Protects against Banshees Bag of Salt - Used for finishing Rock Slugs Ice Cooler - Used for finishing Desert Lizards Mirror Shield - Protects against Basilisks & Cockatrice Fishing Explosive - Used in luring Mogres Unlit Bug Lantern - Used to harm Harpie Bug Swarms Spiny Helmet - Protects against Wall Beasts Witchwood Icon - Protects against Cave Horrors Insulated Boots - Protects against Killerwatts Slayer Bell - Used in luring Molanisks Slayer Gloves - Protects against Fever Spiders Boots of Stone - Protects inside Karuulm Dungeon Leaf-Bladed Spear - Used for killing Turoths & Kurasks Fungicide Spray - Used for finishing Mutated Zygomites Fungicide - Used for refilling Fungicide Spray Nosepeg - Protects against Aberrant Spectres Rockhammer - Used for finishing Gargoyles Slayer Helmet Crafted using Spiny Helmet, Facemask, Earmuffs, Nosepeg & a charged Black Mask (Cave Horrors). The Slayer Helmet protects against all monsters that it's components protect against combined. While the regular slayer helmet provides a 16.67% boost to all melee attacks on task, imbuing it with Doric gives you the Slayer Helmet (i), adding +15% boosts to Ranged & Magic as well as +10 Magic Def, +3 Magic Att & +3 Ranged Att. Resources for Efficient Slaying Monster Assignment & Locations This part of the guide will assume you know to use the Vitality Wizard to teleport. Easy Tasks - 10 Points (?) Medium Tasks - 25 Points (?) Hard Tasks - 60 Points (?) Boss Tasks - 100 Points Shout out to Bloom & Gilley for the help with potential tasks! Could have done it without you, bois ♥ Dungeon & Cave Maps
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    Hi there, I wanted to give some insight to how the rewards feel from our new Raids 2 content, the Theater of Blood. Our current drop rate to hit the 'unique' table, for a perfect raid is 1/7 chance. From there if you hit that chance then you roll on the unique table for scythe, avernic hilt, etc. The more deaths you have in a run, the less of a chance that you hit the unique drop table. So the total amount of unique items gotten from theater of blood 100 KC was : 14. The math makes sense as 100/7 is about 14.2 so I didn't end up going too dry on the unique runs.
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    Here's the recent update log, as usual I hope you all enjoy the updates! We're got plenty more on their way, including the long awaited Grand Exchange and Theatre of Blood. We've been taking our time working on them, ensuring they're accurate to OSRS and clean. The next update will also fix the slow clan join/leave times. Slayer Changes: Superior slayer encounters. Purchase the 'Bigger and badder' slayer perk to unlock superior slayer encounters. 1/75 chance of spawning a superior version of your slayer task. Unique drop table added for eternal gem, imbued heart and dust/mist battlestaffs. Changed the weight of certain tasks such as Kraken and Hydra to match other tasks more. Fixed task extension amount, removing tasks from block list and other fixes. You can now upgrade the Hydra slayer helmet. More boss slayer tasks have now been enabled such as: Kracken Alchemical Hydra Giant mole Zulrah Lizard men Chamber of Xerics/Zulrah Improvements and Bug Fixes: The black map issue should now be resolved. The collection log tracking now works. A broadcast is now sent when a player gets a unique item. You'll now get an interface displaying all rooms upon entry for scouting (in the future this will be replaced with the Runelite plugin). Farming herb plants no longer disappear and now give more herbs per harvest. Vespula should now be a lot more accurate to OSRS. Soldiers spawn slower. No more getting 1 hit. Portal's defence has been lowered. Crab stun times have been increased, allowing the puzzle room to be completed more efficiently. Tekton no longer gets stuck by players and stays to fight players for a longer period. Vanguards have been adjusted to mimic OSRS vanguards. Great Olm improvements Head movements should now be correct, enabling you to run the mage hand. Special attack timer has also been decreased so it no longer spams specials on the players inside the room. Olm all together should now be a lot more accurate to OSRS. Please report anymore issues that you encounter with COX, but these changes should make it LOADS better! Zulrah mechanics now more accurate to OSRS. Zulrah will now properly shoot out clouds. Snakeling spawns are no longer all over the place but spawn accordingly to the correct phases. The phases are now correctly timed. Zulrah now always has its double drop roll. Other Updates and Fixes: Skull changes: Fixed a bug where if you lose your skull in combat the other player will get skulled. Increased the skull timer to 20 minutes like on OSRS. Seed boxes have now been added. Purchase from the slayer points shop for 750 points. Can be used to store all varieties of seeds (useful for slayer tasks and bossing). Daily tasks: Fixed skilling daily tasks not counting. Fixed the Dragon mace daily task not counting. Daily task points shop added in Edgeville bank. Fixed the Scythe of Vitur's accuracy and damage issues. It should not be more up to the standards of the Twisted bow. Mald/Odium shard pieces added to the sell item shop for 15m each. This makes the drops more worthwhile. Increased the price of raw dark crabs and black chins in the item sales shop. Teleblock no longer works in instanced PvP areas. Skin colours can now be purchased with Wilderness points. Blacklisting and risk protection now also works in ::edgepvp. Scorpia entrance no longer nulls damage. Trident of swamp now gives scales back. Fixed attack speed of the blade of Saeldor. Wintertodt fixes. The bug where other bosses would appear in instanced areas has been fixed (e.g. Godwars minions spawning in raids). Infernal pickaxe now gives runite bar instead of adamant bar on runite ores. Wilderness point shop changes: Removed the following items from the store: Armadyl armour pieces. Armadyl crossbow. Ghrazi rapier. Bandos Godsword, Saradomin Godsword, Zamorak Godsword. The BGS and ZGS were moved to the weapon store. SGS is no longer in any store. The following items were changed in price: Cerberus boots increased from 15k --> 17.5k. Range boots lowered from 12k --> 8.5k. Inquisitors more expensive. The mace is now 90k points and top/legs 40k and helmet 25k. Avernic hilt price increased from 20k --> 32.5k. Ancestral pieces: Body/legs from 32.5k --> 45k. Hat from 20k --> 25k. Kodai wand 30k --> 70k. Zenyte jewellery increased from 12k --> 15k. Items added: Pet mystery box. PvP armour/weapon mystery box. Odium/Mald wards. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    Wanted to create a post where one could easily navigate through all guides from one place by category, so here it is. All credit goes to the users who made the guides, which is included in the link. I might end up organizing a little bit better once more and more guides are released and I can use more/less broad categories. Boss Guides Galvek - 7 Dust Kalphite Queen - Mice Abyssal Sire - Mice Cerberus - Mice Corporeal Beast - Mice Dagganoth Kings - Mice Money Making Guides Official Prices - Runite Quick Cash - Abyssteus Money Making - Fortune Rogues Chest - Fortune Skilling Guides Fast Runecrafting XP - HC VITALITY Runecrafting Soul Runes- 000 Runecrafting (Ironman) - hciman Simple Farming - hxc Wildy woodcutting - 337 Smithing Guide (No Bank) - HC VITALITY Woodcutting - Joey Construction - Money Mining - Delta Motherlode Mine - Delta Misc. Guides Gambling - Eso Maniac Beginners guide - Joey Staff History - jeff HCIM Tips & Tricks - Revize Security Measures - Omar Clue Scrolls - 000
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    Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend! After spending time with our amazing development team to prepare the server for release, we are happy to announce that our launch date is near. Our goal to provide a perfect balance between PKing/PvMing and Skilling has officially been reached. After spending months on preparing the server to launch, which included grinding out loads of new content and applying a ton of bug fixes, we now as a team feel that we have officially reached the stage where we are proud of what we have achieved and that the server is ready to go live. None of this would've been possible if it weren't for those of you who had volunteered to help and test the server to bring it to the stage it is at currently, and for that, we thank you! Also a big thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word of the server. With that being said, the official release date is: Thursday 12th March at 4:00 PM Eastern Time Zone (9 PM GMT). With the release date now announced - Don't forget to check out our ongoing invite competition where you can win PayPal, OSRS GP and in-game credits on the day of release. You can find more information about this in Discord in #pre-release-events. Every 5 invites is a Mystery box upon release too, so everyone can get involved. We hope to see you all there on the day of release! Vitality Management Team
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    Howdy everyone! This guide will go over some of the basics of the Galvek boss fight! This is the same boss from the Dragon Slayer 2 quest from OSRS, with the same mechanics and everything. Before I begin the guide, THIS IS A DANGEROUS BOSS FIGHT AND IS INSTANCED, IF YOU DIE HERE YOU WILL LOSE ANY UNPROTECTED ITEMS Drop table L4TTMZC0qJ.mp4 Getting there Galvek can be found by using a rowboat in level 16 wilderness, just east of the black salamander teleport: Recommended setup You will be using ranged for this boss fight. Obviously, the better gear the easier this fight will be, but in this guide I suggest by using at least the following gear, as this is the gear I use on my welfare ironman setup and still am able to do multiple kills in one trip: If you would like to risk bringing better gear into the wilderness and a dangerous instance, I would upgrade the black dragonhide to armadyl, the blessed dragonhide boots into pegasians and the crossbow into an armadyl crossbow. The ring of life is for potential life saving teleports. The fight (phase 1 - fire) On the first phase, Galvek will be on the northern part of the ship. During this phase Galvek will primarily be using magic so during this phase we will use Protect from Magic throughout the duration of this phase. Galvek will also periodically use a purple dragonfire attack that disables your prayers. It is recommended to setup quick prayers to easily be able turn these back on. Furthermore, he will periodically use two special attacks. The first special attack is a large fireball that he launches into the air. This has potential lethal damage if it lands directly on you. It will still damage you if you are within 1 square of the fireball but not for lethal damage. This attack looks like this: 6i3a0i2oX1.mp4 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 The other special attack he will use on this phase is the fire bomb traps that he lays out. These will kill you if you run into them. On the following screenshot I have outlined a T-shape area that is safe to stand in and you will never get hit. The fight (phase 2 - wind) During this phase, Galvek will be on the Western side of the ship. He will again be primarily using magic attacks during this phase with the occasional ranged attack. His special attack is simply a stats reducing attack that he sends out occasionally, hence why we brought the super restores/stamina potions and not prayer potions. This phase is fairly simple, just dodge the lethal fireball when he sends it out. The fight (phase 3 - water) This phase is known as the most difficult one because of the potential to die easily on here. During this phase, he will be using ranged attacks more often so we now use Protect from Missiles throughout this phase. He will still send out his usual fireball and purple dragonfire attacks as well during this phase. However, in addition his special attack this time is sending out a tsunami wave that travels from either north -> south or south -> north across the boat with a single opening. If you get hit by any these waves, they will kill you for lethal damage. The fight (phase 4 - earth) During this phase, Galvek will rise with the power of earth. He will be primarily using ranged attacks so we will use Protect from Missiles again throughout the duration of this phase. For this phase he will be in the center of the boat, which means you must be careful to not get near him as he can attack you with melee if you get within 1 tile of him. This phase is fairly simple, as his special attack during this phase is simply a stun. This stun will deal no damage to you, but it does leave you vulnerable to his fireball launch attack as a potential KO. This stun can be dodge by just simply moving 1 square away from the current spot. The stun looks like this: E1KTZM3yf2.mp4 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 Conclusion And with that, that's the Galvek fight in a nutshell! It's a fun fight and isn't too dangerous once you get used to it and know what you are doing. Good luck on looting that dragon hunter crossbow everyone!
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    A lot of QOL and well needed updates in this log. I'm looking forward to hosting some NH tournaments tomorrow! NH tournament types added: Main NH Tribrid - this setup reflects a fairly maxed out DMM finals setup. Pure NH Tribrid Donator rank scrolls now add $10 to your total donated amount, so you can use the scrolls to get more than just Donator rank. Crystal weapon seeds can now turned into various Crystal equipment by talking to Ilfeen at home. Crushed nests have been added to the Ironman and skilling shop. It is a useful ingredient for making Saradomin brews for herblore. Buffed the number of runes you get from Barrows. Dragon claws special attack has been slightly nerfed because of complaints about them being too accurate. We will monitor feedback on this change and adjust if required. Slightly buffed magic accuracy by 3% due to feedback from players. Slightly buffed ranged accuracy by 3% due to feedback from players. Smoke devils now sends projectile with warning when not wearing protection. Ultimate Ironmen can now unnote items. Rare drops from NPCs now show the killcount the item was obtained on. The ::Bank command can now be used in Edgeville for Uber and Godlike donators. Cooking gauntlets now only require 150 pieces of food to be cooked to unlock them. ::unskull and ::risk commands added. Iban's staff added to the slayer points shop. You can now attach the Kodai insignia to a masters wand t create the Kodai wand, Odium and Malediction ward added to vote mystery boxes. ::44s added to the hotspots and added under PvP teleports. The ancients spellbook home teleport now uses the ancients spellbook teleport animation and graphics. Callisto special attacks nerfed. Staffs now save what spell you have autocasted when you switch weapons outside the Wilderness. Increased the chance of bird nest drops. Kril and Kree Arra special attacks nerfed. Hunter box traps bug fixed, which stopped players from placing their traps. Damage should no longer be nulled when you go through the cave entrance at Revenants. You can now autocast with the masters wand. Coal bag bugs fixed. The two banker spawns in the southern bank of Ardougne have been corrected. The Falador shield shop NPC has been corrected. You can now trade Hydra bones. Fixed an issue with fletching with a full inventory when making bolts, causing you to lose the bolts. Bonecrusher and Bonecrusher necklace. You can obtain the bonecrusher from the slayer points shop. Pet drops now complete on the collection log. Increased the PJ timer at ::Edgepvp. ::lastpreset command added. More imps have been added to Puro Puro. Cosmic, body and chaos runes added to the Ironman shop. Potential fix for the bug where players wouldn't see their loot until other players could in Edgeville. Fixed the following spectating issue with tournaments: If you're in tournament and someone is spectating you, if you're under the spectator you go invisible. Killstreak titles should now work correctly. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    Last update: 01/22/2021 3:25 PM (GMT +1) Fast command: ::topic 3354 Credits: @Pradaxa @Swxg @iron jib @hydra and me - Dragon axe (40M) - Dragon harpoon (32M) - Dragon pickaxe (22M) - Anglerfish (200.000) - Runite bar (70.000) - Adamantite bar (55.000) - Black chinchompa (110.000) - Magic logs (2.000) - Teak plank (8.000) - Mahogany plank (14.000) - Magic seed (145.000) - Divine super combat potion (48.000) - Divine ranging potion (48.000) - Mystery box (15M) - Super mystery box (250M) - Mithril seeds (2M) - Pet mystery box (1000M) - PvP mystery box (325M) - 3rd age mystery box (1500M) - Donator scroll $10 (1000M) - Wilderness tickets (7500) - Vote tickets (800.000) - Crystal weapon seed (20M) - Crystal key (26.000) - Dragon bones (70.000) - Revenant ether (16.000) - Ornate granite maul (10M) - Spectral spirit shield (130M) - Arcane spirit shield (900M) - Elysian spirit shield (3000M) - Berserker ring (32M) ┗ - Berserker ring (i) (36M) - Archers ring (7.5M) ┗ - Archers ring (i) (10M) - Seers ring (5M) ┗ - Seers ring (i) (8M) - Superior dragon bones (100.000) - Ancient wyvern shield (25M) - Zulrah's scales (4000) - Tanzanite fang (80M) - Magic fang (80M) - Toxic blowpipe (82M) - Trident of the swamp (110M) - Serpentine helm (70M) - Tanzanite mutagen (270M) - Magma mutagen (250M) - Trident of the seas (25M) - Primordial boots (100M) - Pegasian boots (75M) - Eternal boots (70M) - Smouldering stone (140M) - Inquisitor's great helm (140M) - Inquisitor's hauberk (170M) - Inquisitor's plateskirt (170M) - Inquisitor's mace (275M) - Harmonised nightmare staff (2200M) - Volatile nightmare staff (1000M) - Eldritch nightmare staff (300M) - Vesta's spear (150M) - Vesta's longsword (275M) ┗ - Vesta's chainbody (350M) ┗ - Vesta's plateskirt (600M) - Statius's warhammer (300M) ┗ - Statius's full helm (75M) ┗ - Statius's platebody (200M) ┗ - Statius's platelegs (150M) - Zuriel's staff (80M) ┗ - Zuriel's hood (65M) ┗ - Zuriel's robe top (250M) ┗ - Zuriel's robe bottom (280M) - Morrigan's throwing axe (200.000) - Morrigan's javelin (70.000) ┗ - Morrigan's coif (75M) ┗ - Morrigan's leather body (275M) ┗ - Morrigan's leather chaps (275M) - Dexterous prayer scroll (150M) - Arcane prayer scroll (120M) - Torn prayer scroll (20M) - Twisted buckler (105M) - Dragon hunter crossbow (190M) - Dinh's bulwark (120M) - Elder maul (160M) - Kodai wand (220M) - Dragon claws (150M) - Twisted bow (2600M) - Ancestral hat (100M) - Ancestral robe top (400M) - Ancestral robe bottom (400M) - Avernic defender hilt (155M) - Justiciar faceguard (100M) - Justiciar chestguard (170M) - Justiciar legguards (155M) - Ghrazi's rapier (120M) - Blade of saeldor (250M) - Sanguinesti staff (4500M) - Scythe of vitur (8500M) - Dragon hunter lance (700M) - Brimstone ring (275M) - Armadyl godsword (150M) - Armadyl chestplate (140M) - Armadyl helmet (19M) - Armadyl chainskirt (120M) - Bandos chestplate (75M) - Bandos tassets (80M) - Armadyl crossbow (420M) - Staff of the dead (40M) - Zamorakian spear (20M) - Zamorakian hasta (18M) - Toxic staff of the dead (120M) - Revenant weapons (28M) - Imbued heart (55M) - Dragonfire shield (7M) - Abyssal bludgeon (12M) - Abyssal dagger (13M) - Dragon med helm (385.000) - Dragon sq shield (2.3M) - Dragon plateskirt (1.7M) - Dragon platelegs (1.7M) - Dragon chainbody (20M) - Dragon platebody (180M) - Dragon full helm (275M) - Dragon warhammer (130M) - Amulet of torture (100M) - Necklace of anguish (80M) - Tormented bracelet (100M) - Ring of suffering (180M) Disclaimer: Due to the rarity of the following items, prices can fluctuate wildly and because of this we advise for you to only use the following prices as rough estimate and NOT a definitive price. - Halloween mask (any colour) (200M) - Santa hat (900M) - Black santa hat (4000M) - Gilded items (5M) - Red partyhat (700M) - Yellow partyhat (400M) - Green partyhat (400M) - Purple partyhat (550M) - White partyhat (1600M) - Blue partyhat (2100M) - Black partyhat (4000M) - Partyhat & specs (2500M) - Rainbow partyhat (7000M) - Christmas cracker (1300M)
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    Oh boy it's been a hot minute since one of these bad boys. Unfortunately a lot has changed recently so I'm just going to focus on just the promotions otherwise this topic would be too damn long. Promotions: @Swxg Has been promoted to Administrator @Barcalounger Has been promoted to Administrator @BKK Has been promoted to Server Support @Leduc Has been promoted to Server Support Again I thoroughly apologize for not updating this sooner, but will be more meticulous with these going forward Vitality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well whilst this COVID-19 situation is going on, however, here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @Joey has been promoted to Administrator. @Dead has been promoted to Administrator. @Halloween has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Delta has been re-promoted to Moderator. @mustbeozzi has been promoted to Moderator. @J0kester has been promoted to Moderator. @WEST COAST has been promoted to Moderator. @Olmlet/Praise Satan has been promoted to Moderator. @alpha has been promoted to Server Support. @Beastly has been promoted to Server Support. @khalifa has been promoted to Server Support. @Taylor Twift has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @Flnal Wlsh has been demoted from Administrator. @coolers has been demoted from Moderator. @Pixel has resigned from Server Support. @Meyme has resigned from Server Support. @Arcy has resigned from Server Support. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, here's a list of all recent promotions, demotions, and resignations. Promotions: @Demix Has been promoted to Administrator @Barcalounger Has been promoted to Global Moderator @Kharyrll Has been promoted to Server Support @Swxg Has been promoted to Server Support Demotions / Resignations: @hc merica Has been Demoted from Global Moderator @Excuse youHas Resigned from Global Moderator @Doty Has been Demoted from Moderator @Runite Has Resigned from Administrator @Runite Has Become Discord Moderator @cynthia Has been Demoted fromServer Support Vitality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, here's an update of all those who have recently been promoted, demoted, or resigned recently. Promotions: @Beastly Has been promoted to Trial Administrator @Taylor Twift Has been promoted to Trial Administrator @Daniel Has been promoted to Global Moderator @Duty Has been promoted to Global Moderator @psycho clown Has been promoted to Global Moderator @Dakuna Has been promoted to Moderator @Bradyb Has been re-promoted to Moderator @Alch My Self Has been promoted to Server Support @Doty Has been promoted to Server Support @Iron Janjo Has been promoted to Server Support Demotions / Resignations @Miika Has resigned from Administrator @Shane Has resigned from Global Moderator @Halloween Has resigned from Global Moderator @no2pvp Has been demoted from Server Support Vitality Management Team
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    The administration team has been thinking of ways to help give back to our wonderful community and one of these ways will be through a featured member of the month, each month going forward! The way this will work is 4 days before the 1st of each month, an announcement will be made on discord/forums with the nominees for the upcoming month. These 3 nominees will be chosen by the staff team and then the general public will vote on the overall winner. Prizes for the member of the month will include: -Own role on forums -Own role on discord -$75 in vitality store credits to be attributed to your account This role will persist through the whole month and the voting will close at 3:00pm EST on July 1st. So without further ado, here are the nominations for the upcoming July 2020 member of the month for vitality! 52xp Bloom/Hun Stepdown Just a caveat because apparently its not obvious enough: if anyone is found asking for votes, paying for votes, etc. they will automatically be disqualified.
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    Hello everyone, Firstly, as usual I hope you are all doing great and staying safe and a happy start of the month. Let's go boys (and girls)! Vote Lists Reset: With it being the start of the month, this can only mean one thing. Which is that voting top lists have been reset, so this month as everyone did an awesome job last month and got us to rank 4, we thought we would throw it out there that if we hold rank 3 or 4 this month again then we will be doing a MASSIVE DROP PARTY sometime this week, and enabling BONUS experience and Wilderness points for an entire week! Upcoming Updates: So as you all know we're constantly working on new updates, improvements and fixes daily. With us being a relatively new server still we're really grinding out as much as we can. The current updates that are in the works includes: The Grand Exchange - This is now very close to being released, we are in the final stages of development and this could well be released within the next few days, or sooner. Theatre of Blood - Similar to the Grand Exchange, this work has been ongoing and it now also very close to being released and expected to come shortly after the GE. We are working on making this as replicated to the real thing as possible, so you guys get the proper TOB experience. Other new content - In terms of new content in the future we have loads of ideas. Some of this will be adding new OSRS content such as the Nightmare of Ashihama, grotesque guardians and more. Then we are also looking to add a mobile client, custom clan cup system, skilling points system and more. Fixes and stability improvements - As an on going update as to be expected, we are always looking to fix anything that isn't replicated to be how it should and also work on our stability when we have 500+ online. Stay tuned for the above. And get voting for that drop party and bonus xp/wp! Thanks for reading, - Vitality management
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    More updates coming soon, but here's what we have for now, I hope you enjoy! The long awaited Grand Exchange is here! Sell items to the highest bidder. Buy items that you need. View the best offer on every item. More item examines have been added to our item definitions. Future updates: Optimisations and an offer viewer to show recent offers and offers by individual players. Corporal beast updates: The stomp attack has now been fixed, it will now only stomp when underneath. Core hopping time has been delayed 1 tick. Specials now save as long as a cannon is deployed or another person stays in the cave. Cannon updates: The cannon formulas have been reworked to now go off of your range bonus. It should now count towards slayer tasks/boss kills as well. Raids updates: Farming should now work properly giving more herbs per plant rather than 0-3 on average should give 2-8. Point gain rate has been increased leading to more points per raid (60k average solos instead of 45k). Skeletal Mystics and Muttadile magic accuracy/damage decreased, shouldn't be hitting so hard and often through prayer now. Scythe now properly hits Olm's melee hand on phase 2 rather than one hit deflecting to his head. Certain point boosting exploits have been altered to no longer give insane point rates. Black maps no longer occur. Tekton range defence has been raised so you will have to kill it with melee now. Other updates: Random NPCs from other instances no longer show up in your current instance. Deadly encounters achievement has been added (kill all wilderness bosses). Zahur added to home, she will make unf potions for a cost. Npcs in wild occasionally breaking and being unattackable has been fixed. Teleblock now working 100% to OSRS. Uri emote bug has been patched. Auto-retaliate skull bug has been fixed. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    Hello everyone, Thanks for checking out my guide and hope it helps! If you see any issues or wrong information please comment or shoot me a PM A Woodcutting guide created by @Joey can be found Here Note: This is not the only way to go about starting and doing this skill. There are plenty other ways. This one is Simple. Easy, and cheap! Construction 1-99 [FASTEST AND CHEAPEST WAY] Levels: 1-52 - Crude Wooden Chair What you will need? 1) A house! You can buy a house from The Estate Agent at home. This will cost you 100k! He is South of the bank next to the purple portal. 2) 86 Regular Logs, 86 Bronze nails, Hammer, and a saw. The supplies will cost you 8602 GP. See below how to get supplies. 3) Once you have the 86 regular logs ; Go to the SawMill Operator ( Seen Below ) and turn all logs into planks. Note: You cannot use noted logs. 4) Once you have your supplies ; You will need to have the following in your inventory. Bronze Nails (x86) Hammer Saw Planks (x25) 5) Time to go in your house and get some levels ; Right Click on the purple portal at home, and click "Build Mode" Once inside your house you will see 3 transparent chairs. Right click on one and click "Build Chair Space". Press the very first Crude Wooden Chair option. This will give you 2900 EXP! Resulting in 16 Construction! Do this with all 86 logs, and nails. This will give you your final level in this step of 52! Levels: 52-99 - Mahogany Tables So here we are.. at level 52, with 12,910,771 EXP left until 99! 1) Items needed to get: 1,845 Mahogany Logs 2) Where to find Mahogany Logs? Use the Teleport Wizard at home. Under Cities > Miscellania. Once there go to the very North-East Corner of the island. Here you will find a bank and Mahogany Trees! 3) You will need to turn these into planks, which will cost you 2,767,600 GP 4) Go inside your House and use the transparent "Door Hotspot" and Build a "Dining Room" - This will Cost 5,000 GP 5) Once you turn all your Mahogany Logs into planks ; You will have the following inventory Hammer Saw Mahogany Planks (x26) 6) Once you are in your Dining room that you built in Step 4, you will see a huge table in the center. Right click the table and click "Build Table Space" Granting you 42000 EXP Every table you build! Repeat this until you get 99! You will use all 1,845 planks to hit 99!
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    Money making guide Vitality offers a variety of different ways to make easy cash! Voting Every 12 hours you can vote for 9 vote tokens along with a Vote mystery box! These vote tokens can then be sold to players for 200-300k each If you choose to claim your votes you can spend them in the vote managers shop south of edge bank ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PKing - (Player killing) Bounty hunter can make you a lot of money. When entering the wilderness in-game, Click bounty task. When completing these tasks you are rewarded with wilderness points and emblems You can sell your emblems to the wilderness trader Wilderness points shop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revs Revenants can make you a lot of money How do i get there? Use Vitality's teleport wizard and type in 'revenant' Make your way to the colored section *Be careful other players can attack you here resulting in the loss of your items* Drops -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Bosses (Click each boss for a detailed guide on each boss) Credits to @Mice Corporeal Beast Kalphite Queen Cerberus Abyssal Sire Dagannoth Kings Hopefully this guide was of benefit to you, Best of luck making money!
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    Thanks for the congratulations, and gratz to everyone else joining and promoted within the team!
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @7 Dust has been promoted to Administrator. @mustbeozzi has been promoted to Server Support. @000 has been promoted to Server Support. @Revize has been promoted to Server Support. @spooks has been promoted to Moderator. @Esomaniac has been promoted to Moderator. Resignations/Demotions: @Jyxster has been demoted from Server Support due to abuse of power. @Money has resigned from Server Support due to personal reasons. @The Sexy has resigned from Server Support. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted or resigned recently. We'd like to personally thank @Delta & @Xion for the amazing help in the early stages of the server, and best of luck with school! (More information on his resignation HERE.) Promotions: @Ruax has been promoted to Moderator. @Difference has been promoted to Moderator. @Joey has been promoted to Moderator. @Beau has been promoted to Server Support. @spooks has been promoted to Server Support. @Jyxster has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations: @Delta has resigned from Moderator. @Xion has resigned from Moderator.
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    Here's today's updates! Raids is now live along with a bunch of other small updates and fixes. With the release of raids we are also providing you guys with a 25% off store discount code which will work for the rest of the weekend, just use RAIDS25 for 25% off! In other news, the Grand Exchange is making some very nice progress and we're hoping to release this within the next few days. Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1) is now live. With this being a big piece of content, please let us know about any bugs and tweaks that need to be made! Features including: Dynamic map generation for rooms All room functionality working Party creation Resource rooms working with the level requirements also needed Full Olm boss fight PID shuffling lag issue resolved (this should make combat feel very smooth). Potential fix for some players not getting their loot straight away when they kill someone. ::watchduel command to teleport to the middle of the duel arena viewing area. Ranged accuracy buffed slightly (please feedback on this and let us know how it feels). You can now wear all pieces of Ornate, Dagon hai and some of the other new vote/loyalty shop additions. Rogue armour now gives 2x loot when Thieving from NPCs. Protection prayers can no longer be activated in PvP tournaments by using quick prayers. The shortcut near the fairy ring at Mor'ton now works. You can now use item presets at ::Edgepvp. Boss kill count should now display on the collection log. Warrior women no longer agro low levels. Lumbridge cave swamp entrance now works. You can now have a full inventory when tanning hides. Lumbridge castle stairs are now functional. Fremennik kilt and spiked manacles added to the Wilderness points shop. Justiciar armour removed from the Wilderness point shop. Increased Demonic Gorilla's drop chance for unique items. Increased nezzy faceguard protection value. Frog NPC spawns fixed in Lumbridge swamp. Chaos druids now drop their expected drop table. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    Thought I'd give you guys an update on the forums, have been working on some minor things. New ranks added. Hover visual added to logo. Fixed "Play Now" redirection link. Show multiple usergroups in PostContainer & User profile. Total time online displayed for each user. Reworked the PostContainer aka Postbit. New thread/post reactions added, removed the unnecessary ones. Group formatting on posts/profiles. Added group legend plugin to display each group on the forums. "Staff Feedback" section added. Thanks to everyone for the feedback in order to help the forums strive, in other news we're close to reaching 1,700 registered members on the forums! Please, please advise people in-game to sign up on the ::forums Kind regards, Runite
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted most recently! Promotions: @Runite has been promoted to Administrator. @Delta has been promoted to Moderator. @Shane has been promoted to Moderator. @Xion has been promoted to Moderator. @Chores has been promoted to Server Support. @David has been promoted to Server Support. @questionable has been promoted to Server Support. @Ruax has been promoted to Server Support. @ryan has been promoted to Server Support. @Fortune has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations: @Bio has resigned from Server Support. @Trump has resigned from Server Support. Trick Vitality Management Team
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    *The following are members who were already appointed staff members before the server released. They were trusted members of the community handpicked to help contribute to the release of Vitality* @Raw Envy - Founder @Trick - Manager @Palidino - Developer @Polish Civil - Developer @FInal Wlsh - Head Administrator @Napalm - Administrator @Miika - Administrator @Runite - Moderator @7 Dust - Moderator @Azeem - Moderator @Delta - Server Support @Shane - Server Support @Xion - Server Support @Bio - Server Support @Trump - Server Support *The server was released on March 12th & 17th* March 2020 April 2020 More Coming Soon
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    Welcome to Vitality! Our primary objective is to be one of the best economy and PvP server to hit the RSPS Scene. After months of development behind the scene, we as a team have decided that it is time to fill you guys in on what our objective is. Throughout the next 2 months, expect to see tons of updates and progress logs being posted to keep you up to date on what goes on BTS. Our developers have been working hard and they have shown their true potential for bringing you the best OSRS server online! Within the last few days, our team has began working on upgrading to the latest OSRS client (185), integration of the Runelite client, Wilderness events/combat and tons of content/bug fixes as well. Throughout the week, we will post information and pictures of our progress. Vitality will not only focus on the PK concept, but the economy gameplay too, where we offer all skills, Ironman modes and tons of mini-games that will fit every players needs. If you have any suggestions/ideas that can help Vitality flourish, feel free to pitch in and let us know! We take all suggestions to heart and discuss them amongst the team! We would like to thank those of you here that are already supporting us, and we can’t wait to get this server on the road Yours sincerely, Vitality management
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    Let’s see how Vitality is rollin! Drop some pics of your car(s). I’ll start with mine, 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
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    Hello everyone, Here's an update on the staff members who have been promoted/demoted or have resigned recently! Promotions: @jonno has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Taylor Twift has been promoted to Moderator. @iTrustx1 has been promoted to Moderator. @psycho clown has been promoted to Moderator. @Kim has been promoted to Server Support. @Excuse You has been promoted to Server Support. @Duty has been promoted to Server Support. @tkn has been promoted to Server Support. @Demix has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations/Demotions: @Olmlet/Praise Satan has resigned from Administrator. @WEST COAST has resigned from Moderator. @HelloBroski has resigned from Moderator. @yaro has been demoted from Moderator. @Prisoner has been demoted from Server Support. @Eso Maniac has been demoted from Server Support. @Dharoks has been demoted from Server Support. Vitality Management Team
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    Hey guys I am going to be stepping down from my staff position. I've been around this server since January with beta testing and chilling in the discord. It has been a crazy year. I am so happy that the server is exploding lately with the hard work of all of the staff members. I have met some great people that I hope I can keep in contact with in the future, you might see me in the discord/forums/game every once in a while. Be sure to ::vote btw to help the server's growth!!!! I love you all!
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    Here's the next load of updates for you guys. We have now started on finishing up Raids (Chambers of Xeric) and are hoping to have it finished up later this coming week! In other news, vote top lists will be resetting on Wednesday, so we're going to have a big push with voting and some events etc when they're reset! PID shuffling has been introduced to randomise hit priority to make the game feel even more like OSRS. Fixed the issue with items showing on the ground and them not actually being there. Lowered Barrows prices, Abyssal whip, basic untradables and such to help out new players. Buffed Vote mystery boxes and small Wilderness caskets to help new players. Twisted bow fixed, so it is no longer very overpowered on some monsters. Updated ::commands list and added some new commands, which you can find on the list. ::prices, ::presets, ::help and more Obsidian sword, Zamorakian hasta and spear added to the weapons store Dragon knives added to the archery store The Abyssal tentacle and granite maul (50% special attack one) have been added as their items instead of their attachments into their respective shops. Red chinchompa id corrected in the general store. Brimstone ring and other items are now tradable. Ring of coins/nature can no longer be used in the duel arena. Dragon platebody can now be equipped. Onyx enchanting has been added. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    So title says it all. Just wanna tell you guys a little about me. My name is Aaron, I'm 25 years Old, I have an adopted 2 year old son. I started dating her when she was 2 months preggo ( I didn't meet her until she was 1 month, ). He's my world, and I work hard to supply for him and my little family that got put together <3. I work as a tech support agent for a company that handles the tracking of al Sex Offenders, Drug Offenders, and any type of repeat offender. We log, update, and keep track of 28 states and all of Canada. I was luck enough to travel the world at 18. I own my house ( no payments ). And Honestly I love my life, my family, my job, and I'm happy things worked out for me <3.
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