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    Hello everyone, here's a list of all recent promotions, demotions, and resignations. Promotions: @Demix Has been promoted to Administrator @Barcalounger Has been promoted to Global Moderator @Kharyrll Has been promoted to Server Support @Swxg Has been promoted to Server Support Demotions / Resignations: @hc merica Has been Demoted from Global Moderator @Excuse youHas Resigned from Global Moderator @Doty Has been Demoted from Moderator @Runite Has Resigned from Administrator @Runite Has Become Discord Moderator @cynthia Has been Demoted fromServer Support Vitality Management Team
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    Congratulations to @Barcalounger @Demix and @Swxg very deserved!
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    I just wanted to say to everyone, you all are amazing! and i hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving and feast
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    HYPE! Congratulations on the promotions @Demix / @Barcalounger / @Kharyrll look forward to working with each & every single one of you. Thank you for the generous opportunity.
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    I took my sweet time to think upon this application today and have decided that I can't support it for more than one reason. My primary reason being that staff are expected to maintain maturity and responsibility in any situation. That's especially true with our current staffing, we are looking for individuals that can continue to build upon positive interaction with the community and uphold a standard that should've always been there with previous staff. Additionally, my other three reasons won't be listed here, I've brought them up in private with other staff elsewhere. Still, good luck on your application.
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    Thank you Swxg, That is very kind of you and i appreciate you're support & time you are an amazing staff player in-game since I've met you.
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    Install Forthos Dungeon along with grubby key and chest. Really great spot for iron men to get pots and skilling items. pleeeeease
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    I like the idea, any new content is a good upgrade for the server, especially more recent OSRS content like Forthos. Lot of work behind that though but we can wish for it.
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    Im grateful for my Job im currently working on getting my brokers license right now and also thankful for family and friends i have around me
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    Ayy, thanks, Metal. Even though I had mine last month because I'm a Canuck, hah. Happy Thanksgiving too, what are you most grateful for right now? Hope you and yours get over it quick, Kharyrll.
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    For anyone who may just now be joining Vitality, or just for anyone who's still playing and having the questions of "is Vitality dead?" "Is Vitality dying?" I'd like to take a minute to discuss some things regarding these questions. For starters, everything I'm about to inform you of can be found in the Vitality Discord here If you're unaware for whatever reason, the development team of Vitality have been working on a new project called Os-Scape. If you're unaware of what this is, this was a very popular PVP based server that closed down some time ago, and they've been perfecting it. Os-Scape will be mainly focused on PvP while Vitality remains our economy based server, that way there’s the best of both worlds. There's no release date as of right now, but they're making sure to have the server up to everyone's expectations and not just release something half done. Vitality is not going anywhere, the team has reassured us of this numerous times. Yes, we have dropped in playercount but also take in mind how many people are focusing purely on playing league on OSRS. I strongly believe when league is over we will become great again, also with the launch of Os-Scape that will help bring our players back. If you've missed out on the announcement in the Vitality Discord, make sure to hop on over to the new Os-Scape Discord to get updates and sneak peeks on the server when they're posted. The link for the new Os-Scape Discord will be here I can't stress this enough that the Vitality team has assured us that Vitality is not going anywhere and they are still working on it behind the scenes and working on updates for the server. And words from Trick himself, "Vitality will not be going anywhere and we do not plan on shutting it down, in-fact we are still working on updates for the server." I just hope to see everyone stick around for the updates as well as the launch of Os-Scape, and for anyone who doesn't know about Os-Scape from the past, feel free to take a look at some nice videos that're posted on YouTube, this one is by one of the popular pkers from Os-Scape "SLAPPED" make sure to check it out to get an idea of what we're in for. PK Video - Os-Scape I hope to see everyone in-game as well as on the launch of the new server. And don't let any of the rumors or people who are talking down on Vitality get to you, because it's not going anywhere! Feel free to shoot me a message on here, in-game or on the Discord with any comments or questions, I'm always around!
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    pm me in game @The Sexyill be glad give you some advice and tips
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    well said Kharyrll, im sure new players reading this now understand what's happening currently with the server
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    Much appreciated, everyone. Well-deserved, Demix. Been a light in a shitstorm for us when we needed it, haha. Congrats on the promotion, Kharyll, I'm not really surprised there.. been doing well for the CC and Discord.
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    congratulations @Demix, @Barcalounger and welcome @Kharyrll to the staff team : )
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    Apparently you can't read, or aren't keeping up with the Discord. Everything I stated was announced in the Discord. Like I said above (if you could read) I was stating this stuff for new people who haven't looked at Vitality discord, or for people who aren't even in the Discord. And I don't know how remaining active is me hunting for staff faster, but thanks for the opinion. Now carry on. I'll never understand why you and other people want to constantly start drama for no reason. I made a post just trying to help out, that's all it is. No need to get so bent out of shape over it.
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    For someone that doesn't play vitality it's not your place to have an opinion if he does, he does help out in the community and is active and we wouldn't share our staff chat with you.
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    can i have mod now these niggas aint even close to my level....
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