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  1. I hope you all enjoy the latest batch of updates! Loads more coming soon, including a revamp of our Wilderness events. We're also working on ironing out any issues relating to lag. Great progress is being made and we've got loads planned real soon. Basilisk Knights: Ironmen can now obtain one of the best helmets in the game! Teleport added to get to Jormungand's Prison. Karambwan and karambwanji fishing has now been added. Ground items will be on floor for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds for ironmen. Shayzien armour can now be obtained by completing the Lizard King achievement. Ferocious gloves can now be crafted. Super and regular antifire mixes and extended versions have now been added. Bank tab collapsing option fixed. Divine potions can now be created and consumed. 3rd Age Druidic can now be obtained from master clue caskets and 3rd age mystery box's. Christmas crackers can now be purchased on the store, guaranteeing a party hat when opened. The correct defence animation is now shown on the final blow to a player. The Dragonfire ward is now obtainable from super mystery box's and has the correct special etc. The Theatre of Blood now shows on the drop table viewer. Alchemical hydra and reg hydra kill count is now tracked. A hammer now spawns in the crab room in COX. Super combat potions can now be created with Herblore. DFS charging fix. Swift blade and ham joint added to the vote point shop. Chaos elemental timer decreased. Herbs patches now grow faster. Various other COX/TOB fixes. Black masks can now be imbued. The Dagannoth Supreme now has its pet drop. Peek option for corp and kraken cove. Donator rank scrolls: There are now 3 types of scrolls. Donator scroll (100 points). Super donator scroll (600 points). Extreme donator scroll (2000 points). Each scroll will give you the relevant rank and add to your total amount donated. You can now trade the store manager to spend your points. There is a different shop for Ironmen and normal players. Ironmen can still not donate for items, but you can use scrolls on them to give them points. This should hopefully be resolved in the next update. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
  2. Really nice guide, maybe also mention on Wilderness slayer part that you have a chance of getting Wilderness casket drops
  3. Resolved and fixed.
  4. More updates coming soon, but here's what we have for now, I hope you enjoy! The long awaited Grand Exchange is here! Sell items to the highest bidder. Buy items that you need. View the best offer on every item. More item examines have been added to our item definitions. Future updates: Optimisations and an offer viewer to show recent offers and offers by individual players. Corporal beast updates: The stomp attack has now been fixed, it will now only stomp when underneath. Core hopping time has been delayed 1 tick. Specials now save as long as a cannon is deployed or another person stays in the cave. Cannon updates: The cannon formulas have been reworked to now go off of your range bonus. It should now count towards slayer tasks/boss kills as well. Raids updates: Farming should now work properly giving more herbs per plant rather than 0-3 on average should give 2-8. Point gain rate has been increased leading to more points per raid (60k average solos instead of 45k). Skeletal Mystics and Muttadile magic accuracy/damage decreased, shouldn't be hitting so hard and often through prayer now. Scythe now properly hits Olm's melee hand on phase 2 rather than one hit deflecting to his head. Certain point boosting exploits have been altered to no longer give insane point rates. Black maps no longer occur. Tekton range defence has been raised so you will have to kill it with melee now. Other updates: Random NPCs from other instances no longer show up in your current instance. Deadly encounters achievement has been added (kill all wilderness bosses). Zahur added to home, she will make unf potions for a cost. Npcs in wild occasionally breaking and being unattackable has been fixed. Teleblock now working 100% to OSRS. Uri emote bug has been patched. Auto-retaliate skull bug has been fixed. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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    Fixed next update.
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    @stud1111Please message me on Discord and I'll get this sorted for you ASAP.
  7. Hello everyone, Firstly, as usual I hope you are all doing great and staying safe and a happy start of the month. Let's go boys (and girls)! Vote Lists Reset: With it being the start of the month, this can only mean one thing. Which is that voting top lists have been reset, so this month as everyone did an awesome job last month and got us to rank 4, we thought we would throw it out there that if we hold rank 3 or 4 this month again then we will be doing a MASSIVE DROP PARTY sometime this week, and enabling BONUS experience and Wilderness points for an entire week! Upcoming Updates: So as you all know we're constantly working on new updates, improvements and fixes daily. With us being a relatively new server still we're really grinding out as much as we can. The current updates that are in the works includes: The Grand Exchange - This is now very close to being released, we are in the final stages of development and this could well be released within the next few days, or sooner. Theatre of Blood - Similar to the Grand Exchange, this work has been ongoing and it now also very close to being released and expected to come shortly after the GE. We are working on making this as replicated to the real thing as possible, so you guys get the proper TOB experience. Other new content - In terms of new content in the future we have loads of ideas. Some of this will be adding new OSRS content such as the Nightmare of Ashihama, grotesque guardians and more. Then we are also looking to add a mobile client, custom clan cup system, skilling points system and more. Fixes and stability improvements - As an on going update as to be expected, we are always looking to fix anything that isn't replicated to be how it should and also work on our stability when we have 500+ online. Stay tuned for the above. And get voting for that drop party and bonus xp/wp! Thanks for reading, - Vitality management
  8. Some drop rates seem good to me, however I'm sure some might be too rare. If you can be more specific with the NPCs/items then we can sure do something about it.
  9. Here's the recent update log, as usual I hope you all enjoy the updates! We're got plenty more on their way, including the long awaited Grand Exchange and Theatre of Blood. We've been taking our time working on them, ensuring they're accurate to OSRS and clean. The next update will also fix the slow clan join/leave times. Slayer Changes: Superior slayer encounters. Purchase the 'Bigger and badder' slayer perk to unlock superior slayer encounters. 1/75 chance of spawning a superior version of your slayer task. Unique drop table added for eternal gem, imbued heart and dust/mist battlestaffs. Changed the weight of certain tasks such as Kraken and Hydra to match other tasks more. Fixed task extension amount, removing tasks from block list and other fixes. You can now upgrade the Hydra slayer helmet. More boss slayer tasks have now been enabled such as: Kracken Alchemical Hydra Giant mole Zulrah Lizard men Chamber of Xerics/Zulrah Improvements and Bug Fixes: The black map issue should now be resolved. The collection log tracking now works. A broadcast is now sent when a player gets a unique item. You'll now get an interface displaying all rooms upon entry for scouting (in the future this will be replaced with the Runelite plugin). Farming herb plants no longer disappear and now give more herbs per harvest. Vespula should now be a lot more accurate to OSRS. Soldiers spawn slower. No more getting 1 hit. Portal's defence has been lowered. Crab stun times have been increased, allowing the puzzle room to be completed more efficiently. Tekton no longer gets stuck by players and stays to fight players for a longer period. Vanguards have been adjusted to mimic OSRS vanguards. Great Olm improvements Head movements should now be correct, enabling you to run the mage hand. Special attack timer has also been decreased so it no longer spams specials on the players inside the room. Olm all together should now be a lot more accurate to OSRS. Please report anymore issues that you encounter with COX, but these changes should make it LOADS better! Zulrah mechanics now more accurate to OSRS. Zulrah will now properly shoot out clouds. Snakeling spawns are no longer all over the place but spawn accordingly to the correct phases. The phases are now correctly timed. Zulrah now always has its double drop roll. Other Updates and Fixes: Skull changes: Fixed a bug where if you lose your skull in combat the other player will get skulled. Increased the skull timer to 20 minutes like on OSRS. Seed boxes have now been added. Purchase from the slayer points shop for 750 points. Can be used to store all varieties of seeds (useful for slayer tasks and bossing). Daily tasks: Fixed skilling daily tasks not counting. Fixed the Dragon mace daily task not counting. Daily task points shop added in Edgeville bank. Fixed the Scythe of Vitur's accuracy and damage issues. It should not be more up to the standards of the Twisted bow. Mald/Odium shard pieces added to the sell item shop for 15m each. This makes the drops more worthwhile. Increased the price of raw dark crabs and black chins in the item sales shop. Teleblock no longer works in instanced PvP areas. Skin colours can now be purchased with Wilderness points. Blacklisting and risk protection now also works in ::edgepvp. Scorpia entrance no longer nulls damage. Trident of swamp now gives scales back. Fixed attack speed of the blade of Saeldor. Wintertodt fixes. The bug where other bosses would appear in instanced areas has been fixed (e.g. Godwars minions spawning in raids). Infernal pickaxe now gives runite bar instead of adamant bar on runite ores. Wilderness point shop changes: Removed the following items from the store: Armadyl armour pieces. Armadyl crossbow. Ghrazi rapier. Bandos Godsword, Saradomin Godsword, Zamorak Godsword. The BGS and ZGS were moved to the weapon store. SGS is no longer in any store. The following items were changed in price: Cerberus boots increased from 15k --> 17.5k. Range boots lowered from 12k --> 8.5k. Inquisitors more expensive. The mace is now 90k points and top/legs 40k and helmet 25k. Avernic hilt price increased from 20k --> 32.5k. Ancestral pieces: Body/legs from 32.5k --> 45k. Hat from 20k --> 25k. Kodai wand 30k --> 70k. Zenyte jewellery increased from 12k --> 15k. Items added: Pet mystery box. PvP armour/weapon mystery box. Odium/Mald wards. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
  10. We're looking into the cause of the issue currently. We're going to roll out some client logging today as we can't see any server sided issues. So hopefully we'll be able to get this patched ASAP.
  11. I hope everyone is doing well! This update mainly consists of bug fixes and small tweaks so I have put it down as a patch note as opposed to a game update - while we work on the Grand Exchange and TOB in the background. Expeditious bracelet This bracelet has the ability when worn to reduce your total slayer task assigned kills by 2, instead of 1 every every time you kill your assigned slayer monster. Total number of clues opened is now displayed on the collection log. All of the Ardougne cloak special effects now work. Ironmen can now purchase the max cape. The PvP tournament now puts you back onto the correct spell book after it ends. The drop option for the Infernal max cape will now ask you if you want to dismantle it. You can now Runecraft Wrath runes. Buffed Revenants drop tables more. They now always drop a small number of Wilderness point tokens. The Dragon now has a chance of dropping a giant Wilderness casket. Please note: The Knight and Dark beast are currently not dropping anything, this will be resolved next update. You no longer instantly lose prayer points when entering a Barrows crypt. Fixed the Chaos Elemental re-spawn timer. Fixed emotes in combat sometimes stopping damage. Ava's max cape should now always collect arrows. Cerberus safe spot fixed. The Donator zone has been improved slightly. Fixed an issue where levers would sometimes break. Gold graceful added to Grace's shop. Multiple null pointers fixed. You can now lure Venenatis to multi combat properly. Ale of the gods now has its animation when walking as well as when idle. Zulrah now drops 2 drops per kill like on OSRS. NPC pathing fixes. Upgrading to the Archlight will now add the total charges. The Vorkath slayer helmet now works in the Smoke devil dungeon. Topaz bracelet level requirement fixed for crafting. You can now attack reanimate aviansie at the dark altar. If you die at Zulrah with a magma helm it no longer gets reverted. Raids should no longer have the black map issue after the server has been online for a few days. This was due to some regions not properly being destroyed. Mute will now stop players from sending messages in private messages and yell. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
  12. I hope everyone likes the updates, along with the below updates we are also working on other bigger updates currently such as The Grand Exchange and Theatre of Blood. I'm hoping to get at least one of these out next week. Also, a big thanks to everyone voting everyday to help the server grow even more. Remember to vote every 12 hours, we're almost rank 6 and we will enable 50% bonus XP and 30% bonus Wilderness points for 2 days once we reach it! XP and experience counter drop damage toggle added to the toggle tab in players quest tab. Select whether to show your experience counter drops as the experience you get or as the damage you deal. This is useful for PKers to predict their hits. Graceful equipment recolouring . Grace can now recolour graceful pieces for 3m per piece. Trade Grace to recolour. Tournament changes: Rune pouches are now added for all tournament types that have runes. Raids prayers will now show highlighted even if you don't have them unlocked during tournaments. Tournament winners now get a Mystery box along with the usual 30m coins. Main NH now has less brews and Karambwan's added. Pure NH has had the ZGS and Granite maul replaced with a DDS. Maxed main hybrid now has AGS/G maul instead of claws and karambwan's added. Zerker hybrid now has karambwan's added and 5 way switch instead of 6. You can no longer use Smite in Zerker melee tournaments. Autocast on staffs will no longer save in tournaments. Ardougne knight achievement added . Complete the required number of Ardougne knight thieves and agility laps to purchase the Ardougne cloak. You can now obtain large Wilderness caskets from Wilderness slayer. Various raids fixes. Anti venom now works for Zulrah. Scythe of Vitur accuracy buff. ::ffa command to teleport players to the FFA area. Ironmen can no longer buy Mystery boxes from the vote points shop. The ale of the gods now has its correct animation. The Berserker necklace ornament kit can now be purchased from the vote points shop. It now costs 5 million coins to reset your KDR. Custom YouTuber links have beeen added so content creators can set their own video links with their username as the command. The last teleport option on the Vitality wizard now saves after logging out. Bandits at the Kharidian Desert will now be aggressive when you wear god items and use their various NPC shouts to flame the god items you possess. The Inquisitors armour effect has now been added. Inquisitors mace attack speed fixed (it was too slow previously). Amethyst mining. Darklight can now be upgraded to an Arclight for 10 million coins with Doric. Bug fixes and tweaks. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
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