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  1. I hope everyone is doing great and that you enjoy the latest batch of updates! Mobile is now being tested and we are preparing it for release. The Halloween event is live! The Jack Lantern mask has been added to the store for a limited time only. The grave digger can be found at home and will trade in any pumpkins you obtain from Wilderness slayer tasks and killing players! The Grim Reaper has come to haunt any players that perish in the Wilderness... You can view the Halloween event from the drop table viewer. Player titles revamp! A new interface has been added for managing and previewing player titles. Various categories added for different type of title unlocks. More titles coming soon, along with the custom title scroll! Other updates: When killing players inside an instanced PvP area you will now respawn in the instance. You can now teleport out of PvP instances with various commands correctly (before it would check Wilderness level). PID no longer swaps in the duel arena. PID swapping now occurs less frequently. AGS special attack nerfed slightly. Dragon claws special attack buffed slightly. Granite maul fixes. The ring of Suffering (r) can now be imbued. Menagerie room withdraw pets fix Phoenix necklace fix for it not being destroyed. Dice bag can no longer be used to stall damage. Larrans keys only drops in the Wilderness now. Raid storage can now be built with statius war hammer. Thanks for reading, Vitality Management
  2. Apologies, we've been doing a lot of core improvements recently and its been pretty rough. However, it will definitely be worth it in the long run! I'm hoping that we won't have to update for at least a wee now (cross fingers).
  3. Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we have enabled some donation deals for the entire month. We have noticed that we haven't done any donation deals for a long time (or at all, apart from the occasional coupon code), and to show our appreciation for anyone that decides to donate to help us improve the server is the least we can do! Vitality reinvests the vast majority of donations back into improving the server - advertisements and development costs are not cheap. So thank you to everyone and here are this months donation bonuses: When claiming a $50+ donation you will receive 50 free donator points. When claiming a $100+ donation you will receive 150 free donator points. When claiming a $250+ donation you will receive 400 free donator points. When claiming a $500+ donation you will receive 1000 free donator points. When claiming a $1000+ donation you will receive 3000 free donator points. Thanks for reading. Vitality Management
  4. I hope everyone is doing great and that you enjoy the latest batch of updates! Mobile is still in development and we're hoping to have it finished up real soon. In other news, we've added some October donation deals which you can view here. Server stability fixes for when massive clan wars are occurring - we've rewritten some aspects regarding ground items and pathfinding. Dream lunar spell String jewellery lunar spell Superglass lunar spell Spin flax lunar spell Plank make lunar spell Hunter kit lunar spell Cure group lunar spell Cure me lunar spell Cure plant lunar spell Energy transfer lunar spell Group Lunar teleports Lunar teleports Heal group spell Heal other spell Granite maul fixes Dice bags now save last name used Transformation ring fix for nulling damage Kalphite queen magic attack fix Kraken attack range fix Dareeyak teleport fix Pest control portals no longer respawn Deposit box now works properly Clan leaderboards now have singles and multi kills 5 Seconds out of wild combat delay Ironman wilderness store Ironman can now use custom presets Donations no longer make your total spent negative if you've used scrolls also October donation deals based upon the amount you've spent Vote bonuses for 12 hours after voting Loads of bug fixes for reported bugs - big thanks to everyone reporting these! Thanks for reading, Vitality Management
  5. Hello Vitality community! The time has finally come to announce our 2,500,000,000 OSRS GP prize pool clan cup! I know a lot of you have been waiting and raring to go and now is the time to gather your clans and teams together... How will the clan cup work? The top 8 clans with the highest number of points will qualify to battle it out in 10v10 combat. More details upon the finals will be announced later on in the month. You can earn 1 point for your clan in kills between level 1-9 Wilderness. You can earn 5 points for your clan in kills between level 10-29 Wilderness. You can earn 10 point for your clan in kills between level 30-55 Wilderness. You can view your clans points from the clan scoreboard. Any clan caught attempting to illegally farm points will be disqualified. What prizes do the top 3 clans get? 1. 1250M OSRS gold paid to the leader. 2. 750M OSRS gold paid to the leader. 3. 500M OSRS gold paid to the leader. Best of luck guys! As mentioned, more detail on the final battles will be posted later this month. - Vitality management
  6. I hope everyone enjoys the updates, loads more coming soon! Realism is releasing tomorrow, we won't need to update the server again because we've made a command to enable it tomorrow at the time listed below. Group Ironman is nearing completion and will be released later this month and the same for the clan cup. The Realism game mode is coming tomorrow at 6:30pm GMT +1 / 1:30pm EST X10 experience rate in all skills in return for: Custom player icon. Realism player title. 15% boost in NPC drops. The first to max will get 300m OSRS or $600 in the store. The second to max will get 100m OSRS or $200 in the store. 3-5 will get $100 in the store each. Clan Leaderboard: You can now view the top clans in Vitality by using the normal PvP scoreboard and selecting the clan board at the top right. The rankings are based upon points, not kills. Kills in Edgeville = 1 point. Kills in 10-30 Wilderness = 6 points. Kills in 30+ Wilderness = 10 points. There is a 1 hour cool down on players after getting a kill. NOTE: This is only a start to the clan system we are adding. The full release of this will be ready for the start of next month, which will feature a monthly tournament with over 1-2 billion OSRS GP as rewards for the top clans. Use this time to gain members, practice your PKing and getting gear. The top 5 clans at the end of the month will be put into battle to win the MASSIVE prize pool up for grabs! Other Updates: All game modes now have a more comprehensive description, including their experience rates. ::xprate will now show the correct combat experience rates for all game modes. Player icons will now display next to your name in the chatbox. New players will now once again be added to the 'vitality' clan chat upon joining. Various Grand Exchange fixes. Grand Exchange item price averages. Invisible NPC spawning in the Inferno sometimes has been fixed. Granite maul fixes. Vengeance damage when a player is killed has been fixed. PID changes. The PvP scoreboard interface has been revamped. Battle mages loot increased. Demonic Gorilla's drop rate increased. Ironman icon added to the Ironman shop. Arcane spirit shield protect value increased. Taking protect item off no longer lets you attack players with risk protection on if you don't have enough risk. A warning is now displayed when dropping expensive items. The mages book can now be purchase from the Wilderness points shop. Wintertodt damage no longer resets actions. Toggle added to the quest tab for disabled autochat. Ring of wealth drop % bonus increased. Wilderness bosses now drop the top 8 challengers with the most damage. Vorkaths head drop on 50th kill. Crumble undead fix. TOB fixes. COX fixes. Thanks for reading, Vitality Management
  7. Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing great! The first thing I wanted to say was a massive thank you to everyone for sticking around with us, the 2.0 release has gone great and you guys seem to be loving the fresh economy and updates. Trust me when I say there is plenty more to come! Upcoming Updates: - Realism game mode (competitive game mode with low XP rates and an increased NPC drop rate) - A competitive clan system with massive OSRS and in game rewards (more information coming soon, get your clans ready...) - Group Ironman (this will come a little after realism) - Mobile client - Continued bug fixes and QOL - Ongoing backend improvements Thanks for reading, - Vitality management
  8. We look forward to seeing you all online for the new release! Here's to a better economy and TONS of new exciting updates to come. We will be posting a full road map of what we've got in store for you all within the next few weeks. Lottery system The lottery manager is located inside Edgeville bank, next to the Grand Exchange desk. Players can purchase lottery tickets for 5m per ticket. The more tickets you have, the higher your chance of winning. The lottery is drawn 3 times per day, every 8 hours. Wilderness Volcano Event Another new Wilderness event is here! The volcano... Located at level 52 Wilderness in a multi combat zone. The volcano will activate every 6 hours, spawning a boulder that players can mine (you do not need a pickaxe). You can teleport to the Wilderness volcano by talking to the teleport wizard. Mining the boulder gives you gold fragments which can be sold for 10 Wilderness points each. Each successful mine grants around 30 fragments. A new wilderness boss has been added: The Malevolent Mage! The Malevolent Mage will use position based attacks and every 4 hits, it'll activate a special attack The Malevolent Mage will be able to use multiple spell books to attack you Teleblock Vengeance First Surge Ice Barrage Blood Barrage (this heals the boss) The Malevolent Mage will give you a chance to receive some amazing rewards once killed and will distribute the reward to the top 5 players with most damage. 2ThksPd.mp4 Twisted Ancestral You can now obtain twisted ancestral ornament kits randomly from completing raids. Use the colour kit on pieces of ancestral to create it, it can also be detached. More combat tweaks Just a few fixes and more polishing from the big combat mechanic overhaul we did. The granite maul is now 100% to OSRS. Chinchompa's now work as expected and are now a viable option to use at Kree'arra. Dragon thrownaxe special attack now 100% accurate to OSRS. Freeze immunity times now fixed. Other combat related fixes that were reported. Third Age Melee tournament type added! The PvP scoreboard now shows correctly the player kills Sinhaza shrouds The TOB cape set for showing off your number of raid completions has now been added! Limited time store items added The event RPG has been added to the in game and web store. All 3 Banshee outfit pieces have been added to the in game and web store. The above items will be removed within 1-2 weeks and will likely never be featured again on the store! Other: Abyssal demons will no longer cause your player to get nulled. Implings will now spawn more frequently in Puro Puro and around the world. Mage arena mages now drop 5-15pk tickets per kill and have a chance of dropping 100-1,000 tickets as well as infinity recolour kits. Wilderness agility course now gives 50-75 pk points per completion. Tinted hitsplats are now in Vitality. Caskets will now automatically be picked up in the wilderness. PvP kills in lvl 30+ wilderness now grants more gold for further incentives for deep PK'ing. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
  9. Hello Vitality community! We apologise for the downtime that has occurred. The reason behind this is that we encountered a few issues with our primary partition on our storage system and due to some malfunctions, it has reverted a majority of the player files. Over the last 24 hours, we have regained a ton of data, however we were unable to fetch enough data to put us back to the latest date. We have now setup redundant storage that will create backups on a separate server, so we can ensure that this won't happen ever again... With all of this taken under close consideration amongst the entire staff team, it has been heavily debated, compared and contrasted, and a final decision was made this evening, however, don't be upset! We have some great things in store for you all, and we believe that this will make us come back stronger than ever because of the amazing community and server that we have built together! As a result of this event, we have decided to do a full reset to Vitality. This will be almost as if we are relaunching the entire server, however, ALL donations will be refunded in-game FULLY. In order to go about getting your donations refunded, you will be able to type ::claimdonation in-game and your items will automatically be delivered to you. All bans will also be revoked, so if you have any friends that were banned, they will now be able to play. As a way of showing our sincere apology for this, we will begin to host events in a way that we can reward you. There will be a prize pool of 2 Billion OSRS Gold throughout the next few weeks for the events that we have laid out for you all. The type of events we will be hosting will be found down below and we hope you choose to participate. Events: - Daily 100m OSRS GP PvP Tournaments - 30% Bonus Experience for 2+ weeks - 30% Bonus Wilderness Points for 2+ weeks - Streamer events and giveaways - First to Max as a Regular player - 200m OSRS GP - First to Max as an Ironman - 200m OSRS GP - First to Max as a Hardcore Ironman - 200m OSRS GP - First to Max as a Ultimate Ironman - 200m OSRS GP - First to 150 kills - 100m OSRS GP - First to 300 kills - 200m OSRS GP - First to 200m Experience in one skill - 200m OSRS GP - First to receive a boss pet - 100m OSRS GP Game Updates: We have also made significant changes to the way Vitality will function and be played as a whole, some of which you can find here: - Kill streaks now reward properly based on the amount of kills - 100% OSRS combat mechanics - Lottery system - A brand new Wilderness event has been added - Kills above 30 wilderness reward extra gold and points - Lava Dragon Bones are sold for 200k instead of 85k - Wilderness Agility now gives 50-75 Wilderness points per completion - Mage Arena is now a profitable mini-game - NPC combat has now been reworked - Loads more (we will post a update log before we go live) Release Time: Saturday - 8:00 PM GMT +1 Saturday - 3:00 PM EST While we understand some of you might want to leave us, we urge you to reconsider and give us a chance. I promise you that there will be tons of fun events and times ahead! Things are going to be vastly different this time and we made sure of that by incorporating new content, tons of quality-of-life updates, bug fixes and of course a fresh economy to weed out any illegitimate items or gold that was previously circulating throughout the economy. This economy will be different compared to Vitality 1.0, so we would like to present Vitality 2.0 with new content, a new economy and a new start. We hope you choose to give us the second chance we have asked for, as we have learned from our mistakes on Vitality 1.0 and have implemented the knowledge gained to make a better Vitality 2.0. Again, as much as we hate that this has happened and is a major inconvenience for some, it will hopefully be a great thing for the server in the long run. Our economy will flourish in ways it never did before and we hope you stick with us to see that promise fulfilled. More detail on updates and the events that we will host will be announced tomorrow. Thanks for reading, Vitality Management Team
  10. Hey everyone, Just a quick update regarding all of updates that we've been doing this weekend. Sorry for the disturbance with how frequent they have been. This is due to us rolling out the new clan chat and friends list/messaging systems. The grand exchange should now be functional again too and we will be focusing on fixes any issues present with the Grand Exchange system. To compensate for the disturbance we will be hosting events all of next week, daily 50m OSRS tournaments and bonus experience/wilderness points! Thanks for reading, Vitality management
  11. I hope you all enjoy the latest batch of updates! Loads more coming soon, including a revamp of our Wilderness events. We're also working on ironing out any issues relating to lag. Great progress is being made and we've got loads planned real soon. Basilisk Knights: Ironmen can now obtain one of the best helmets in the game! Teleport added to get to Jormungand's Prison. Karambwan and karambwanji fishing has now been added. Ground items will be on floor for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds for ironmen. Shayzien armour can now be obtained by completing the Lizard King achievement. Ferocious gloves can now be crafted. Super and regular antifire mixes and extended versions have now been added. Bank tab collapsing option fixed. Divine potions can now be created and consumed. 3rd Age Druidic can now be obtained from master clue caskets and 3rd age mystery box's. Christmas crackers can now be purchased on the store, guaranteeing a party hat when opened. The correct defence animation is now shown on the final blow to a player. The Dragonfire ward is now obtainable from super mystery box's and has the correct special etc. The Theatre of Blood now shows on the drop table viewer. Alchemical hydra and reg hydra kill count is now tracked. A hammer now spawns in the crab room in COX. Super combat potions can now be created with Herblore. DFS charging fix. Swift blade and ham joint added to the vote point shop. Chaos elemental timer decreased. Herbs patches now grow faster. Various other COX/TOB fixes. Black masks can now be imbued. The Dagannoth Supreme now has its pet drop. Peek option for corp and kraken cove. Donator rank scrolls: There are now 3 types of scrolls. Donator scroll (100 points). Super donator scroll (600 points). Extreme donator scroll (2000 points). Each scroll will give you the relevant rank and add to your total amount donated. You can now trade the store manager to spend your points. There is a different shop for Ironmen and normal players. Ironmen can still not donate for items, but you can use scrolls on them to give them points. This should hopefully be resolved in the next update. Thanks for reading! Vitality Management
  12. Really nice guide, maybe also mention on Wilderness slayer part that you have a chance of getting Wilderness casket drops
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