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  1. I'll grab a signature please Could I get "Dead" in a raids style themed signature
  2. Best of luck with your journey to max, gz on the 99 firemaking and beaver pet
  3. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your time here!
  4. Welcome to Vitality Enjoy your time here pal
  5. It's just a visual glitch where if you get 2 drops of the same item, they stack together but leave behind one drop which actually isn't there. Not too much of a deal, you're not losing out on any items, thanks for reporting for the bug.
  6. Finish the collection logs for raids
  7. Congrats everyone and welcome to the new supports! :)
  8. Dead


    Welcome Shanks, hope you continue enjoying your time here
  9. Dead


    Welcome pipdik
  10. Great guide, I especially love the part where Dead gives his guide, I think I'll be using his!
  11. Fantastic updates, loving the ge and raid changes
  12. Welcome to the forums dude, enjoy your time here
  13. Dead

    Hi I'm Sonk

    Welcome to Vitality Sonk!
  14. Dead


    Welcome to the forums dude!
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