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  1. Shane

    Jeep Here

    Welcome to Vitality Jeep, hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. You are a purple donator(Ultimate) which is $500-$999.99, your rank is correct.
  3. It kept hitting you after you wen upstairs multiple times or more like the hit got delayed through the going up stairs action and then hit you afterwards?
  4. Have kept in touch since you were staff last time, I believe you'd fulfil the roll just fine now and have great activity, +1
  5. Thank you for the bug report - Abyssal demon freeze is currently a known bug and should be fixed soon. Account kicked and fixed.
  6. Shane

    Sup nerds

    Welcome to Vitality Green, hope you enjoy your time here
  7. Shane


    Damn that's unfortunate Bad luck, best of luck on your normal iron grinds
  8. I've gone ahead and kicked your account, next time please do not try get support in the bug report section - This is for reporting bugs, not getting support because of a bug. The current issue causing this is Abyssal Demons, currently known and will be fixed. Thank you.
  9. Shane

    Kim's intro

    Welcome to Vitality, Kim! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  10. Please create a request support topic including as much detail/evidence as possible.
  11. Shane

    hard clue bug

    This is currently a known bug - The issue is with the runelite clue plugin where it takes you to this spot even though your clue map is somewhere else, you just need to head onto the osrs wiki and find your map.
  12. Shane


    Handled the issue, thanks for reporting the bug will forward it into the devs.
  13. Shane

    Elon's Graphic Shop

    Holy moly! I was't expecting this .. This is truly amazing and better than I ever imagined lol, thank you so much!
  14. Congratulations to everyone on their promotions
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