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  1. I can't believe my eyes, you being green is so strange. Gl guys
  2. tell me what more proof i need to provide u  islamic2123#3670

  3. Best of luck wherever you're being deployed too! Stay safe


    1. i am m0neyz

      i am m0neyz

      is the server down atm? i cant seem to log in

    2. i am m0neyz

      i am m0neyz

      Got it, but cant figure how to delete this sht, so u can ignore it bud 😛

    3. Shane
  5. Did you even read my appeal? Seems like your response was pre-determined before you even attempted to look at it

    1. Ricky fowler

      Ricky fowler

      I said "that offensive" implying i wasn't aware that it was a perm ip mute for saying it without warning. I knew it's not a nice word, but i didn't realize it's ip mutable without warning

    2. Demix


      Should of read the rules, every server has them.

    3. Shane


      Feel free to appeal it again in a few days

  6. Nice effect used Looking good
  7. Welcome to Vitality, Duty!
  8. Welcome to Vitality, glad you're enjoying your time so far
  9. New number, who this?
  10. Shane


    Welcome to Vitality
  11. Welcome to Vitality! Nice name
  12. Shane


    Welcome to Vitality!
  13. Shane

    Jeep Here

    Welcome to Vitality Jeep, hope you enjoy your time here!
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