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    ECO Lottery

    So this idea is kinda based on OSRS cash fountain but with a small change, we all know the economy is falling and we're losing people over the days but I'm sure we can rise again. The idea is: Make a fountain in edgeville where people can deposit items/cash to join a "lottery" made by you owners of the server, the initial idea is you make a contest where the winner wins like 100$ or 500$, you choose the prize pool. The contest would take like 2 weeks(?), again you choose the time you want How it works? The more cash/items they throw in the fountain the more chance they have to win the prize pool, if the server fails to "donate" arround 100b(?) minimum the event fails and the prize pool is delayed to another event of the same kind. Also wilderness slayer is hard yeah but giving pumpkins in slayer made them lose they're value, you should focus more on the PvP, it would be like PvM kill (same chance as pumpkins) gives "item fragment (need 3 to make complete item) and PvP kill gives "complete item" Work these ideas if you want and use them to improve the server I have some experience in owning servers (not RuneScape) so I know how hard it is to keep a player base stable and make everyone happy, hope this idea helps
  2. So, I just want everyone to see how fake someone can be behind your back
  3. So, I've been playing this server for 4 days now, at first I was invited to join a clan where there was some guy called "Wanna Match", I was invited by my spanish friend "Venny", then they kicked him out of the clan and he joined Banana Gang, at first I didn't know what to do but then I met more people from Banana Gang and I decided to leave the old clan where I wasn't even ranked yet because I was there for few hours only... Now I've got kicked from Banana Gang because some guy "Kodak" got beef over pixels with other clan leader and after some1 from the other clan said I was there too he bsed me after I take supply chest which I asked and people said it was "FFA" My issue isn't what I lost, idc about that, my issue is being accused of being a clan hopper when I've been killing the people from the other clan with my friends from Banana Gang lol this guy comes out of knowhere accusing me of shit, it's stupidly unfair
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