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  1. The ECO is crashing and we are losing a lot of player base. Vitality should be #1 OSRSPS. It's literally the complete server but has an issue on gold value. My fix is simple and I think could help the server. With a PK server, gold is rare to come into the game faster than items because mostly everything is free. Also a select few of people hold most of the cash sum in game and it's only lost by staking. My fix is to add value to multiple items in the general store. Make it to where certain items can be sold for cash at a good value giving them a BOTTOM price and removing them from the game at the same time, raising demand and lowering supply which will flip the current situation with 0 demand and high supply. For example: Ely 5b - Usually cost around 7-8b Tbow 4b - Usually cost is around 6b Scythe 11-12b - Usually 15-17b PVP armors - A must need after the holloween event. This will in return add much needed GP flow into the game and tank item counts in the game. It's also a quick way to let this test for a week or so and turn it off when the eco starts to stabalize. It does not need to be a permanent change.
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    I agree something needs to be done with ECO.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! The skills however were only to add coal (need to grind all other ore). The problem is it takes multiple coal PER 1 smelt. Making smithing ONLY being viable for Gold for mining + smithing to 99. However I noticed Larren's keys are a great way to get coal. I used 20 and got 1800 coal. So there are ways. I agree with the grinding, makes it important, which is why I only suggested Coal. Fletching however is the same basically you just WC/fletch at a tree. Dart tips/arrow heads are drops from the game but almost no drops for unfinished bolts. The arrows don't need to be added I guess because you can just make shafts into arrows. But in doing so this makes it an EXP waste overall grinding the other materials outside of cutting/fletching. GE doesn't need to be removed. I'd just like to see it revamped so you can see current offers/old offers. Many prices are wrong on G.E and misleads players. For example, Justicar chestplate MED price is 145m but they are currently around 100m. Needs to be more accurate on the pricing.
  4. I would just like to start off by saying Vitality is one of the best and one of my favorite RSPS I've ever played on. I've been playing RSPS back since Palidino's battlescape isle/317 release. I just have some general quality of life changes to make things a little better without major changes to the server. ** Skilling ** - Farming - 1. I would like to see a more easy access to fruit tree spots. A lot of them are hard to get to and also don't have an NPC to pay-fare to watch your crops. 2. For trees I would like to see an option on the NPC to clear your tree like OSRS instead of having to chop down your tree and clear the stump. - Construction - 1. Would be nice to make planks from logs noted in inventory. Right now it's not bad running back & fourth. Can't use presents because this requires coins. Purely a time-releated change. 2. If you leave the POH from building mode, equip preset and go back in your character will be stuck and cannot move. Maybe this can be fixed? Currently have to teleport home and equip preset and run back to the POH. - Smithing - 1. I would just like to see coal added to the skilling shop. Currently gold is the way to go up to 99. Would add variety without having to grind out coal. - Fletching - 1. Would be nice to have bowstrings, unf bolts/arrows added to the skilling NPC. ** Grand Exchange ** The GE can be pretty buggy at times. Also this type of GE for a smaller player base on a RSPS makes prices all over the place. Prices are very misleading on the GE and can lose out on a bunch of GP for newer players. I would like to see a change more like a "Auction House". Where you can see current offers up on the post. Other servers that do this well I think are Runewild & Pkhonor. It avoids having to sit at home and selling things. Adding in every tradeable item would be a great benefit & being able to go over max cash to make sales. (Certain rares, ely, tbow etc.) ** Donator shop ** I would like to see some items revamped for value. People spend a lot of money to provide for the server but a lot of the prices set people up for a rip-off. Even people in game who purchase these scrolls to progress their rank lose a TON of value trying to go up in rank for minimal gains in the ranks themselves. SMB needs to have odds reworked. I tested this with 25 boxes which is a street value of about 5-6b. In return I got around 400m. This makes them almost pointless to buy. The current rates according to the drop table are like this. 8/434 is where you can make profit. Which equates to 10.8B on street value to make profit on one box for a return of 1-2b. 6/1303 is 43.3B street value which gives you a return of 2-15B. I think this is fine as long as the LOWER rewards are closer to 200M / Making some profit over 300m. Opening 25 boxes worth 5-6b and only getting 10-15 barrows sets and DK rings is pretty low. ** PVP ** - Staking - This is fine to be completely honest but it would be nice to see an option for DDS & Tent stake. It's 2020 I feel like servers have come further than the DDS poking to finish a stake days. YES, you can do item switch off and it works but that opens a world for scamming even with checking inventories. (THE PID SWAP WAS ONE OF MY RECOMMENDATIONS THAT WAS GOING TO BE ADDED TO THIS BUT IT'S ALREADY FIXED, WHICH IS AWESOME) - Pking - Everything is great here I would only like to see a value of risk equate to more of a reward. Give people a reason to risk to make money while pking. Maybe more PKP if risking 50-200m. Also lets people who are risking fight new players to still get a great reward while giving the new player to get a PK to change their experience on the server. DH sets are currently 6M, it would be nice to see the store move to 20m, allowing a more profitable sell on the GE. Giving that supply and demand not having to use the shop to constantly add more sets in game without being resold. Thank you for reading, let me know your opinions!
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