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  1. Hopefully I can fix the activity issues here in a few weeks. Congrats to all the promos!
  3. I legit noticed that about 30 minutes ago... Lol my bad
  4. I'm sure you will! I'm everywhere but where I need to be.
  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Snap! Triple Zero becoming a stafferman. Gz to everyone!
  6. Seeing stuff like this makes me want to pk. After I die 5x in a row makes me remember why I rarely do.
  7. I'm down to do about anything. Hmu if you need any skilling tips. I may have to ask someone else for the info though lol.
  8. Great loot, but I am not sure how it is a guide. My luck at revs generally involves me getting tbed/piled by teams.
  9. My only issue with this guide is the mentioning of doing this with an anvil. You can't use presets outside of home, and there are no anvils nearby unless I am mistaken. =(
  10. I wish I had checked this guide about a week ago. Thanks for the great guide, and expect me to steal every one of these tricks!
  11. I love your guides, and I have already used this one, and a few of your other guides. If you could possibly put in a gif of you fighting these bosses during certain phases, that would be incredibly helpful for new players, or nooby ones such as myself. Thank you for the great guide, and keep it up!
  12. I don't usually do intros unless people harass me about it, but.... forums posts.... Hello, you can call me Halloween. I have played multiple servers, competed for rank 1 on multiple game-modes for those servers, and maxed 2 accounts prior to eoc on rs. I like to skill, pvm, and pk, but I am god awful at pking. I am very lucky IRL and on games, and due to this luck, I have pked more than 3 people! wooh! I have served as a staff member on multiple servers, and my favorite rsps pastime has always been finding bugs, and bot-busting. I am happy to be on this server with a lot of old friends, and I look forward to meeting/possibly accidentally pking some of you!
  13. Halloween


    Welcome, and best of luck with passing Beau! If you want rank 1... I suggest you beat Tolose. He will be about 400m xp ahead of Beau or more once he gets his combat xp back.
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