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  1. I strongly disagree with these changes. The game doesn't need forced prices to stabilize the eco. PKing needs to be brought forward in it's entirety since a lot of people resorted to pvming. This causes the price of pk-items or items in general to drop because people buy 1 of whatever they need and then go PVM with it. Halloween event did indeed cause a lot of PVP-items to enter the game. Which is why their prices crashed. - I think the event should yield different rewards or should be shut down to counter more inflation of PVP-weaponry. There has been a lot of cash wiped from the game since recent RWT bans on very wealthy people. They sold most of their items for cheaper prices so they could get more GP to RWT. This all resulted in there being less cash but more items. Economies go through good and bad times. Think we should wait this one out.
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