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  1. Insane giveaways daily and super easy to find people to PvM with in this Discord. Join fast, I SAID FAST!
  2. Appreciate it man, I definitely see you around I just don't type when I pk or I die... Best of luck with your application as well!
  3. Thank you man appreciate it! Means a ton! I won't disappoint you.
  4. Thanks man I appreciate it! I hope I do too. It was fun doing tob with you we gotta trio again bro!
  5. Personally I left the CC as soon as I joined the server because of seeing all the purple names. I am joining back now it completely slipped my mind, thanks for remining me!
  6. Game Name: Painpill Age: 18 Discord Name & Tag: Kayy#1661 Country: U.S.A. Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) How active will you be per day? I currently am not employed or doing schooling so I have a lot of free time. My sleep schedule can get a little weird sometimes but I would say I am actively playing the server and average of 5+ hours per day as of recent and there are no plans to play less. Previous Staff Experience: I have ran two successful CS:GO HvH servers in the past (LUAPLAYER and Divinty.cc/Nameless.pub). I have also been staff on Involade.cc which was a very active forum mid 2019. As for other servers I have experimented running a Minecraft Anarchy server with a forum (CrystalHvH.com) which didn't last long due to the server fees. Why should we choose you? I love playing on the server and it brought joy back to RS for me. I was having no fun playing the main game. My friend told me about Vitality and I have played it consistently since. I want to see the server grow and be successful and I am willing to offer what ever I can to help. I am a very dedicated person, when I put my mind to something there is no stopping me. I would like to put that sort of dedication to the server and the community. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: 1. Determination: A staff member must have determination in order to do there job efficiently and effectively. 2. Group/Team Player: Staff members need to be able to get along since they are all working towards the same goal therefore they need to show they can be an effective member of a team. 3. Positive Attitude: If someone wants to be a staff member they must have a positive attitude to have good relationships with staff and equally as importantly, the community and player base. Picture of time played (found in quest tab): Updated time played: Updated time played:
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