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  1. Hello everyone, This suggestion is to look into ranging in regards to PVM in general. Even with basic gear, players should have a shot at boss monsters such as Vorkath, Zulrah, etc. I'm running a moderate new player range set up with the rigour prayer unlocked, however, I've noticed I hit a tremendous amount of 0's which I believe shouldn't happen. Even with a full inventory of food/potions, I have to end up teleporting out in approximately half of the bosses I attempt to kill. It could be the bosses are set at a high defence or the ranging skill/prayer is not up to par. Hopefully this thread brings to light this issue; maybe something will be done about it! Thanks all, Inception35
  2. Hi ladies & gents. I'm inception35. I just started the server due to seeing it on Youtube in Pan1c's recent video. The sever looks fun and engaging! I hope to see you around the server. I'm a noob so pls don't roast me when I ask for a lot of help!!! See you all around in game!
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