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  1. I tried the existing user first and do like I do on all my other rsps's i got the same message. then I tried the new user which let me to this site and for me to make this account here on the forums, but now that you mentioned it my username may have been taken, so I will try another.
  2. It is not a good sign when you create an account. and try to login to the game and it won't let you saying that the username and or password is wrong. that generic message you get about after a certain date use your email. I know you probably dont give eye ota if i play on your server or not. but It really disturbs the shit out of me when I do everything right and it still does not work like it suppose to. can anyone help me on this matter? I tried it with both the username and the email both results in the same message. I even clicked the forgot password link which i have not forgotten as you can see as me typing this message. and I get an error about it not finding the password reset page or something on that line. I tried with u
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