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  1. a warning to new\old players, be careful what server you boost and donate to. Another Edit: they will probably delete this post as well as the messages EDIT: Forgot to mention that the moderators were deleting messages, making the player look bad, as if the player was actually unbearable, while he was responsive, communicative and following the steps that those who helped him gave him. Somebody was asking for help for about a week or so, his game didn't work, nobody except 2 people sent him a message, one of them, Kha, did only uninstalling and reinstalling. the person that he helped to didn't touch the mouse when he tried to move it, then, Kha claimed that he could not help that person, while Kha actually did everything he wanted to do, then wrote "idk, i can't do anything about this, i have no idea" , leading to him complaining to the other mods that the person he helped to was unbearable, that he was doing "other shit" instead of trying to fix the game, EVERYTHING that Khar did was uninstalling and reinstalling the game , so much for 'help'. Second guy was delayed but was actually looking for solutions, i don't think he was complaining about the player spoken of. basically, Khar gave that player a name of a brat that doesn't want to be helped, when KHARYRL IN FACT DID EVERYTHING HE WANTED TO DO, yet he claimed he couldn't do anything, when he did..... his solutions simply didn't work and he called that person he was trying to help unbearable, said that he was doing "other shit" instead of letting him control the computer through teamviewer, and he controlled it and he had no idea what to do... the rest of the staff, Raw, the gangster wannabe, and the rest, are simply mentally children. They banned that player because he called them all out, he said that the staff is unprofessional and only 2 people tried to help him and one was complaining about him. the other one, did not complain, he was communicating like an actual human being. anyway, the staff here, eh... i feel bad saying this, but they should not lead any kind of server, they are too selfish and greedy for that. the server died not because of in-game content, but because the staff doesn't actually care about the damn game / players.
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