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  1. Lets see who has mess there..
  2. I'd like to learn NH pking. Price to discuss, contact me ingame Pradaxa, or discord Guardian#6381
  3. 01/20/2020 Update: - Reworked entire price table - New category added: Dragon equipment - Brimstone ring added
  4. Hey Shane. Welcome to community. See ya ingame, btw check my community discord:
  5. 01/20/2020 Price Guide updated by Vitality Economy Team
  6. Hey, like title says, it should not be a problem to do actually. Player updating side: block.writeLong(NameUtil.nameToLong(player.getUsername())); to block.writeString(player.getUsername()); Client sided: (I think its Player.java) name = TextClass.fixName(TextClass.nameForLong(stream.readQWord())); to name = stream.readString(); Which could possibly give us ability to make character names like in real Oldschool RuneScape, instead capitalizing only one letter after space. We could use names with lower letters, and uppercase letters. I think a lot of players take their nickname into heart, and a lot of them want the nickname to look right. (Especially Pkers in PvP based server).
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