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  1. I really dont think it would be that hard to catch these people. You guys have some pretty good bot handles too. If its a certain skill there would be a lot of people in the area paying attention too... Idk I love the idea. Support from me.
  2. I suggested something for vote incentives last week! Believe they’re implementing something Feb 1st
  3. Has my support! I would love to start seeing PVM updates and more npcs working!
  4. Let’s see how Vitality is rollin! Drop some pics of your car(s). I’ll start with mine, 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
  5. Can’t say I didn’t lol at this accusation. Sounds like you were phished and tried logging into RS on a masked website pretending to be exact RS website
  6. Just throw a couple stam pots in inventory. Problem solved
  7. Everyone who doesn't enter this is low-key a fool... just sayinnnnnn.
  8. I know it is possible because I've seen many other sites use this to their advantage. I enjoy voting and I promote a lot to get others to vote. I think being recognized for consistent voting is a win-win for sure.
  9. I think it would be a solid implement to have the highest 1-3 voters for the week or month to be rewarded.. Some ideas for rewards are; -Donor Points -Mystery Boxes -PKP -Special userbar for forums? You could virtually do whatever you guys wanted & I think it would help getting more activity as far as votes go which all around will help the server a lot. Thanks for reading!
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