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  1. Wanting to join the best of the best? You've come to the right place! We’re primarily a PVM community, focused on building excellent teams for Chamber of Xerics and Theater of Blood. Our members are very experienced, so you’ll find yourself in the right place if you need help/advice on the many aspects of Vitality's bossing or PvMing. We also host frequent giveaways, PvM events and Raids events, as well as offering an active Discord to those who wish to relax and enjoy some banter with the majority of the Vitaity community. DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT A CLAN NOR ARE YOU REQUIRED TO JOIN A CLAN CHAT. We are a community who hope to provide a social platform for players to communicate in. We are ONLY Discord orientated. - Daily 500m+ giveaways - An active Discord with over 70+ members - Weekly learner raids hosted by our veteran members - Active marketplace to buy/sell your items All players are welcomed! If you're wanting to join our Discord, click HERE for the invite.
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