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  1. I like the sound of this. Good job guys.
  2. This will reVITalize the game in my opinion. The economy was on a downwards spiral recently. New players would log in a see people selling Tbow, Scythe, etc. for 20b +, a crazy value when some new players think to go to revs and hope to make 7m / hr. I honestly don't think this will drive the players away as much as most people think, this will actually drive the player base up as the game will have many old players returning. This is what is best for the long-term VITALITY of the server, and I support the staff and their decision. I estimate 600+ on Saturday alone. Get ready for an unbelievable weekend.
  3. 337

    Wassup fellas

    Welcome brother! I recommend just reg pking using the presets in the quest tab! Build up some PKP and get some items! You got this man!
  4. Flower poker is coming along with a gamble area in the future @3urogirl12. I'd love 2-3 hns games a day for super mystery boxes. More PK competition events. I also think this game would do very nicely with a week long competition event. Something like the "Release competition event" that occurred a month ago. These I believe are incredibly important as it not only drives player competition and joy, but it also brings new players to the server eager to win these events.
  5. 337

    Quick cash!

    Wow man great post! I love how you went into a lot of detail! Keep it up @Abyssteus
  6. Nice clickbait thumbnail A HA HA. Nevertheless, great video. I'm still upset about how you killed me with a random AGS spec.. Let me know when you want to rematch .
  7. Congratulations everyone!!!!!!
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