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  1. Congratulations! Awesome loot from the Super Mystery Box! I wish I'm as lucky as you are.
  2. Thanks buddy! The grinds been real lol. I'm taking a small break from gaming and watch movies instead to rest my mind. Cheers buddy! Thank you Freezed! Hi Maid Of Mist, thank you in advanced! I will see you in-game soon.
  3. The number of new players have risen substantially as of late. It's all thanks to advertisements, regular voting, awesome community, and helpful staff members. 500 next?
  4. Hi Sane, thank you for your kind words! I used to prefer melee since it's cheap to use. But after getting my hands on a Twisted Bow, it became my favorite weapon. Hello Runite! I certainly will reach out if I need any assistance. So far, everyone has been very helpful. Hello Brady, thank you very much! Hello Winterdays, you as well. I hope to see you ingame! Hell Sophie, I will not hesitate to reach out if I need any assistance. See you ingame!
  5. Hello Sophie, Glad to have you here! I can't pk to save my life either. But I bet you can still dominate me in the wilderness. See you around!
  6. Congratulations on the promotion buddy!
  7. You'd destroy me, guaranteed.
  8. Thanks buddy! Appreciate your kind words.
  9. Thanks Joey! Hopefully one day both accounts will be maxed. Haha, I don't know about being the nicest person you've met so far. But I appreciate your kind words buddy! Thank you Chelle! I should have 95 mining by the end of today. If not, tomorrow. Thanks Mice! Let the grind continue.
  10. Hey there Aye, glad to hear that you will continue to progress your account even after the unfortunate event. See you ingame!
  11. Hello Folks, I am Mewtwo GX, a member of this community since early last week. I've played other private servers in the past, but I have never played one as addicting as Vitality. I ended up maxing Mewtwo GX in around 5 days and 16 hours time. Which I don't know if that's fast for most peoples standard. My goals for Vitality is to practice different aspects of the game . For example, I think I'm a pretty shitty pker. Over the course of 18 years, I was never really good at it. Maybe I'm just too cheap to risk losing money. But I will eventually venture into the wilderness here on Vitality. I look forward to doing various activities with you all in-game!
  12. Mewtwo GX

    hi im byron

    Hi Byron, welcome to Vitality! Enjoy your stay and if you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
  13. Happy Easter brother! I'm honored to spend Easter with all of you here on Vitality.
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