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  1. Open for business ALL WEEKEND! Shoot me a pm via forums or in-game and get your infernal cape TODAY!
  2. With over 20 infernal capes completed on this server, I've decided to open an infernal cape service. I will provide infernal capes cheaper than anywhere else. Infernal capes cost approximately 300m in the vote store and 400m at the wildy trader. STARTING PRICE: 200m FOR ANY NON-DONATOR ACCOUNT IRONMEN: 200m-300m (Depending on gear/stats) $10 DONATOR PRICE: 175m $60 DONATOR PRICE: 150m $200 DONATOR PRICE: 125m $500 DONATOR PRICE: 100m $1,000 DONATOR PRICE: 75m $2,500 DONATOR PRICE: 50m I WILL PROVIDE ITEMS TO YOUR ACCOUNT IF NEEDED. If this is the case, please be aware I will change your password to avoid me losing any of my own items. I will then private message you the password when I am fully completed with the caves. This is for my protection if I disconnect or have to relog inside of a wave due to an invisible npc. "Tbing" was my first customer and received his cape in under an hour. Another cape finished. This customer decided to stay anonymous. He received his cape at a 225m discount in under 30 minutes. GET YOURS TODAY! Interested in making extra cash? Send customers my way and i'm willing to give 10% commission. Feel free to private message me via forums or in-game if you have any questions or are interested in my services. Best Regards, Doodled
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