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  1. First of all, do note this is suggestion is crafted from my own personal experience playing the game for the past 2 months. Personal background of a Skiller turned Pvmer and semi pking. I am not the best nor my suggestion means any intent to disrupt anyone's experience in Vitality. It is going to be a huge list hence if have a good read. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion for Item sink Current issue: Too many items available from PKP store / BiS items Currently there are abundance of Bandos sets, Armadyl Sets and etc etc.. you can name them all but the list will be too long but you all should get the point. Players are trying to sell it to profit 45-100m depending on the gear. there's no actual retention value on the items because its easily available from the PKP store. Players would not even consider selling the items back to the PKP store due to how hard it is to sell PKP and how EASY it is to obtain from just PKPing. Suggested Solution: This will greatly depend on how Envy wants the server to progress, towards a custom routes like many other pking servers or just an actual osrs like server. If Custom pking server's route. there are plenty of ways to sink items out of the game. Such as Upgrading them via a chest that will take the item itself as a material to upgrade which will sink a ton of it out of the game. Stats can be slightly better hence giving players an edge over max hit. if osrs like is the server's route. best would be standard PKP points value. allow players to trade PKP for GP which in exchange will generate a lot of GP into the game, to balance this out maybe reduce the amount of pkp you can obtain from PKing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current issue: There's no benefit in Skilling, other than to look good with a max cape. Players who skill only have 2 reasons. 1. they want to max which in turn gives them the MAX CAPE. 2. they just love skilling. Suggested Solution: Skilling should give players some form of incentives of GP / cash. Players would much rather just go PK which they will make a lot more GP/H compared to PVMing or even skilling. The only skilling that makes decent money is actually crafting / thieving. ( they are still bad ) Example have a Skiller Task Master which will tell you to do a certain task of skills which in return will give you skilling points. skilling points will allow you to exchange for cosmetics, skilling outfits, cash, herb boxes, maybe even a skilling box or EXP lamp. nothing eco breaking but just a nice touch to skiller. You can also introduce completionist cape to the game where a player get max, do up achievements which will be better than a max cape. giving max players something to chase as compared to just a max cape or like me, 200m in a skill which benefits nothing but just a personal goal. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buff the scythe of Vitur Yes it is an OP weapon that is worth XXX amount of money its roughyl 6b in game ( as of 7/5/2020 ) But if you have personally tested the weapon. its inferior as compared to the twisted bow, which is much cheaper. ( in game / donation wise ) I understand that a scythe is mainly used for big targets such as Raids, Big boss NPCs, however its very inaccurate. Suggestion for this would be for Scythe to be much more accurate, also increasing the strength bonus slightly as its really being out dps by a twisted bow. I understand I am comparing a range weapon to a melee weapon, however the scythe is roughly 30% more expensive than a twisted bow ( donation ) in game, twisted bow is roughly 2.5b while a scythe is 6b , thats almost 240% more expensive ( ingame ) please consider buffing the scythe, which will increase it's use and popularity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hydra is the worst money maker in the game. Drops are pretty bad, the only noticeable drops are dragon bones ( which hardly sells ), Hydra Bones ( hardly sells ) rest of the drops are actually spawnables or just worthless. things that are worth getting are the hydra parts and the pet itself. its a diminishing return to do this boss. Add skilling supplies to hydra like farming seeds and etc to it so players would do hydra. Zulrah drops are single drop which should be improved to 2 for skilling supplies Other than these 2 bosses i have yet to try out the rest. please do not flame me for my suggestion, I am just suggesting :')
  2. Hello I am Pref, decided to just post here just for fun mainly a skiller, decided to join my friends who asked me to join vitality.. took up pvming and even pking it's been a blast so far..
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