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  1. Welcome to the forums brother!
  2. Fun forum game I used to play on another server. The game is simple! Each post counts up by 1. (e.g. I start with "1", the next person posts "2", and so on and so forth until we reach 20 or a Mod+ posts "0", at which point it restarts.) Rules: 1) Any time a Moderator+ posts, the count goes to 0. Server Supports are allowed to participate! 2) No one can double post. 3) A single staff member can only reset the count once every 10 posts. 4) The number cannot go below 0. _________________________________ Times we've reached 20: Zero ____________________________________ I'll start us off! 1.
  3. ::vote and you will understand General Relativity

  4. I know a lot of places that have forums-specific staff, but given the overall lack of activity on our forums I don't see the need for it. Ingame staff should be able to handle forums just fine.
  5. 000

    first in forever

    Not bad at all. Animation is super tough Funnily enough, it's actually easier to make the background look natural if you just move the text out of the picture (with a feathered background image near the bottom to make it look like it's smoothly disappearing) than it is to have the background drop over the text. Alternatively, mess around the the masking and you should get the same desired effect. (as in, flatten the text into one layer and have a mask over it that causes it to disappear with time with the static background behind it). Neat stuff for being out of the game for so long!
  6. Hooray v excite! Ty y'all
  7. Rank 1 Slayer here, I agree for the most part. My thoughts are as follows: 1) Agreed with the sentiment. I think the solution is a bit OP, what if instead the perk allowed you to choose 1 of 5 tasks instead? We don't want people crashing kraken drops, but it does make sense to allow for the more profitable tasks to not be left entirely to chance. Wilderness slayer is nice, but it's not the end all be all. 2) Agreed 3) It's a bit bugged in regards to picking up multiple, but I haven't had the issue of being able to complete a clue. Granted, I'm maxed and have a lot of access to stuff. If you see a broken step report it to a mod, they'll get it fixed by the next update. It'll go unnoticed in bug reports sadly.
  8. 000

    United Pvm

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/5dqZMgj
  9. Yes, yes, and yes! Barrows reward buffs have received unanimous community support since release!
  10. Could just trade a friend to stake for you. Honestly, there should just be a way to disable all trading, staking, and gambling methods. Maybe an entire game mode! Oh wait...
  11. When you try to remove a weed from your garden, do you snip the leaves or do you rip out the roots? This won't solve the problem, it's as good as cutting the leaves. The problem will go away for a little while, but either the urge will grow so strong that people stake on alts or just wait till the timer is up. Guaranteed there will be frantic suggestions asking to have a way to remove the stake disable as well. I sympathize with why this suggestion was made, but I do not support it as it is a superficial fix at best.
  12. Raids is wonderful and all but this update is the one that's going to help me the most, hah. Thanks!
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