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  1. Those claws almost "slapped" you the first fight. Haha see what I did their . Anyways nice pk vid man! Enjoyed the content and music!
  2. So detail oriented! Amazing job my man!!!
  3. Soo..... I thought I did this awhile back and I guess I ended up not doing it for some odd reason Anyways it's "Psycho Clown" here! Been playing this server almost a month after release. I am sure you have seen me at duel arena or hosting at edge or pking. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime for help/questions, i'm always willing to contribute to the community.
  4. Game Name: Psycho Clown Age: 24 Discord Name & Tag: Psycho Clown / Jack3d_OD#7861 Country: USA Timezone: Eastern How active will you be per day? Active anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on the day.I am available 24/7 via discord though. I do have a full time job and wife at home but I am on about everyday. Previous Staff Experience: I have been staff on one other server before which sadly that server last only a few months, the player base just didn't pick up like we had hoped for. I started off as a Server Support and worked my way up to Admin position. Why should we choose you? I think I’d be a good fit for Server Support because I am very familiar with playing Old School RuneScape and private servers, as I have been playing them for 10+ years. I am very easily to get to know and play with. I always have a positive attitude. I am a team player and love to help out anyway I can. I play quite a bit. I do have a full time job along with a wife so I can’t be on 24/7. Hope I get the chance to prove to you and your team on how much I can give to the community. Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: Communication Skills - Being able to respond in all types of ways and in all types of matter. Knowing how to respond and react to every kind of situation. Patience - Having patience is a position where you are helping and keeping rules to not be broken is key and patience is a big factor, taking the time to get to the bottom of the problem and getting all the facts correct. Having patience is hard to come by these days, you can't just rush into things and expect it to be right every time. Talking with other slayers and hearing their problems and then continuing on with helping them or sorting out whatever is needed takes time and patience is needed for that. Confidence/Leadership - Having confidence is the key to leadership. If you aren't confident about yourself and the situation your in how are you going to react and respond properly to it? Having confidence in ANY position is going to help you lead your team members and players through any information needed, help needed, problem needing solved, etc.. Being a leader you're pretty much the face of the server and want to represent in the best manner possibly. Picture of time played (found in quest tab): https://gyazo.com/645c11e6c3109e54c19ad1f0c7f32e7a
  5. Why would the target have to have an emblem on them to be have your's upgraded upon killing them. Let alone HAVE TO BE THE SAME TIER EMBLEM? Please update the bounty system. It's wack as hell. https://prnt.sc/sds6gg
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