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  1. See people asking a lot about what donator zone is, what's inside etc so I thought i'd make a short guide with some pictures to show people what they can expect. Teleporting in, this is where you land. There's a fairy ring under you, inside a cave. Next, a little south we have some trees, the bank and anglerfish spot, along with a fire that's always lit. Last we have some mining/smithing with a furnace, anvil and bank. Along side that is a thieving stallthat gives ~10-20k per click or ~10 pkp per click. I'd have to say the anglerfish spot is usually the most popular since it's right next to the bank and easily accessible. Hope this helped someone that was curious.
  2. Hopefully it gets added relatively soon, change things up a little bit at edge
  3. Nice guide, a lot of people dont think about using presets to skill which is a mistake, thanks.
  4. Gz everyone except J0kester
  5. Really went in depth, good job on this
  6. Great guide! J0kester needs to read this a couple times
  7. Great update! GE is great, just need someone to buy my claws for max cash.
  8. A lot of them aren't available currently but they all will be on eventually. When g.e. Comes out it's likely that traded prices will dictate items kept on death.
  9. Forgot ::edgepvp looks good so far hope you finish it!
  10. I like it, pictures and organization. Maybe change the colors of the heads tho since you use green for other things You don't mind if i add this to my guides list?
  11. Buff only helps clans. I think tob should be delayed until chambers is playable content, barley anyone does it because of bad mechanics. Everything else is great tho, thanks.
  12. Alcohol

    Guides List

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I used to do this way back in the day on rsps like near reality when it was new, that's where the idea came from.
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