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  1. You can change pin behavior to be unlocked for 5 minutes after logging, but that’s about it.
  2. For afk I’d say maybe fish anglerfish, they sell for like 20-50k ea I think and it’s pretty afk if your a donor and have ::dzone a bank is like right there.
  3. Please Me

    pid swap

    I now realize what is happening lol, pretty annoying, but it’s been happening more recently then ever before.
  4. You’re extremely talented! Keep up the good work!
  5. I wouldn’t use world map for most clues. Just familiarize yourself with the clue steps. Use the treasure trail map on wiki for help.
  6. Hello, this is one of my 2 accounts! 
    Me Please is my reg account, I do shit like bossing and and skilling on it.

    was going for base 80’s this weekend, I think I only have farming, herblore and hunter left! 

  7. I was here for it! Awesome number man, and loved all the events today! Vitality is amazing!
  8. I think dharoks/Karils and F2P would be super fun tournaments to have in the game! New tournaments are always welcomed in my opinion, and I want to F2P pk with people but nobody seems to want to
  9. Vitality/drinking/my girlfriend, could you really need more?
  10. Nice gains and osrs account man!!
  11. No rush, but any word on how long server will be down?
  12. Gz to everyone! Can’t wait to ask you all questions
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