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  1. Welcome accepted!
  2. Accepted welcome!
  3. Excited to have you welcome!
  4. Accepted! Welcome
  5. Accepted welcome back.
  6. Best application for position interested. Accepted!
  7. Accepted welcome !
  8. Accepted Welcome!
  9. Accepted and Welcome
  10. Accepted and Welcome
  11. Accepted, Welcome to the Clan.
  12. Accepted, Welcome to Disrespect
  13. Disrespect Rules: Be respectful to all members No begging Do not advertise or attempt to recruit for other clans Adhere to all Vitality rules No PKING Clan Members Have fun Membership Requirement: -Must Be Active -Must Vote Everyday for Vitality How To Join: Message: Wilderness - Bones - Gunse Or Join CC Disrespect Current Member List: Wilderness - Owner Admin - Bones Admin- Gunse General Ranks - TBD Warlords - TBD Community Event Cordinator - TBD Current List of Disrespect Squad: I bones milfs, RobinHood, Tewi, Rat, Josh, Ace of spade, Pwedmy, Crown, Nigga, Killer Froob, TrinityKing, Bones, Bank, wilderness, Crown, not a scout, Zack Killer What We Can Offer: Life Advice PVP Together Boss Protection Raids Drop Parties Hide N Seek Events Wilderness PVM Application : In game name - Discord: ( Example ) Bank#0000 Postion Interested: Did someone recommend you? Do you have a mic / Yes or no? Past Clan Experience -
  14. All this talk im ready to see some plankssssssssssssssssss
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