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    Store Changes

    Mage book has been added to the PKP store, so that makes it a valuable drop. Master wand however is useless.
  2. Obby

    Store Changes

    Currently the majority of PVM is restricted due to the amount of items that are available in store. Very few PVM bosses are profitable or worth killing other than a select few are worth doing as most items can be purchased from shops at home. Whilst I understand when the server was launched it is a big risk with what you put in shops, as for smaller servers you need to make sure items are accessible if no one is PVMing. However a huge player base PVM's and especially for new players getting some drops should have a profit and not be worthless as you can purchase it in the shop for 2m. Currently the main PVM worthwhile bosses are; TOB COX- For twisted bow only Zulrah Kraken (for trident only) Nightmare Armadyl Even still most of the drops above can be accessed quicker via the PVP store and buying them with PKP rather than actually getting the drop and selling it. Whilst I think the PVP store is okay, it dictates the majority of item prices due to the cost of PVP points. However some incentive needs to occur to make more bosses viable as money makers. as even with coin caskets some bosses aren't worth the time to kill. I don't have all the answers but the reccoemendatio would be remove Kraken from the Coin store, possibly add it to PVP store, but make Kraken worth killing. All bosses that have items in the PvP store have a limited profit per item due to the prices being controlled by PKP prices.
  3. Obby

    Fixing the ECO

    Within 25 hours the Eco of the server is already ruined. Either there another dupe has been exploited or the server is just broken as multiple people have maxed cash already and the current main currency is AGS and claws. No one wants cash because it is so easily accessible. The fact that all donations were refunded 100% killed the server before it had reopened. It was a very difficult decision to perform the eco reset, however by giving donations it was clearly done to keep players happy and not for the good of the server. It was an easier decision than saying no refunds, and dealing with the consequences of it. Instead of that decision within 1 day $10,000's in donations have been put into a new server within a day, which has killed the server. Recommendations; Restart the ECO and do an item wipe. Scale refunds on donations- If you donated with 2 weeks- 100% refund in game If you donated within 1 month to 2 weeks 75% refund in game If you donated within 2 months - 1 month- 50% refund in game If you donated over 2 months -25% refund + a special item to show OG player This method is certainly not the quickest thing to implement, however it would save the economy from being flooded with end game items. As more people will donate for those items in the future they will continue to enter the game at a higher rate than normally required. Meaning every player has them and they become worthless. This would certainly annoy some players but it would allow the servers ECO to balance more naturally, the players who have stuck around for a longer period of time will naturally stick around. Doing another ECO reset will look bad, but having a server where you login as a new player and see the eco is fucked within a day of release is even worse. If you do not do something to save the ECO the server will die and sink like the titanic, if you do not implement this what do you have planned to save the eco and the server.
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