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  1. Jyxster

    Movies & TV Show's

    @337 tis me protect on zaro lmfao. glad u been good bud
  2. PM Me In-Game or On Discord (Jyxster#6905) With Any Vitality Related Questions/Assistance! Have Fun and Stay Safe!

    1. Scriptures


      Stfu u piece of fking shitty  scammer 

  3. Barrow's Item Set Eco Holder in the Making ? .
  4. +1 For Doodled. Personally have seen him do Inferno MANY times on here on his own accounts, aswell as hes done a few capes on friends of mines' accounts since the New Account Sharing Rule was changed.
  5. Jyxster

    Movies & TV Show's

    1. The Wire (was HBO Series based on city where i live) 1000% suggest. 2. Casa De Papel (bankheist series on Netflix) 3. Breaking Bad (sure youve seen this one lol) 4. House of Cards 5. Narcos (Netflix aswell)
  6. Hit a New Peak Today! Over 400 online concurrently! Love to see this server growing daily, and it feels good to be a part of it all!
  7. POGGERS! Very In-Depth Guide Bro! I appreciate this and i dont even play iron, so i can only imagine how much it'll help other ironmen!
  8. Best of Luck in Future Endeavors! . Thanks for Everything You Did For Vitality!
  9. Jyxster

    Odin NL

    Welcome Sir Odin! Hope to See You Around Vitality!
  10. Thanks Every1 . Wont let ya down!
  11. One of The Best Moderators IMO since i joined on the 2nd day of release.. Sad to See You Resign, but IRL ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Thanks for everything you've done . Cya around brother.
  12. i live in usa so theres alot of hispanics here aswell as in the trade i do (plumbing). So to communicate better with them on the jobsites (due to there being alot of hispanic folks on construction sites) im deciding spanish is way to go for where i live .
  13. Jyxster

    Aye here

    Bills1337! My pure nhing buddy :D. didnt know that was your ironman name haha. GL on the Grind.
  14. If Youve Seen my Profile pics ive posted in IRL section youd know the gym/lifting def isnt my forte hahahahaha. But besides grinding Vitality in these boring times, Ive been trying to learn a new language at the same time. Figured it would be a good time if any to learn a 2nd language, something ive always wanted to do!
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