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  1. good guide great for new players nice
  2. 2 face


    welcome to vitality!
  3. did the same got bored on osrs and came here =D
  4. do you need to have done raids b4 to join?
  5. nice tidy guide cheers
  6. thanks gona give hcim a go!
  7. 2 face

    OSRS Accounts

    join hitsquad
  8. 2 face

    Quick cash!

    quality guide keep it up
  9. 2 face


    price for staff of dead and a d pick?
  10. totally missread the 126 combat required... haha nice guide
  11. 2 face

    G maul

    whats the go with g mauls? when ever you kill someone they drop a normal g maul but with kraken u pk a kraken whip? is this glitched or u get coin drop for gmaul attachment?
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