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  1. Tbh skilling has no form or way of money in the game . You get 100-200 active players daily and since the removal of the pk shop no one is buying any of players skilling items ... this is yes a pk / eco server but compare a lot of the pk eco servers to here .. there is a market for skilling . There are players that want to relax or play other games and skill passively . Not have to glue to the screen to pk or boss .. make the money fair for skilling . I can pk 5 people in 10minutes and that’s 1.5m or more depending on if it’s a hot spot or I get a risk kill if I go skilling for 10 minutes before the update it’s almost fair . the skilling shops are so bad it’s like I have to struggle to obtain items to max out in skilling . I gotta go chop trees to go fletch because no one is selling logs and no shops . I gotta go theiving cause no one selling seeds or herbs . You get the point . If U don’t Focus on this then there will be a fall and drop in players because of how repetitive and small the market will be with trades item being only rares or ags claws etc . Needs to be expended . DONATOR to sum it up our donorzones and slight benefits are not enough . You want the server income and cash flow to be coming in constantly ? You gotta favor and focus on ur players that are pay to win . You are gonna have them cry babies who don’t have jobs cause they stay home all day and play games be like wow server so pay to win but tbh that’s what’s needed in 2020 standards . I understand some people in countries can’t make as much but the vast majority of people this day in age like have money and will do the faster alternative routes to get their way or have things be easier . Add more benefits buff them . Add better donator zones make it feel actually worth donating for . Add more customs items be creative don’t be to the book .
  2. No offense or hate but it looks like people get promoted way to quickly . They do work hard and i appreciate it but 2 days for mod and admin seem to fast...
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