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  1. Can someone please rescue me from my castle? I'm at the top of the castle x
  2. Oh my fucking god. What have I done Help me

  4. Damn we've got some real heat coming from the kitchen and the girls are not safe around you guys! Let's make sure we've locked our doors! I would submit, but atm I'm getting a lot of feedback on my discord picture already haha! Great thread though, let's keep this more active. @Runite & @spooks, are you guys going to post some pictures too?
  5. I have bookmarked this guide as I will follow it in future. Thank you for submitting this - easy to follow but we will see when I do it haha! Thanks
  6. Simple and easy! Thanks for posting this!
  7. My workout is normally carrying my shopping from a 1 mile distance. I might progress to this soon. In the mean time, I love your setup, please keep posting progression on this!
  8. I love PVM, I might join in! Good Luck !!!!! Keep me updated.
  9. sophiex

    Aye here

    Welcome to the server!!!!!!
  10. This is a damn good guide. A++ for formatting and ease of use! Thanks for contributing this!
  11. Great guide, thanks for posting this. Would be awesome if you can do more guides!
  12. sophiex

    Odin NL

    Hello Odin, and welcome to the mother ship! Please feel free to message me or I will come after you anyway just to say hello! I'm online most of the time IN-GAME! Speak to you soon!
  13. Welcome and good luck! If you need anything at all, give me a call! I'm here and waiting for your message!
  14. Great video, I might get some M Boxes. Thanks for posting this @Runite!!!
  15. I'm thrilled to see these promotions! Especially for my close friends @spooks& @Jyxster! Well done, truly well deserved Congratulations to all other staff as well! I look forward to your contributions in the community, and if you do any give away or events, can you just message me because I'm running low on gp
  16. Great - really like this update with the ring of wealth, it's going to be incredibly useful, maybe someday I can be wealthy to have vesta gear! Thanks for the update.
  17. I love your designs, keep up be amazing and producing fantastic work! Love this! Good luck!
  18. Incredibly useful for corp noobies - Including me! Thank you!!!
  19. I'm following this guide right now and I'm loving it every second - thank you for doing this!!!!
  20. This is a very unfortunate situation, but also a good one for you. I'm wishing you all the best in future!
  21. This is a very unfortunate situation, but I'm wishing you all the best in future!
  22. Hello, I have been on here for awhile, but I never made an introduction on who I am and what I'm all about. So hello, my names Sophie and I have arrived at the mother ship! I'm calling everyone to come and check-in with me! Just send me a message saying hello, because I mostly talk for hours on end in-game and love to pvm, that's because I can't PK and my KDR IS 0.67.
  23. I would just like to point out for any players viewing this post, that if you ever see any errors, bugs, glitches or that the server is offline, please raise this on Forums or on the Discord channel. Our staff team are here to help!!!
  24. Fantastic! Happy Easter Weekend everyone. Wishing you all to be safe and happy!!!!
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