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  1. same thing as always with my guides (just easier than the normal players method) first your going to make a preset with your logs then your gonna burn your logs where ever you want just go ahead and equip that silly button and just keep on burning baby !
  2. first your going to want to make a preset like this equipped with your tiara for the (runes you are making) https://gyazo.com/98bf0261dbdab6049432da0859c2ac3a second your are going to make the runes https://gyazo.com/7cd3eff903707393e1f915c268c312cc then you are going to leave the portal https://gyazo.com/d478c7daacde1444e974f94625e2247d when you are outside https://gyazo.com/ff779c51a869f0b2aef070ae696b629a enter and repeat.
  3. first you're going to make a preset with your ores in it like this https://gyazo.com/1ce03912d8b37db58463fd5cddd6db32 than your going to smith your bars ! like this https://gyazo.com/87af6071ffc271a85876034605c5442c you can stay in front of the furance just equip your last preset https://gyazo.com/9e538cb03b04234daf2daf7170205c2f AND REPEAT ... THATS MY 99 SMITHING GUIDE FAST AND EASY ! ENJOY 99SMITHING ! YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS WITH HAMMER AND BARS IN FRONT OF AN ANVIL ! to be honest this is a guide for everything fletching,cooking,r
  4. offical raid cc opening ( join ) raids in game to find partners to do raids with, or better yet join us every day between 9am-5pm to do raid masses ! come and join us !
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