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  1. Ruax

    Buying VLS

    I'm looking to Buy a VLS. Feel free to PM me on here, in-game, or on discord (Ruax#5624) Thanks
  2. Ruax

    Galvek Guide

    Good Guide! Thanks Dusty
  3. Ruax

    Oh look, its pref

    Welcome brother! let me know if i can do anything for ya.
  4. Welcome! If you need anything feel free to pm me in game
  5. Ruax

    Arcy's Graphical Shop

    Arcy never disappoints Thanks for the Sig and Avatar
  6. I'm a Store Manager of a Retail store in PA. Basically I babysit a bunch of highschool kids, a philosophy professor, and an old dude with the best work ethic that has ever existed.
  7. Thanks for the congratulations, and gratz to everyone else joining and promoted within the team!
  8. Welcome!! Hope you enjoy your stay, and I'm always available if you need anything ^~^
  9. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community brother. Good luck with your classes mate!
  10. Gratz to other promos
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