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  1. I personally feel like barrows sets and bolts should be taken out of the drop table.. how do you feel about this?
  2. congratulations to everyone promoted
  3. I have to say, I enjoy every single guide you post. they're always in detail.
  4. I definitely think vote mystery boxes should have a drop table buff!
  5. I'm going for max cape! thank you for the written guide. screenshots would make this guide 10x better though!
  6. I've been struggling with clue scrolls for awhile. thank you for this
  7. useful! although corp is easier with 2 people! in-depth guide thank you!
  8. thank you for helping players understand account security. this is vital.
  9. that's not bad loot at all. I do recommend raids and corp through as a better solution to money making!
  10. I feel like thes guide could've used more in depth. on the other hand. we appreciate the contribution
  11. welcome to vitality!!!!
  12. I highly recommend using raids as a woodcutting source. its 3.5k per log and takes no requirements. extremely fast exp.
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