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  1. Welcome buddy, if any questions PM me.
  2. Congratz everyone! Very deserved promotions! super happy on the decision. Best of luck. - papabear
  3. Nice guide, looks sick my man! - papabear
  4. Might let u know if needed
  5. Runite best ytber! POG vidoe
  6. Welcome vitality, any questions do ::staff for any further questions
  7. HEy i'm intressted, i wanna buy a signature. Pm me on discord!
  8. papabear

    Whats up

    Welcome dude
  9. papabear

    Odin NL

    Welcome bud! Feel free to pm me ign if u need help or do ::staffs! enjoy your stay!
  10. papabear

    hi im byron

    Hey , welcome!
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