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  1. Nice vid, I like the switches
  2. Lol what in the e-dating jk
  3. Mew

    Movies & TV Show's

    This topic gave me a couple of things to start watching, Movies: Paid in Full and Pulp Fiction Shows: Lucifer and Dexter
  4. Love this topic, one of my hobbies that I recently picked up is snorkeling and diving. Never really done it until recently, an amazing experience.
  5. Good luck, hopefully more clans join. Server has potential.
  6. Welcome to the server, hopefully you'll get better at pking and that KDA can change!
  7. Thanks for the guide! I would also recommend that doing this in the wilderness does give an increase in exp as well!
  8. Congratulations to all the promotions!
  9. Good guide to getting started, it helped me on my 99 RC grind
  10. Thanks for the guide! Helped me out a lot.
  11. Congratulations everyone who made it!
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