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    Bowlcut Nation

    Yes mother fucker
  2. Bradyb

    Bowlcut Nation

    Alright boys hear me out.. Ima start a staking group where every1 helps eachother out when in need. This is going to be invite only and 3 requirements.. Reqs: Must wear a bowlcut at all times (non negotiable on gawd ill boot u if i see u without a bowlcut on) Must have a decent sized bank (not going to just fund ppl who wanna join with 0gps ya feel) You are not allowed to stake fellow members of the group. Application format: Ign: Age: Rate ur gambling addiction on a scale of 1/10: Briefly explain why any Bowlcuts should trust you with gp: This is Serious inquires only im not trolling
  3. was like damn shit rng, then ely/black lmfaoo
  4. Just pk my dude way more fun then herb
  5. Nice vid, cba pure pking tho too much getting smited
  6. Disrespect #1 baby
  7. Nice vid, swear a couple days ago claws were way more op now imo their dogshit
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