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  1. Join "Massacre" CC in-game. My intentions for this CC is to help PKers and stakers find quick fights/stakes. Anyone can join and in the future if this takes off I want to have trusted MM's so when risk fighting you can establish rules (for example: no x2 specs) and have a MM watch the fights to keep everyone honest. (IF MMing every becomes a thing, the guys that I make MM will be confirmed trusted by staff ). Eventually I want this CC to be able to provide wildy protection for risk fighters as well, so you don't get rushed looting after a big kill. I think this can be really effective and make pking more fun. No one likes getting dropped in max vs a l33t pk3r in full rune, legends cape that max claw specs you x2. Maybe it's just me because i'm garbage. If anyone is interested in becoming part of the team (wildy protection, recording risk fight rules) PM me in-game. I'm looking for devoted "staff" for the CC. I am not a trusted MM nor do I claim to be. I would like to gain the trust of the community any way possible. If anyone has recommendations or ideas to make this CC more effective just let me know. I would like to keep this CC limited to edge risk fights and duel arena. This post is super informal, but i'm not savvy when it comes to making threads. Lastly, stand-by for future "pre-set" rules. For example: DH, AGS, NO X2 or NO ARM, CLAWS,GMAUL, X2 ENABLED.
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