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  1. iron beast

    Quick cash!

    Very nice guide!
  2. Great suggestions, support from me.
  3. What happened: When abby demons tele you they dont attack you, may be because of the npc pathing? It was supposed to be fixed in the latest update but it still occurs. When did it happen:.. In-Game Name: Iron beast Screenshots/Video (if available):..
  4. What happened: The pathing at abyssal sire is just completely bugged and you splash all your shadow spells on him unless you have mage gear. When did it happen:.. In-Game Name:Iron beast Screenshots/Video (if available):..
  5. What happened: You are able to kill kraken off task if you create a instance. When did it happen:.. In-Game Name:Iron beast Screenshots/Video (if available):..
  6. What happened: Zulrah smoke is delayed. When did it happen:.. In-Game Name:Iron beast Screenshots/Video (if available): Dont have proof as I dont record but get one of your staff members to do zulrah in welfare gear and you'll see it (Do couple as rotations are different each kill)
  7. Yea 5min could work but remember that when you're in combat and dc, you have to wait a while to be able to log back on
  8. Good afternoon everyone, This suggestion would be in regards to the random dc's everyone experiences. From what it looks like those dc's are not going anywhere so i suggest increasing the death timer for the items to vanish. Currently i believe it's 2min? An example of this being an issue is when someone who isnt a donator dc's at a gwd boss and there's no way they're making it in 2mins time to pick up their items. Ty, Iron beast.
  9. Firstly- Zulrah should drop 2 drops from her/his drop table + the scales. Currently it only drops 1 drop+scales.--More of a bug but w.e Secondly--The current drop rate for the 4 rares is 1/244 meaning it's 1/61 for a rare drop. For me that's way too common and in no time the price of the rares will drop dramatically. Especially when you can do zulrah in 30/40 secs in max gear.
  10. Just open one and adv on yell
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