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  1. do we not have nothing better to do .... ths is where you recruit for your clan.... lol not hate...
  2. 3urogirl12


    Welcome to the server! and the forums side hope you enjoy your stay
  3. congratulations to every one who got promoted hope to see good things from you guys! sad to see rest go <3.
  4. welcome to the forums side ! seen you in game hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. 3urogirl12


    welcome pipdik we had incidents in past but looking to put them behind us .
  6. You always bring great content and i'm glad my idea for mobile client is in mind!!!! thank you so much for all you do
  7. more people participate show us whos behind the computer !! @Murder Slaps @Runite
  8. Thanks Love them! love the rs npc cause im a snack right lol jk now wheres a shelf to lay at at the store loool
  9. Great Loot love best of luck to every one entering IGN = AzraelsAngel
  10. congratulations to everyone!
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