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  1. Was glad to see when amethyst and unidentified minerals were added into the Mining Guild. This is a minor suggestion, but in-line with the collection rate buff that gold nuggets have in the Motherload Mine, I think Unidentified Minerals should drop more frequently and/or in higher volume. Currently Unidentified Minerals have the same or even slower collection rate than OSRS, and in order to use them to claim both mining gloves(let alone the third), I would obtain 200m xp first. Any chance we could have that tweaked so the mining gloves become a feasible way to train? Thanks! Meepmeep
  2. Buying VLS 3B in Cash - PM Meepmeep in-game Cheers
  3. Selling Tbow 2.4B For 2.5B I'll throw in the Arma helm/chest/legs + pegs PM me in game (Meepmeep) or reply here If interested. Cheers! MM
  4. 2.2B sorry, just edited it. thanks!
  5. item purchased - thanks!
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