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  1. amazing guide man! You should be mod #go4it #firstpet
  2. You need attention by the looks of it, what a boring life you must live. Look the forum post that you made, for almost begging for attention, you are a sick man im playing the way i want you weirdo
  3. Im standing has a proof that he is lying, he was flamming the mod and not just the staff but players over and over, everybody ask him to shut up, the mod (Beastly) warn him about three time before mutting, but he keep the flamming, asking his age and calling him a kid, for no reason, just another edgy kid that needs atention. btw gl buying ely for 3b
  4. In osrs takes days to get 77 rc, in osrs is much harder to get coins, in osrs u need to hope worlds to acctually get the runes, here? with a lvl 3 u can buy the ammount of runes u want
  5. Hello! before anything let's say some facts here, why add blood runes and death runes to an ironman shop? We choose ironman mode for a reason, because "we" like to grind, but seens to 1-2 players started complaining about the most basic thing in the entire game, Runecrafting, and dosen't even make sense, why would we grind for bloods/and xp past 99 if we can just go there and buy the runes? Ironmans in a good ammount for what i seen most part of us don't acctually agree with things like this! and the worst part, they are cheap! What's the next thing, potions? Dragon weaponry? I grinded more than 23 hrs for bloods for this? AMAZING
  6. Hello spooks and all mod team! i would like to see some masses at common bosses, and the first one to get a rare drop at certain boss gets a reward! i also would like to see pet event, the first one to get a certain skilling pet gets a reward (at the event the chances should be higher) would motivate people to skill and show them how there is not only pvp on the server for the non irons
  7. Hello! im HCiman But u can call me mozzie, and today im going to teach how u can beat runecrafting! This will be an efficient guide what means im going to teach the best methods to get 99 rc/200m quick as possible! First things first- Essense! Since you are a ironman u can't buy essense, so u need to get it by your own u can kill monsters for it or mine at the essense mine! So teleport to skilling and essense mine (be sure to add has a favorit) mine the full inventory than teleport back home bank, right click the teleport wizard an teleport back to the mine again i mined about 3-4k essense and was enought to get 77 rc, with 25% xp bonus on After that u will need to go to the wilderness (i never acctually died there) but be careful with pkers is the only option till level 77 so becareful hcim/uim you will use the teleport to get to the wizard named mage of zamorak add him to favorits and teleport there with your essense- after getting inside the abyss you will unlock the small pouch will be pretty useful be sure to take it next trips (you can buy it from achiviment store) and be sure to also buy the medium pouch that you unlock by mining the essense this is the setup u should take you dont need a pickaxe but make your life a lot easier inside the abyss It will have some obstacles in the way, i recommend using the eyes (thiev) the small hole (agility) and the mine one dont take a tinderbox/axe it does not worth This is what i did From level 1-35 make air runes 35-44 chaos runes 44-55 nature runes 55-65 law runes 65-77 death runes Thanks 7 dust- at level 40 you unlock astral runes and the teleport is close to an altar (so best way till 77) this should take about 2-4 hrs maybe less if you are focus now take out that inv and get 73 agility and 38 mining (if you dont have) and 38 crafting teleport to dense blocks and be sure to take the inventory i say Alright from level 77-99/200 you will be doing blood runes i will leave my video guide here to how make them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaPqntq4fpQ&feature=youtu.be Really hope u did enjoy lads btw at level 90 you can make soul and is your call, because is more walking and if you are not focus u can end up losing xp for bloods
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