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  1. Would love to see this changed!
  2. I never directly asked to add any runes to the shop. Did they have to add those runes to the shop? probably not. If they were to remove the runes i would agree with them if this happends in a fair way, meaning all runes go back but you get refunded every penny. I also feel like ironmen are getting pushed more and more into regular accounts.
  3. I do understand your point of view on this update. I, myself have to disagree with you on this tho. Altho yes, we play ironman mode to grind i dont think a lot of people want to grind runecrafting after 99. I have seen more positive than negative responces on this update so far. I think they should add a buylimit on blood and death runes anyway. Make it like 500 max a day you can buy. I hope they will never add other stuff besides items you use like runes and secundaries that make our ironman life a bit easier. I hope you do understand my point. It's a server after all.
  4. Hi everyone! We just opened the ironman only clan: Iron Clan. If you are a ironman you can now join the clan with all the fellow ironmen, UIM, HCIM, ... If you see a ironman ingame you can always make them aware this clan exists incase they didnt know and want to join! Be sure to join : Iron Clan Happy scaping everyone!
  5. Can you costumise your own signature if you win it? Thanks for doing this giveaway btw
  6. Welcome to the server Jagexxx!
  7. Thank you Mice for making these guides! Theses will help me a lot! Keep it up
  8. Iron Noob671


    Welcome to the server Frenzy! I hope you reach your goal someday. Really cool outfit btw
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