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  1. great work dude, i'll let u know if i need anything in the future!
  2. insane account dude, if I made a hc with my luck i'd probably die while logging in for the first time
  3. i'll place your first order i'll take an avatar and give you literally nothing to go off of. i'll give you 100m and just run with whatever pops into your mind!\ I probably won't be on much today and maybe this weekend in general, so i'll leave the money with a friend in case you work on it/get it done. I'll have him pm you if he sees you online and he'll just pay you, is your ig name the same?
  4. i've waited so long to be reminded that i'm too bad at runescape to do tob ;D awesome update as always and gl on loot bois
  5. I don't have many herbs left unfortunately but if you want ranarrs I could do a couple of farm runs for ya
  6. gz on pet and gl on maxing homie. lmk if you need anything, I have some leftover supplies
  7. nice to meet you, and gl on max dude thats huge!
  8. if you're looking for a sig or something, @Arcy is a legend
  9. I have 130 elites done and like 120 banked catching anglers is really good for elites if you didn't already know
  10. your guides are clean bro, looking forward to seeing more of them!
  11. Yeah toxicity and runescape is kinda a given, but I don't pk so I can't speak for that. But I spend most of my time skilling/pvming/clue hunting and most everyone I've met is really friendly and fun to talk to. Overall it's one of the better servers I've played, has a bit of everything and the devs put through a lot of updates which is sorta rare for big servers tbh, most of them just do the bare minimum necessary to still get donations, but they seem to actually care about continuing to grow. anyways, great to meet you, maybe i'll gear up someday and dds that dome
  12. did I sell u herbs? nice video bro
  13. would say it could maybe use a little upgrading but overall it's a nice side benefit especially for making some of the skilling grind smoother
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