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  1. Sweet little guide - hopefully it helps with the confusion some people might run into
  2. Hey brother no rush that's completely fine; I will be on to pay you tomorrow if you're on that way it's paid for - was out tonight for my bday dinner so you're all g
  3. That's some insane progress dude holy shit! Was actually considering making a HC as a side account.
  4. You've done a lot of skills since I last saw good job If you're still needing herbs etc I'll be on tomorrow after work and can gather some for a bit then if you'd like?
  5. I'll be another one of your customers and place an order for a static signature. Could you do some type of inferno theme please and the static red? Something red themed would be dope I will jump on later on tomorrow to give you the payment as I've got work all day. I'll add you in game and on here and keep in contact; no rush either I'll PM once I get home to give payment.
  6. Welcome to Vitality mate; enjoy the stay
  7. Welcome to the forum side mate, hope you enjoy the stay Need any help or anything in game hit me up.
  8. Nice progress so far man! I'll get on sometime tomorrow and help gather you some Herblore supplies, it's rather tedious isn't it? I'm still needing to do 99 Herblore myself but been busy with other stuff lately like Slayer and gathering stuff for Farming also...
  9. Welcome to the forum side of Vitality! I've always wanted to visit NZ - thinking I'll make that a next year's plan once the COVID stuff has died down a little more :) I'm from Aus and have always loved everything about NZ. Feel free to add me in game if you'd like also keen to chill whenever or boss.
  10. I do a lot of PvM too yes, sorry forgot to mention that. Been doing a bunch of Slayer lately though so I can get better items for further PvMing/Bossing I'll get on shortly and add you too, see you around in-game!
  11. Welcome to the server/forums buddy! I hope you're having a blast, the server is amazing and is always fun no matter the mood. I do see a lot of toxicity but like a few others have said that's always expected on a RSPS. I tend to also lean away from it and focus my time on skilling finishing off my max journey and also collecting clue scrolls along the way for something to do later on. If you see me around don't hesitate to say hey!
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