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  1. Anyone who has access to change account passwords (Staff wise) for in-game, can you please get in touch with me. 

    I'm logging into the game with the details for this account and the whole account has been reset? can someone help when free to do so? 




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    2. Take Risks

      Take Risks

      Sweet, as long as I know it was a whole server thing - thanks for the heads up 🙂 

      Still keep ranks or do I have to re-claim that?

    3. Barcalounger


      ::claimdonation in game should get you set up.

    4. Take Risks

      Take Risks

      Sweet thank you so much!

      Just got a new PC as I sold mine about a month ago, had to move houses over the past 3 months and still haven't found a stable house yet to call home.  Managed to buy a 2020 Alienware though to play this server again as I've been dying to get on an see how the community is going - glad to be back time to gind my ass off 🙂

  2. Can you help me with resetting my in-game password please, I signed in and my whole account has been reset or did everyone get reset? only pass that worked made me start a whole new account and no super rank on it either. 

    TIA :3 

  3. Finally back on after months, got myself an Alienware to play Vitality on! Yeww. 

    How is everyone doing though?

  4. You've gained so many 99s you're passing me just about or have already haha Sick loot too; and nice pk loots you got there! I have been busy moving into my new place, so haven't been on lately. I'm at my mums but can't seem to get Vitality working on her iMac so can't get on.. the file keeps saying it's a corrupted image or some crap the download doesn't even work so no Vitality for me I guess for a bit longer (LOL)
  5. Sweet little guide - hopefully it helps with the confusion some people might run into
  6. Hey brother no rush that's completely fine; I will be on to pay you tomorrow if you're on that way it's paid for - was out tonight for my bday dinner so you're all g
  7. That's some insane progress dude holy shit! Was actually considering making a HC as a side account.
  8. You've done a lot of skills since I last saw good job If you're still needing herbs etc I'll be on tomorrow after work and can gather some for a bit then if you'd like?
  9. I'll be another one of your customers and place an order for a static signature. Could you do some type of inferno theme please and the static red? Something red themed would be dope I will jump on later on tomorrow to give you the payment as I've got work all day. I'll add you in game and on here and keep in contact; no rush either I'll PM once I get home to give payment.
  10. Welcome to Vitality mate; enjoy the stay
  11. Welcome to the forum side mate, hope you enjoy the stay Need any help or anything in game hit me up.
  12. Nice progress so far man! I'll get on sometime tomorrow and help gather you some Herblore supplies, it's rather tedious isn't it? I'm still needing to do 99 Herblore myself but been busy with other stuff lately like Slayer and gathering stuff for Farming also...
  13. Welcome to the forum side of Vitality! I've always wanted to visit NZ - thinking I'll make that a next year's plan once the COVID stuff has died down a little more :) I'm from Aus and have always loved everything about NZ. Feel free to add me in game if you'd like also keen to chill whenever or boss.
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