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  1. Isn't that a RS3 boss? How would u bring RS3 boss to OSRS?
  2. 4 Green 1 Red

  3. Gimi yo Luuuuuuuv.

  4. Sincerely, your dedication and time spent on making this server for us to have a professionally made PvP/PvM/Skilling environment is deeply appreciated. This is currently THE only server on the market right now that's giving people the unique features they've been fans of for so many years. You have the PkP system so genuine and fair that anyone who's anybody can join this server, enter the wild get a kill and get that feeling of achievement insuring them that their time is valuable and that they won't have to spend weeks or months to get minimal gear. - This is a very attractive, fair, rewarding system - However, my beloved developers... I have seen servers come and go since Moparscape/Runelocus kicked off after Jagex yoinked our wilderness and freedom away in 2007. With this 13 years of RSPS experience... I feel it to be genuinely important to say that what you have right now, this server... It's delicately full of potential. Yet, delicate..... A fine & beautifully polished game that holds amazingly smooth player vs player. Hey, that still means it's delicate though... What I am trying to say is, developers. Please focus your time/attention/dedication specifically to the wilderness and player vs player content. Tweaking it to work better and better on top of implementing new ideas & content that have been neglected since 2007. I truly believe the next Golden Era will be one that's bred through further development of the wilderness. - Will you bring us the Golden ERA?!
  5. Yes, I agree and also make them wearable next to my name with color and flexxxxxx.
  6. Some items and do need more reasonable drop rates based on their value in the server, I agree.
  7. How would that drive people away? It gives value to the runes instead of everyone carrying max runes. I get what you're saying and it's not like those would be the actual prices. The entire point was to give value to a skill that doesn't reward you until 99 while on the other hand people aren't hauling around max stacks of runes all the time. The only Rune that cost money is Wrath and no one even uses them hardly. They're 2k ea.
  8. The Judge

    Quick cash!

    I appreciate this, I'll be taking from your guide while I'm maxing my account.
  9. Refreshed my memory, appreciated.
  10. Oo, needed to see that. Appreciated.
  11. Amazing, the first time I never thought of presetting a skilling inventory. You sir, opened a closed eye! Thanks.
  12. I like it, good job.
  13. This is phenomenal, I'd like to have a conversation with you and possibly collaborate in the future. Add me in game, I've already added you! Take care.
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