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  1. 4 Green 1 Red

  2. Gimi yo Luuuuuuuv.

  3. Sincerely, your dedication and time spent on making this server for us to have a professionally made PvP/PvM/Skilling environment is deeply appreciated. This is currently THE only server on the market right now that's giving people the unique features they've been fans of for so many years. You have the PkP system so genuine and fair that anyone who's anybody can join this server, enter the wild get a kill and get that feeling of achievement insuring them that their time is valuable and that they won't have to spend weeks or months to get minimal gear. - This is a very attractive, fair, rewarding system - However, my beloved developers... I have seen servers come and go since Moparscape/Runelocus kicked off after Jagex yoinked our wilderness and freedom away in 2007. With this 13 years of RSPS experience... I feel it to be genuinely important to say that what you have right now, this server... It's delicately full of potential. Yet, delicate..... A fine & beautifully polished game that holds amazingly smooth player vs player. Hey, that still means it's delicate though... What I am trying to say is, developers. Please focus your time/attention/dedication specifically to the wilderness and player vs player content. Tweaking it to work better and better on top of implementing new ideas & content that have been neglected since 2007. I truly believe the next Golden Era will be one that's bred through further development of the wilderness. - Will you bring us the Golden ERA?!
  4. The Judge

    Quick cash!

    I appreciate this, I'll be taking from your guide while I'm maxing my account.
  5. Refreshed my memory, appreciated.
  6. Oo, needed to see that. Appreciated.
  7. Amazing, the first time I never thought of presetting a skilling inventory. You sir, opened a closed eye! Thanks.
  8. I like it, good job.
  9. This is phenomenal, I'd like to have a conversation with you and possibly collaborate in the future. Add me in game, I've already added you! Take care.
  10. Miss me with your drama, Tadis. I have over a decade of experience, I can run a clan just fine... See, you gotta understand here man, you are impatient with people and you also get frustrated over the top. We had a great little team building up and we were really doing just fine. However, when you have an issue with another member for simply being slow returning, speaking disrespectfully toxic to them in chat is not the solution my friend. You've got to have a level headed, respectful way of speak to your fellow members. Unfortunately, you disrespected Pipdik and he snapped back at you. Which is the result of what happens when you don't respect your boys. Mutual respect was the point of the clan from the start. Y'all both are above average players and I told you both this in front of each other when I introduced y'all. You had no reason to snap. You left on your own, it would have worked although I don't like pronouncing the name... I might change that up a bit. Hopefully you understand all this and one day we can be friends again. Anyways or until then, take care man.
  11. Discord: https://discord.gg/NwsjmEu Requirements: An interest in Pking. Be responsive if a member is speaking to you. (Don't worry you won't be punished for being afk) Join the discord and edit your Nickname to match your in game Username. Introduce yourself on our discord in #Introduction. MATURITY AND A RESPECTABLE PERSONALITY. (We will weed out the Line Crossers & Disgusting Attitudes) Rules: NO RACISM. NO FUELING DRAMA. NO STARTING DRAMA. NO RAGGING. NO KILLING YOUR TEAMMATES. (Unless verbally agreed upon.) NO SENDING BAD VIBES TO OTHER PLAYERS. NO BULLYING NEW PLAYERS. NO SCAMMING. NO LEAKING IN ATTEMPT TO BENEFIT US. NO SPYING IN OTHER CLAN DISCORDS OR CC'S. NO DISRESPECTING YOUR ENEMY. Introduction Template: (copy & paste to #Introductions in clan's discord) Username: Do you have Tribridding experience? Do you have TBing experience? Are you willing to learn and pass on your knowledge to other players? Will you dedicate your focus and discipline to help us strengthen as a whole when it comes to group pking? Can you be calm instead of obnoxious in voice chat during team fights? Will you agree to help us make our community less toxic.
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