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  1. im damn player o da month, the real know
  2. all u did was expose that #rebel$ got 7.3 in cocks. big cock for rebels confirmed.
  3. im a damn officer (was) for rebels, shit cc, entirely, me n homies join and ran it so we made our own, pm me in game "rocknoguitar" or "reppin da xo" to join. fuck rebels, only not deleted because owner keeps begging to delete this wasnt professional enough for his rsps clan...?
  5. ACCURACY of the weapons is fucked: i own vls. i own claws. they are not even comparable in terms of which spec is stronger, claws are much stronger than vls in terms of special attack, it isnt close. one is 120m one is 2-3b. why is one better than other? the claw max hit def should not be in the 80s while vls in same gear is 68 and ags in same gear is high 70s. claws also spec 2x faster and being able to survive only if u spam triple eat isn't the balance claws have. of any major server, hop on and compare the claws to this servers, this is not what d claws are suppose to do, theyre FAR to accurate. the accuracy is the thing of concern, claws always hit and vls does NOT , yes it hits 60s but bro its generally a low ass hit or 0 OFTEN
  6. no... really... what the ---- i just got 1 banged at 79 and w a pot-trick combo for spec its OVER
  7. unless ur trple eating ur not eating out of a good double spec, its still way too op. no reason 120m clws should be way more powerful than 2-3b vls! not sure about ags but seems as though vls is actually weakest of claws ags and vls from my experience
  8. Selling VLS, best offer gets it, post ur offer here and pm me ingame.
  9. Rocknoguitar

    Buying VLS

    pm me ingame ur offer
  10. farming and agility, just like real rs
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